SoulCycle Charity Ride (May 2, 2019)
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SYBeInspired is in the pursuit of leaving a positive impact in the places we travel and the people we connect with.

Our latest project is a full weekend adventure for cancer survivors free of charge. We specialize on creating these adventures and wanted to open the opportunities to those that we believe would need it most.



• October 4 - 6 (3 DAYS) •



Join a team of fun loving leaders down to sunny Ensenada, Mexico. Surrounded by 20-30 like minded cancer survivors of all kinds (21 and over), look forward to expertly crafted yoga classes, intro to meditation, volunteer project at local orphanage, wine tasting through Baja, self growth workshops, freshly prepared Mexican cuisine and a spiritual recharge with nature at your side. This three day trip takes off from San Diego, California. If you or someone you know needs a reset after treatment to rediscover what inspires you, apply below. We'd love to know you. 

All attendees are previous cancer survivors.

All attendees are previous cancer survivors.


"I was taken out of my routine and checked into a place of possibility where the supportive group of mindful minds created an experience to calibrate my internal GPS through crafty workshops, upbeat yoga, healthy cuisine, and a fun and relaxed environment. I will take away from this retreat a new way of considering my options, creating goals, and overcoming need to "hang on." - Alumni 2015

"As a five year survivor of breast cancer, this was exactly what I needed. Once I got through treatment and surgeries everyone just assumed my journey was over but I still had the emotional aftermath to deal with. I was able to meet people who knew exactly how I was feeling and I made friends I will love and cherish for the rest of my life! I cannot thank Katie enough for such an honest, raw, emotional, fun-filled experience!!" - Jill, 2016 alumni

"Spending the weekend with other survivors was cleansing and inspirational! Being part of such an amazing journey helped me to grow as a survivor and as a woman. Please Thank everyone there for spreading love ️ in ways they can't imagine. I'm a better mother and wife because of this weekend. " - Sonia, 2017 Alumni

We’ll visit an orphanage with supplies while on the adventure

We’ll visit an orphanage with supplies while on the adventure


A facetime interview required for all applicants

After you apply we will contact you for a quick interview.

Must have a valid passport

Please be sure you are allowed to exit and enter the Mexico and US.

Must not require medical supervision

We do not have the capability to supervise a medical condition. Please only apply if you are medically cleared.


We will be carpooling from San Diego in a 15 passenger bus. Be ready to leave San Diego at 10am on Friday. Your flight to San Diego is not covered. We will come back Sunday around 6:30-7pm.


Each room has 2 queen beds and a shared bathroom. We recommend bringing extra water as you can't drink the water from the faucet. If you prefer your own room, you can request one for an additional $200 charge.


Just be ready to have a weekend that you'll never forget. From self-love workshops, volunteer projects, wine tasting, and lots of dancing... you'll be carefully and mindfully taken into a place of healing that will drip into the rest of your life.

Intensity of Yoga

The adventure will be less physically intense than our typical trips, much more reflective and restorative.



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NEW YORK CITY - SoulCycle Charity Ride - May 2nd

SAN DIEGO - Stop Drop Photobomb - April 27th (more info soon)

NEW JERSEY - Tube for the Case - August 3rd (more info soon)


Or simply donate below. Any and every amount adds up and directly goes towards someone to attend these adventures. With any inquires please email dude@surfyogabeer.com





We have raised money through SoulCycle Charity rides with our founder Mantas Zvinas, we have thrown parties to help raise money for our own community members with their battles with cancer, and we’ve brought supplies to orphanages with Katie B and our SYB Academy teacher trainings. See below how we raised money for our friends in Nicaragua during their civil unrest and tourism halt.