re-treat Yo’self | Kristin Calabria


Retreat Season is upon us. From now through June, get ready to live your actual best life.  Beyond the vacation, the new friends, the incredible experiences, and the delicious meals, retreats offer you the chance to reclaim who you are and how you show up in the world.  Especially in a culture that champions working through exhaustion, the ideas of ease, pause, and balance can feel foreign. At SurfYogaBeer, we are all about balancing the crazy city living with some good quality chill time. Here are three reason to join us on our next adventure!

  1. Recharge

    For most of our lives, we’ve been part of a system that facilitates and encourages breaks.  Every school calendar, from elementary to collegiate, has built-in weeks off. Remember how, just at the point when you felt like you were going to collapse from exhaustion and deadlines, Thanksgiving/Winter/Spring break arrived, you breathed your first true deep breath in the last month, and returned to a normal person again?  Welcome to adulting where that break is still very necessary, but no one gives it to you.  You have to carve out the time for yourself.  Unlike school, the last thing you want to do with your PTO is sit at home and burrow into your cocoon of Netflix and seamless (maybe that’s exactly what you want to do, but there are many better uses of PTO than this).  Retreats are a completely curated and well-rounded experience to help you recharge your batteries.  Escape the monotony of your routine by snorkeling with sharks or sky diving or taking breathtaking hikes.  Fill yourself up with experiences that remind you of the gift of this life.
  2. Recommit

    Ever think, “I could commit to a fitness/wellness routine if only someone were to wake me up at 6am so that I could roll out of my bed and onto a beautiful beach with other amazing humans to break a serious sweat”? Well, you're in luck! We’ve got you covered.  All it takes is a few days of assisted waking up to realize that you too can commit and crush a morning workout routine.  Get a jumpstart on those New Year’s wellness resolutions with the tools we give you to enjoy your workouts and wellness.
  3. Rewire

    You can train your brain to be consistently more happy.  Happiness is tied to presence and gratitude.  How many times do you viscerally experience the gift it is to be alive?  Most of us are bogged down by the mundane minutia of our lives, failing to recognize the miracle that is a falling leaf, the warm sunshine hitting your face on a chilly fall day, a single breath, looking into the eyes of some you care deeply about and know that they see you right back. Sometimes, it takes being thrust into a place with overwhelming beauty to realize these miracles. Shifting locations helps to shift perspective.  Because every experience is new, it can feel like you understand what it means to breath for the first time. Everything from watching the sunrise to eating a slice of fresh watermelon becomes a moment endowed with overwhelming gratitude. Take this back to your everyday life. When we are truly present in each moment of our lives, the mundane becomes magical.


PS. I'm dishing out these good vibes for five days in Nicaragua! Come join me and the SYB team Nov 21-26.  I can’t wait to meet you!