Our name is Surf Yoga Beer (SYB if you’re in the know). We chose Surf Yoga Beer because they’re three things we love, but there’s a whole lot more to us than that. For example, we also love tacos and running, salsa dancing and sailing, hiking and hugging, and the list goes on. Sometimes we travel together, to places like Hawai’i and Costa Rica, or just down to Rockaway Beach. At the end of the day, we’re a group of friends (often new friends, always great friends) who believe that being active together is the best way to feel more alive.


+ Seriously though. What is SYB?

Ugh, alright. The details. The nitty gritty.

SYB runs two types of events: Retreats to incredible foreign places, and local fitness mini-retreats around New York City. We started in 2014 by creating a workout routine that balances intense exercise, finding zen, and indulging in the fun side of life. You’ll have the opportunity to achieve things you didn’t know you could do, you’ll be able to make new friends, and you get to do it all in an environment that feels like a sleepaway camp for adults with instructors and trainers who are experts in figuring out how to make you into the best version of yourself.

You should join us. The water’s great.

+ Do you always go surfing?

We love surfing. Not only is it incredibly fun, look insanely cool, and give you a hell of a workout, surfing is a great metaphor. You know, the whole paddling out, fighting through waves, swallowing a gallon of seawater, finally snagging a swell you think will take you in, more paddling, only for a few seconds of bliss? I mean, it’s basically like taking the L before crashing into bed.

Anyhow, no, we do not always go surfing. For example, when we visit Italy, there’s nowhere to surf! We do, however, always find other activities to slot in, and even on the retreats where we do go surfing, there’s more to it than that.

+ What about yoga?

If, somehow, you don’t know what yoga is, it’s basically a way to stretch and relax and recalibrate your body. We love yoga because it connects us to ourselves and each other, and it’s just a plain old great way to make our bodies feel amazing.

While there’s usually yoga involved in our retreats, you don’t need to worry if you haven’t tried a class before. We do all sorts of things: running, hiking, bootcamps, swimming, strength training, beer pong, stand-up paddle boarding, etc. There’s something for everyone and everyone finds something to get them out of their bubble.

+ Do I have to drink?

No! “Beer” is part of our name because, to us, it represents unwinding and having fun, which is a core part of our lifestyle. We don’t want people to focus on reving their engines all of the time, so we include time to chill out, make friends, and reflect. Plus, at the end of the day, every is usually to wiped to drink heavily, so you don’t need to worry about crazy parties. Oh, and if you’re just wondering whether it’s only beer, it’s not. If you want a piña colada, you go straight ahead.


+ Do I have to be a fitness dude or babe?

Not at all! In fact, most people who come on our retreats aren’t following #fitspo on Instagram and they’re not spooning with their barrel of protein powder every night. Our trainers (and we promise they’re the best at what they do) tailor every workout to fit every experience level, and the only thing that matters is that you push yourself to your limit. Don’t compare yourself to other people; compare yourself to who you were at the beginning of the retreat, and how you want to feel at the end.

+ What can I expect to happen on a retreat?

Oh, we don’t know, you’ll probably just have the time of your freaking life. Do some fun activities, get out of your comfort zone, fall in love (no guarantees), that sort of thing.

Alright, but being real: you’re going to sweat. That is a guarantee. Though all of our retreats vary a little bit, we usually start the day with a beach bootcamp. Then, once your blood is pumping and your endorphins are flowing, we’ll sling some delicious smoothies your way while we all recover at an amazing poolside house. Each retreat features a few unique experiences, whether that’s hiking or sunset yoga or sailing.

There’s also the social aspect of it all. Each retreat features a group of people who have one thing in common: Everyone is in the pursuit of good vibes. We’re all here to step away from the routine, and just like the lookout points we get high above the jungle, we use these retreats as a way to gain perspective on our lives back home. Being together allows us to focus on the big picture, and help us refocus on our values so that we don’t miss out on the beautiful moments. Also, we hang out and drink beer (if you want) and eat tacos. So there’s that.

+ Do I need to get in shape before SYB?

We hear this often, and we want to let you know that it’s totally chill to come as you are. We’re not doing Olympic powerlifting; we’re being active and having fun. Being in shape might make everything easier, but you won’t be left out just because you don’t go to the gym all the time. Plus, we take recovery seriously, and restore our bodies with stretching, vegan protein smoothies, and wholesome meals. At the end of the day, we care a lot more about feeling great than we do about how we look.

+ When do I get instructions and details?

Oh, so you’re all about the details, eh? We’ll be in touch pretty often as the departure date approaches, but you can always reach out via email if you have any questions.

You should expect an email soon after you reserve your spot, another email about a month and a half before, and a third email two weeks in advance. They’re going to be chock full of information, and we promise we won’t leave anyone behind!

+ Will I have internet access on a retreat?

We aren’t afraid to admit that we’re addicted to Instagram. Who wouldn’t be, with adventures like ours begging to be shared? We make sure there’s internet access on all of our retreats, but seeing as we’re often in foreign countries, we can’t guarantee it’ll be as fast as what you’re used to at home.


+ What is your cancellation policy?

It’s all fun and games until someone has to bail, and even a crew like SYB has to have some rules. Basically, we offer refunds depending on how far in advance you cancel.

• 100% refund if you cancel 61 or more days in advance

• 50% refund if you cancel between 60 and 31 days in advance

• 25% refund if you cancel between 30 and 14 days in advance

• No refund if you have to cancel with fewer than 14 days

Deposits are neither refundable nor transferable.

+ What’s up with theft?

Be smart, be safe, and you’ll be set. Our retreats take us all over the world, and unfortunately petty theft can be an issue in some of these places. However, we provide a storage locker or safe in every room (just like a hotel) so as long as you stash your valuables while you’re gone, you shouldn’t have an issue. Petty thieves usually just want stuff they can swap for cash: iPhones, laptops, jewelry, etc. We don’t recommend bringing that stuff down to the beach, but we’re always travelling as a group and we make it a point to watch out for each other.

Come with your friends or come alone and make the friends of a lifetime. Do things you love with likeminded people, wake up and sweat it out with kickass fitness games on the beach then enjoy a vegan protein smoothie while you cool off in the pool. Then zinc up your nose as we spend the afternoon surfing, followed by a healthy dinner, drinks and dancing to balance out the day.   

We know these trips will be those memories you will look back years from now and thank yourself for going, but a decision like this is always tough.

The first step in knowing this life is too short not to enjoy our bodies, relax our minds and connect with mother earth. 

Your next adventure awaits you,

Pure Vida,

-SurfYogaBeer Team