Blue Voyage

Aug 31 - Sept 7 2024


Blue Voyage

August 31 - September 7 2024

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8 Days / 7 Nights Living and Sailing on the Turkish Riviera (Marmaris > Bodrum)


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Slow Sailing through the Turkish Riviera

Adventure in Türkiye
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Slow Sailing through the Turkish Riviera

We're the captain now. All aboard our traditional Turkish sailing vessel called a 'gulet' as we set sail around the coast of southwestern Turkey. Our trip starts in Mamaris, a natural harbor since way back in the day #historytime and continue hittin' up islands and destinations you've never heard of nor can you pronounce. As we dock island to island, we're going to climb every hill top, taste all the local food, swim in all the hidden coves and snorkel all the gorgeous blue corners we can find! Our home will be a 16-person boat (hello, exclusivity) built for cruising the calm warm waters of the Aegean. We'll explore lively fishing towns by day and enjoy Turkish nightlife after the sun goes down -- the Turks know a thing or two about a good party. And for all you history buffs out there, we can't leave out learning a thing or two about the ancient history of these lands. We like to grow our brains as big as our muscles. Expect luxury, yoga serenity, sweaty beach workouts and some serious party vibes all at the same time! The seas are calling and SYB is answering.

fun for daze



September 7th, 2024

We start in this beautiful town, where we will check in with the SYB team! Try to arrive before 3pm to the port of Mamaris (specific location will be in the group chat). We'll do an orientation, learn some safety things and hit the seas before finding our first bay to stay in. This is where we jump into the crystal clear waters and our chef will get the BBQ going. Just wait till you see the million stars come out while you sip on the endless cup of red wine!



September 8th, 2024

Our mornings will always start the same, we jump into the warm calms waters, grab a cup of coffee, do a little workout either on the boat or on shore and then have a big group breakfast! 

We'll explore the area we're in after breakfast with a hike and then back to the boat for lunch while we sail to the next beautiful bay.



September 9th, 2024

Same as every morning, but today we're heading to the Bay of Sands, the longest stretch of beach on the peninsula. We bet you didn't know Turkey could give Greek waters a run for their money. Today, we'll also visit our favorite goat island, it's called Kameriye Island. We'll be greeted by friendly goats, we'll explore an old open roman church from 500 AD and then we'll hike to the top of this island! One of the most epic views of the whole trip await! Afterwards, we'll have a probably one or five glasses wine. You'll have a chance to also walk around and visit Selimiye. Our onboard chef will whip us up a beautiful family dinner to round off the night. 



September 10th, 2024

After four days of peace and quiet, it's time for some Mykonos style day clubbing. Following our typical SYB morning bootcamp, those who want can join us to the infamous D Maris Bay. There will be live music, a DJ, loads of entertainment, and water sports awaiting! We'll then head back to our boat for an evening of good manners and quiet time. Just kidding, who do you think we are?



September 11th, 2024

This area is considered to be one of the most beautiful sections of the Turkish coast. It's nature at its finest. We expect to have some of our most relaxing Shavasanas after a few days of pure bliss on the waters. 

Once we get to Datça, we'll have time to explore the town, grab some gelato and provisions! 



September 12th, 2024

We'll take on the many popular stops along the way and find out why the Mediterranean coasts of Turkey is known as the Blue Cruise. We'll spend the day manifesting our best lives, swimming in crystal waters, breaking a sweat with our new besties, and hiking to the tops of undiscovered ruins. If you're not too tired after a day full of activities, we will probably be trying our hardest to top last nights wine drinking activities and conversations. 



September 13th, 2024

It's time for some water sports. Today we'll stop by our friends bay, where we if you want to get a good rip on a jet-ski we've got it all ready for you. It's our last day swimming in these unreal gatorade blue waters... so soak it all in! 

Tonight, we'll be heading towards Bodrum and we'll arrive just before sunset to grab a spot on the dock. We'll have dinner on board, play our SYB games, and have our awards ceremony. If you're still up for it, we'll all head into town for a few drinks to see what this famous party town is all about. 



September 14th, 2024

And we're back. After seven days at sea, it's here were we depart. This city offers luxury hotel resorts, beautiful beaches, places of relaxation, and many other things to keep us entertained. Our final breakfast together, and then we all head our ways. We've had such an amazing week, but it doesn't have to be over yet.

After today, we will part ways. But don't worry, this isn't goodbye; this is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

experience it all


  • Luxury Accommodations
  • Private Chef
  • 7 Breakfasts
  • 6 Lunches
  • 7 Dinners
  • Private Bartender
  • Unlimited Drinks on Boat
  • Full Fitness Programming
  • Air Conditioning on Boat
  • Snorkeling Gear
  • Bath & Beach Towels
  • Kayaks
  • Stand Up Paddle Boards
  • All Harbor Fees
  • SYB Welcome Package
  • Guided Tours and Hikes
  • Photographer + Videographer
  • Services of SYB Adventure Leaders


  • International Flights
  • Airport Transfers
  • Entrance to D'Maris Bay
  • Jetski Rentals
  • Food & Drink Outside Our Boat
  • Tips for Guides
  • Travel Insurance
  • Medical Insurance



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Something majestical happened to me this week, and I’m never going back. 🇹🇷 This creative environment was incredible. Moreover, these humans have guided, inspired, and helped me to not only cherish, but grow in ways I forgot possible. Thank you @surfyogabeer. I’ll see you in February!



