9 Tips to Prevent Hangovers

  1. EAT DINNER. The ideal combo is some sort of protein (chicken, fish) + veggies + healthy fat (avocado, olive oil) + optional carb like sweet potato or quinoa that will help stabilize your blood sugar.

  2. WATER. 1 water for every 1 alcohol drink or chug 3 glasses of water before you go out.

  3. MILK THISTLE IS A LIVER DETOXIFIER. If you are having a big party week, take it daily. I like the dropper from Gaia.

  4. KEEP IT CLEAR. The clearer the liquor, the less congeners (toxins)

  5. CHOOSE A MUNCHIE ahead of time and have it at home.

  6. DO NOT TAKE TYLENOL. Tylenol and alcohol together can seriously damage your liver. Take Advil the next morning instead.

  7. SKIP THE SUGARY, ARTIFICIALLY COLORED GATORADE instead get coconut water or watermelon water. (We <3 WTRMLN WTR at SYB)

  8. EGGS ARE EGGCELLENT, whole egg in the AM - not just the egg whites, the amino acid called cysteine in them helps break down alcohol toxins. 

  9. SWEAT IT OUT, you literally do sweat it out. 



Carolyn Brown, MS RD is a nutritionist at Foodtrainers, private practice in NYC where she specializes in weight loss, food intolerances and sports nutrition. Her philosophy is that you can live a healthy life without losing your social life. Get in touch @carolynbrownnutrition on Instagram.