SYB Trainer Spotlight: Boxing Master, Rad Lopez


It’s no secret that boxing is having a moment. The gritty sport that created legends like Mike Tyson and Manny Pacquiao is now a sexy boutique fitness phenomenon, with several studio chains like Rumble and Shadowbox spreading across the nation. Boxing is a favorite workout by celebs and models. So, we tapped the brain of our very own SYB boxing trainer, Rad Lopez of Shadowbox NYC, who will be joining in Sayulita, to find out more about this workout that has everyone obsessed.

How did you first get into boxing?

I first got into boxing when I was 16, so about 11 years ago now. Was always a huge fan growing up. Would always sit in front of the TV with my family and watch with such enthusiasm. I started practicing the sport and it gave me a huge sense of self, and confidence and it’s taken off ever since.

What are some of the biggest fitness benefits from boxing? What makes it such a great workout?

Boxing is not just a great physical exercise but also great for mental clarity. I find that it’s an excellent mood booster.

What should people know before taking their first boxing class?

It will be challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it you’ll keep coming back to it. Some forget that boxing as an exercise is more than just tons of reps, it’s a lifelong skill.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions about boxing?

I’d have to say that the biggest misconception of boxing is that it’s intimidating and violent. It doesn’t have to be at all! Done in the right setting, with the right people it can be tons and tons of fun.

What’s your favorite part of any boxing class?

The energy shared between the boxers. the encouragement and inspiration we all get from one another.


What’s your go-to…

Workout jam?

  • Put on some Meek Mill, or Drake and watch me go 0-100 real * quick haha

Dance floor jam?

  • Promises - Sam Smith

Order at the bar?

  • Hibiki neat

Cheat day meal?

  • Tons of pepperoni pizza

Hangover cure?

  • Lots of water prior to heading to bed.

What are you looking forward to the most about Sayulita?

  • EVERYTHING! New friends, old friends, beautiful weather, sweat, smiles, and just having an overall blast of a time.

Does boxing on the beach sound like a good time to you? Join us in Sayulita, Mexico this May!