SYB 2019

Who We Are

Here at SurfYogaBeer, we create fitness adventures worldwide that connect people from all over the world through a mutual love for surf, yoga, and our personal favorite: beer. We get our sweat in with workouts designed to take advantage of the environments that we explore. The nights following are filled with stories your future grandkids will get sick of hearing, new friends that bring out your most adventurous self, and maybe the one-beer-too-many that has you untagging yourself from photos the next day. SYB adventures offer workouts that will have you coming home looking fine as ever, experiences that you never imagined possible, and a community of people that love sweat-filled days and beer-filled nights just as much as you do.


What We Stand For

We are a company that is community-oriented, creating family in every paradise we venture to. SYB strives to create an environment that is meditative, open-minded, and bold. We focus on a balanced lifestyle of workin’ the bod during the day and twerkin’ the bod during the night. Surf allows us to appreciate this beautiful world of ours, yoga helps us remain present and thoughtful, and beer...cuz you know…it’s not the bottled water making us drop it low. 

Our adventures at SYB follow a simple mission: We detox to retox. This means we put value in bettering our bodies and minds while also enjoying the pleasures of life (beer). We go on excursions worldwide to escape the rat-race while working out, experiencing cultures different from our own, and making friendships with individuals of the same venturesome spirit. We work out to push ourselves past the barriers we build in our minds, we explore to appreciate the boundless experience of other cultures, and we drink beer to celebrate this vibrant life of ours. 


Global Fitness Adventures in 2019

This year, we’re heading to 11 countries for some unforgettable adventures, workouts, and cultural experiences.


Trail Running

Our 2019 Iceland adventure is every runner’s dream. Expect running every day and to be coming home looking fit as ever. We’ll be taking it at a pace that everyone will be able to keep up with, while also stopping to take in the scenic environment along the way.


Island Hopping

This year, we’re heading to Palawan, the Philippine island voted most beautiful island in the world by Conde Nast in 2017. We'll be spending our days lounging and getting our drank on on a private boat and touring various exclusive islands. We will enjoy swimming in turquoise waters, hiking up isolated islands, drinking fresh coconuts, eating fish that maybe you even catch, lounging in hammocks and sleeping in beach cabanas.



On our Ibiza adventure, we’re partying on the island that is known for its crazy nightlife and vibrant energy. Between planks and Pina Coladas, we’ll be exploring Ibiza’s culture and everything it has to offer.


Desert Exploring

Our 2019 Morocco adventure aims to be your introduction to the diverse and expansive country known as ‘the gateway to Africa.’ On this trip, we’ll be enjoying a full-blown Sahara desert experience: camel rides, sleeping in the best desert camp, sand boarding, and Berber music around the fire under the stars.

Tasting History


Join us for an unforgettable week of exploring one of Italy’s most gorgeous regions- the Amalfi Coast. We’ll be staying in a private villa in Nerano, neighbor to Marina Del Cantone- the region historically famous for its Limoncello (we’ll consider this a fruit if you do). And since our villa has its own pizza oven, we’ll dine like the locals and make our own pizza.

And so much more!

Local Engagement & Events

We’re not just jet-setting all over the globe, you can find the SYB community active right here in your own backyard.

SYB Run Club

  • Ready, set, SWEAT! The SYB Run Club offers a cray-cray workout featuring short running bursts, mixed with abs, booty and upper body strength training. Expect to run 3-6 miles, sweat like a pig, feel some sore muscles the next day and most importantly meet some amazing people that will keep you coming back! 

  • Unlike other run clubs, we don't leave anyone behind or separate into groups. Our style is to run short distances stopping periodically to do calisthenics and intense HIIT exercises - so we stay as a PACK! The faster you run the more workouts you get in.


  • We’re always up to some cool stuff. Whether it’s fitness classes, SoulCycle charity rides, yoga, bike rides, or surfing, you can always find a reason to join us and engage with the SYB community. Check out our calendar page for more info.

SYBeInspired : Our Way Of Giving Back

SYBeInspired is in the pursuit of leaving a positive impact in the places we travel and the people we connect with.

Our latest project is a full weekend adventure for cancer survivors free of charge. We specialize on creating these adventures and wanted to open the opportunity to those that we believe would need it most.

In our previous endeavors, we have raised money through SoulCycle Charity rides with our founder Mantas Zvinas, we have thrown parties to help raise money for our own community members with their battles with cancer, and we’ve brought supplies to orphanages with Katie B and our SYB Academy teacher trainings.