Thank you @surfyogabeer and @mantaszvinas for this mental decluttering, cerebral resetting, soul rejuvenating trip. The friendships and the memories from this trip are as beautiful as the Mediterranean coastlines along Marmaris and Mugla province. . . #sybturkey #surfyogabeer #turkey #muğla #muglaturkey



“I don’t live in either my past or my future. I’m interested only in the present. If you can concentrate always on the present, you’ll be a happy man. Life will be a party for you, a grand festival, because life is the moment we’re living now.” Thank you @surfyogabeer for those moments that bring us back to the present and bring us back to life, and for the wonderful old and new friends we get to share them with ☀️👙⚓️🤍



Blue Gatorade water 🌀💙🌊🔷 #sybturkey #syb



Spent the last days of summer sailing the Turkish seas with a wonderful group of white wine enthusiasts 🥂 🌊 🇹🇷 #sybturkey



Serefe Turkey 🥂 🇹🇷 #wineoclock #thegreatwhitewineshortage #sybturkey



The #SYB chronicles….@surfyogabeer

trip faqs


The Location


What about sea sickness?

How much money do I bring?

Food & Drink

What happens if the weather goes crazy?

Fitness Programming

Cultural Tours

Photography & Videography

Travel & Medical Insurance

Safety in Turkey

Two People in a Private Room

Please note, we will not provide transportation services from and to the airport but we have a trusted taxi service partner we work with and it costs around 75-90 euros one way. 

ARRIVAL (Marmaris)

It is best to fly to Dalaman Airport which is 90km from Marmaris. We will meet in Marmaris Port at 3pm August 31st, so make sure you have enough time to get to the port. We plan on departing an hour before sunset to make it to a bay so that we don't need to spend the night in port. 


We will finish in Bodrum, a different city and you will need to get flights from Milas-Bodrum Airport. Since we arrive at the port the night before, anytime that works best for you. Easy breezy.

Bodrum is a city on the Bodrum Peninsula on the Aegean Sea. The city is a gateway to nearby beach towns and resorts. Famous for its stunning beaches, lavish lifestyle and nightlife, Bodrum is most famous for its impressive view from the water. The turquoise seas and the rugged coastline contrast beautifully with the city's luxury.

Welcome to our gulet, these are old Turkish style boats that cruise the calm waters of the Mediterranean. You'll find this gulet has 8 total cabins and could fit 14-18 people. We have a full kitchen, bar, and many lounging areas throughout the vessel, and you'll have plenty of spots to sleep outside if you wish.

Our boat is 28 meters long, come with a crew of 4, and has all unlimited drinks... welcome to SYB on the seas. 

If you're known to have issues with the motion in the ocean we recommend bringing along motion sickness remedies such as bracelets from Amazon. However, we use a big boy Gulet (basically a mini cruise ship), so the ride should be nice and smooth.

Credit and debit cards are accepted at most places in Turkey. However, it's always a good idea to have some cash you can exchange for Euros at the airport.  

The lira is the official currency of Turkey. Euros are accepted in some places, but you will get a better deal using the lira. 

ATMs are widely available for withdrawing cash. However, it is recommended to do so before leaving your home country, either at your bank or a foreign exchange service. 

We suggest bringing €250 - €400 to use at bars or gelato spots in the various towns. But, otherwise, credit cards are accepted at most places. Also, this is all inclusive, so we've got ya covered for most things!

Food is all-inclusive. We'll have a private chef onboard to cook us up Turkish delights. Some days we may stop at some local port restaurants where you'll want to go out and explore and get your own meals, but otherwise, we've got you covered. And yes, that means alcohol too. Drink until you sink, not that we recommend this. 

The Turkish Riviera is a cuisine inspired by Mediterranean flavors, from okra olive oil to herb salads, to baklava. Commonly used vegetables are chicory, radish leaves, zucchini flowers, eggplant and pickled cucumbers, to name a few. 

Fish is famous in Bodrum since it is so fresh & local. 

Be prepared to have your palette wowed!!

Don't worry, that's why we've got our profesh captains to guide us through any winds and storms. It's all about going with the flow -- life's better when it's spontaneous. We'll still be hitting the sexiest spots in Turkey rain or shine. 

After a late night, you may not want to wake up and join us for a workout, but we highly suggest it! Included in your trip, the boot camps and yoga sessions keep us energized - there is nothing better than waking up and sweating with your new friends! Our world-class trip leaders know how to start your day the best way, with a good workout to prime us for a day of adventuring. 

This experience is included in trip fees. 

Turkey is a land of ancient artifacts, so obviously, we will be seeing some really old sites between our beach stops. We will be perfectly mixing culture with once-in-a-lifetime adventures and fitness.

These experiences are included in trip fees. 

No need to whip out your phone or camera at any point throughout this trip because we have got you covered. We will have a professional photographer and videographer joining us on this trip to capture every moment. These will be the best travel photos and videos you will ever get - your friends better be ready for a photo dump out of their wildest dreams!!

We highly recommend you get travel and/or medical insurance. This is just for emergencies or unforeseen circumstances. 

Bodrum and surrounding areas are incredibly safe for tourists! The only significant risks we may experience are pickpockets or scammers in touristy areas. 

Our accommodations will have safes for us to leave our valuables in, and we suggest leaving all important items in the safe while we are out exploring - but maybe keep your Yeezys and nice jewelry at home!

Just let us know and we'll add this to your booking. You must have booked a private room and the additional cost of adding another person is $1,200 USD.



Adventure with your best friends you haven't met yet!



Cancelled trips will hold as credit if notified up to 28 days prior.



We are inclusive. Fitness and adventure belongs to everyone.