Breakneck Ridge Hike


Breakneck Ridge Hike

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We're going hiking for a full day! This is a kinda hard, but doable!

Launch sale: First 10 people to sign up save $50 on their registration!


Welcome to our third annual Breakneck Ridge Hike! Where we master the mountains and climb our way ALL THE WAY UP. But seriously, this hike is a butt-kicking workout, but the good kind. Be prepared to sweat and make some new friends as we help each other to the top. We do a little guided meditation at the top, eat a wonderful Salud lunch, and hike back down to some cold brews waiting for us at the bottom. Be sure to wear your chic fall hiking attire, but if you do get cold, don't worry because we've got a SYB crewneck with your name on it!

Date: June 15 9am-6:30pm


  • Transportation to and from Union Square, NYC
  • Guided Hike
  • Guided Meditation
  • SYB Crewneck Sweater
  • Lunch 

Cost: $125