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The group on a private beach together

The group on a private beach together

When my boyfriend and I signed up for the SYB Nicaragua trip, we didn’t really think about who else was going to be on the trip.
We both are very active NY’ers who workout 6-7 times per week and the idea of an active vacation including early morning wake ups for beach boot camp, surfing and sunset yoga led by one of our favorite fitness instructors seemed like the perfect way to start the New Year together.

As the trip approached, it dawned on us that we might be the only couple on the trip and that we may or may not be a part of singles trip with a low guy to girl ratio. We had no idea what to expect but regardless we were going for the workouts, to surf, to meet some new people and chill out.

With all judgement behind us, we arrived in Nicaragua and quickly came to realize that we were 1 of 2 couples and that there was a pretty even ratio of dudes to chicks. Not a bad start.
I consider myself an outgoing person as is my boyfriend, so being friendly is a non-issue. We both quickly found ourselves having conversations separately from one another and making friends with everyone together & separately. Being a couple on a predominantly singles trip could have been challenging - but we thrived in it actually. We loved competing against each other in boot camp games on the beach & motivating each other to push harder or run faster when we were doing individual relays. It was fun seeing the competitive nature come out in both of us and made us appreciate and trust each other more as the week went on.
A few times that week, it may have crossed my mind that I may have wanted some alone time with my dude but the people we were with made being with everyone together enjoyable. We had some small moments to ourselves to just enjoy a sunset or check out the waves but not once was I upset about getting woken up at 630am by Mantas and Jenn to Kanye West.

As we looked back on the week, we both agreed that this trip could have gone south real quick if we weren’t already confident in our relationship. Instead, those 6 days of making incredible bonds with complete strangers, helped to solidify that feeling. I realized that back in our real life in NYC we had a divide in our life with “his friends” and “my friends” but now we have “our friends” and we have SYB to thank for that.

I am so grateful to everyone at SYB for starting my year off on such an amazing note & cant wait to go on another adventure.



Jacqueline Caterina is a fitness enthusiast who lives and works in New York City. She and her boyfriend Mike went on the SurfYogaBeer Nicaragua New Years Eve Yoga and Surf Adventure - Dec 2017!