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Dec. 26 - Jan. 2, 2018 *Advanced Registration Opens June 26th

Our house has an obstacle course, amazing surf break, and a chill pool and gazebo center where our food partners from Salud will have pre-workout coffee and post-workout smoothies ready for you. Prepare to sweat, detox, grab some sun, detox and have the most increcidible adventure with 40 other likeminded people!



12/26 - 1/2



Mantas Zvinas

Eddie Larios


Shared Single  $2,600 (Advanced Pricing $2,400)

Private Room  $3,300 (Advanced Pricing $3,100)

ADVANCED PRICING: If you book June 26th - July 2nd save $200 and receive a $100 SYB gift card.


Liberia International (LIR)


Your life for the next 6 days will be turned upside down (in the most amazing way possible) - we have the beach, rain forest and an obstacle course surrounding our property, a pool and gazebo kitchen centered for all our late nights and early morning coffees. The beautiful spacious rooms each have A/C for cool off time and plenty of WiFi to get you the Instagram love from your epic photos throughout the day.

We will hike, surf, race, workout, practice yoga, have pool parties, eat delicious fresh locally sourced meals created by Salud, watch sunsets that will give you life, and of course we will all leave with 35 best new friends to that come from all over the world. This is how to vacation, this is how to train, and this is how to live!



  • 8 Days / 7 Nights Accommodations 

  • Liberia Airport Transfers*

  • Full Fitness Schedule Every Damn Day

    • Beach Bootcamps

    • Obstacle Course Intensive

    • Yoga Sessions

    • Extra Credit 5 Mile Runs

  • Surf Lessons

  • Breakfast + Smoothies every morning by Salud

  • 3 Nights of Salud Dinner + Cocktails

  • Beer, as much as you can drink... (please don't test it)

  • SYB Tank Top

  • Photos + Videos 

*To and from SYB Villas at Rayos Del Sol, Costa Rica as long as flights arrive and depart within specified SYB travel times. 


  • International Flights

  • 2 Dinners in Town

  • Lunches 

  • Optional Adventure Day Activities:

    • ATV Tour

    • Catamaran Tour

    • Zip-line Tour

    • Horseback Tour

  • Gratuity during your stay

  • Personal Expenses

  • Travel Insurance (optional)

SURFYOGABEER Fitness Adventures Worldwide Nosara, Costa Rica - January 2018






  • ALL THE BEER YOU CAN DRINK (Please don't test that)

The plan is buy your flight to arrive into Liberia Airport (LIR), Costa Rica December 26 before 1pm, SYB captain Mantas will round everyone up and on an SYB bus we will make our 2 hour drive to the SYB Villas! This bus ride will be everything you had hoped for, we'll play games, have fitness pit stops, and of course be best friends with a group of likeminded awesome people before we even get to our home. 

Obstacle Course Training! This is a special adventure that will have an optional intense training session to learn how to overcome walls, ropes, mud rivers, monkeys and hang-overs - basically functional fitness.

Surf! Our beach is a short walk so we will be making our way there often, usually for sunset sessions. Expect wipe-outs, soar shoulders from paddling and red noses. If you're coming from NYC, simply keeping your feet in the sand might even be enough of a satisfaction.

Yoga! This is a perfect introduction to the benefits of a yoga practice, especially since we will be taking our bodies through such rigorius fitness activities. 

Food! Four dinners will be provided by our very own private chef and the other two we'll enjoy out at the local restaurants. Eddie Larios is the owner of a Latin Restaurant in SoHo called Salud, he is curating the food himself for every meal.

Beer! And of course, there will be partying.  Staying true to our 10 commandments, our days are a cycle of detox-to-retox because hell, we're on VACATION.  We're here to have a damn good time, not take ourselves too seriously, and leave feeling renewed in body AND spirit.

Pura Vida is a saying in Costa Rica that means a lot of things awesome and chill, you'll get those native vibes really quickly and see what this place and SYB is all about!


  MANTAS ZVINAS |  Mountain Man  Along with being the founder of SYB, he's also a 10-year surf instructor and 5-year fitness instructor in NYC. Beyond what you will learn, it's all about how you will feel. Come experience the original NYC fitness retreat company at its best with him in Costa Rica.

MANTAS ZVINAS | Mountain Man

Along with being the founder of SYB, he's also a 10-year surf instructor and 5-year fitness instructor in NYC. Beyond what you will learn, it's all about how you will feel. Come experience the original NYC fitness retreat company at its best with him in Costa Rica.


We're going to be 40 total, with 25 acres of property at your disposal. 20 spacious and unique rooms feature A/C and private bathrooms, with different bed arrangements (single, double, triple, quad, and dorm).. Rooms are located in various villas within a 3-5 minute walk from the main common area, all with patios and stunning ocean views. Toiletries, bath and pool towels are provided for every guest.

Common areas feature WiFi and include the restaurant, bar and lounge, swimming pool and sunset viewing deck for some very epic sunsets. There are outdoor gym & yoga facilities, several hiking trails available for use and the Pacific Ocean and beautiful beaches are just a short walk down manicured paths.


There is a beautiful yoga deck with breathtaking sunset & ocean views, an outdoor gym featuring a pull-up rig with a variety of exercise equipment, and a mile-long jungle obstacle course built using actual specs for military training grounds. Beach yoga & workouts are also just a 10-minute walk down the hill!

Some Questions You Probably Have:

Where are we staying?

We are going to Rayos Del Sol in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. They do not have an address so the best way to explain is it is located on the Nicoya Peninsula along the Pacific Coast, in between the towns of San Juanillo and Ostional on Route 160, just 10km north of Nosara. The property sits up on top of a hill overlooking the ocean and a 10 minute walk to the black sand beaches of the Ostional Wildlife Refuge.

How do I get there? Are there flights?

Yes, please arrive to Liberia Airport in Costa Rica by 1:30pm the latest on December 26th and please depart 2pm the earliest on January 2. Most people will be flying with United from Newark nonstop to Liberia and from Liberia nonstop to Newark. Once at the airport in Costa Rica you will be in our hands! #sybuber

Do people go solo?

Yes, in fact that is recomended. But we understand it is intimidating and hard because you feel like you don't know anyone, but trust us - it is worth it. #firststepisthehardest

Who normally goes?

There is no average person, every trip is it's own magical group. #allnewfriends

Do I have to do the Digital Detox? Is there wifi?

No, we have wifi and if you need to work or Instagram go for it. #offthegrid

What is the preferred currency in Costa Rica? And how much should I bring?

For the most part, everyone accepts American money. But if want to, no need to exchange more than $500 US Dollars. If you love to buy souvenirs many places have ATM’s and may even take credit cards. If you go into banks with your passport, you can also use your bank debit cards to withdraw larger sums of cash than the limited daily withdrawal amounts the ATMs allow

Can I just sit back and unwind the whole time?

Yep, no questions asked, this is your trip. Although we make things really fun so just saying you might be seduced. #playtime

How soon does it fill up, and how does the waitlist work?

We fill up very quickly because of our limited amount of beds, the sooner you can book the better. The waitlist works on first come first serve. Once we contact you off the waitlist you haev 48 hours to book your spot otherwise we move on to the next person on the list.

Is there a caretaker and house keeping?

Yes, we have 4 gaurds 24/7 on the property. This is a very safe place for even without them. House keeping will also keep your room tidy.

Are the power outlets the same in Costa Rica as in the United States?

Costa Rica has the same voltage and frequency – 110V 60Hz - and uses the same plug and outlet designs as in the U.S. so you don't need an adapter or converter.

Do I need to bring a towel or yoga mat?

Yes if you want something softer for sunset yoga, but you can figure things out if you don't... Also you should purchase an SYB towel, thats prolly the coolest thing you can bring. Try to go light on the packing list, people end up wearing just a few articles of clothing the whole week. Oh ya and running shoes and bathing suit would be a good idea too.

What’s up with theft

Be safe and you won’t be sorry. Crime is Costa Rica is usually of the petty theft variety, typified by small time thieves seeking cash or things they can readily turn into cash electronics like laptops, iPhones and cameras. Don’t flaunt jewelry or cash and keep your valuables secured and locked up in the hidden storage bodegas and mini-safes we provide in each room when you are not using them. Do not take anything of value down to the beach unless it is tightly attended. Also don’t worry we are always sticking with our SYB group so we will all keep an eye out for these sorts of things.


Owner and SYB partner Eddie Larios has created the perfect menu of clean delicious eating, energizing foods, and local specials. Don't believe us of his talent? Go visit him at one of his two cafes in NYC, SALUD NYC! #saludnyc


This is what we do, and we have created an amazing community behind it. Check out our blog, our social, our yelp, our friends, our local classes, our teachers and anyone who you've heard that went - we are here to create the best experience of your life! #surfyogabeer


  • A $500 deposit is due to confirm your reservation.
  • If you purchase a deposit, your second half payment will be due 30 days before retreat start date.
  • There is no tax charge.
  • Your down payment is non-refundable or transferable.