Group Trips To Italy

Fall in love with Positano, shop in Capri, tour Pompeii, and most of all, experience the Amalfi Coast our way... with a lot of wine and aperol spritz

Mambo Italiano

June 25 - July 2 2022

Mambo Italiano

Eat, Love, and Sweat through the Amalfi Coast


The enchanting Amalfi Coast: where crystal clear waters, delectable delicacies, sexy beaches, and blissful boat rides await you.


Clifftops and Grottos

The houses on the Amalfi Coast are hanging off cliff-tops, which means epic views from every corner. The SYB Villa is no different; expect breathtaking vistas from our jacuzzi and infinity pool over the Marina del Cantone -- a secret beach spot where Italian locals bask in the Italian sunshine.

Clean & Delicious

The food in Italy is amazing, that's a fact. But if great abs mean eating clean, won't all of the delicious eats be a constant struggle? Not even close. Italy, unlike the US, doesn't allow GMOs, questionable chemicals, genetically engineered crops, or additives in food. Which means food is both delicious and nutritious.

Hangover-Free Wine

Italians produce low-sulfate, high-quality wine in quantity. This means you're more apt to avoid post-wine headaches, even when drinking at lunchtime.

Capri Cliffs

If you haven't jumped off a cliff into crystalline water after lunch on a private island in Capri, you pretty much haven't lived. It's time to get that checked off your bucket list ASAP.


Cliff Jumping

Daily Gelato

Pompeii Tour

Pizza Making

Luxury Boat Tour

Pool Parties


Lunch Wine

Sexy Selfies

Morning Sweat

Sunset Yoga


Ravello Tour

Epic Hikes

Italian Sun

cool stuff people said



Totally framing that 👆🏼 To think that just a few days ago I was swimming in the Mediterranean... Choosing to spontaneously book my trip to the Amalfi coast with @surfyogabeer was one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only did we do really cool shit like wine tasting under olive trees in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius, taking chair lifts to the top of Capri, hiking trails that led to hidden grottos with really good cappuccino, etc... but the people were just the kind of people you want to be around. Cool, positive and loving vibes all around. If you're thinking about doing an SYB trip, then make like me and DON'T THINK, JUST DO 😎


Thankful to have spent the past two weeks in such an amazing place with even more amazing people!


This trip is pure magic.


One of my most cherished memories. We swam in a grotto in the Mediterranean (noodle and all!). I've never felt more connected to the Earth! Such a cool and life-changing experience


"Thank you for being here, for saying YES." / feeling so much gratitude for the past week and all the adventure, personal connections, magical seaside towns, and of course, the food. until next time, Italy 🙏🏻✨


Positanoly the most candid photo we've ever taken


I've been sitting here trying to put into words what this trip has meant to me but nothing can do it justice. I told my friends I was "going to Italy with a "fitness/travel/party group. It could be awesome or it could suck, I'll let you know!". I have always dreamed of going to Italy and seeing the Amalfi Coast but nothing could prepare me for this. I pushed myself beyond my fears and limits, I hiked to one of the highest points in Amalfi and saw the breathtaking view, I swam in the Mediterranean ocean (with the a noodle, but I did it!), I swam in a cave and as hippy-dippy as it sounds, never felt more connected to Mother Earth.Thanks to the shitty wifi, I relied less on my phone and stayed more in the moment. So much is to be said about the company I was with. These people who a week ago were strangers but within days became dear friends. We had deep philosophical conversations and made poop jokes, we stayed up taking until 3 am, we laughed until we cried, we drank constantly and it was probably my most enjoyable hangovers. We were in our own world. Thank you @surfyogabeer for providing this outlet to bring likeminded individuals together and planning incredible adventures


Ciao for now, Italia! Forever grateful for the past 10 days. Thank you @surfyogabeer for a life-changing experience that will stay with me forever #SYBamalfi Roma - I'm coming back for you!

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What's so special about SYB?

Cancellation policy...

What's up with theft?

Do I need to be a fitness babe or muscle man to come on these trips?

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Does everyone booze?

We get it- you’re either too busy, don’t know anyone else going, or just accidentally spent way too much on drinks this weekend. Now let’s cut the BS and get real. There will never be the perfect time to get away, being the busy human that you are. We actively encourage people to come alone on our adventures so they can meet people outside of their usual social circles. Everyone that chooses an SYB trip is there to get outside their comfort zone and meet like-minded sweaty people. Money spent on experiences is what every 100 year old says is the most important thing we can do while we’re young. Listen to Gramps and get ready to squat it out with us!
We are firmly committed to providing quality product. We detox to retox because we know that a balanced life is the best life. Your workouts will be led by some of the best fitness instructors around the country, so you’ll be living your best life in paradise while doing 100 pushups and situps a day (we make it fun, we promise). Seriously though, when was the last time you came back from vacation with a more defined six-pack? The friendships and memories that you make on our adventures so are important to us! We pride ourselves in creating experiences that will change your life.
First of all, we’re calling bull on that work event that “just happened” to pop up. But we’ll get over it and see you on the next trip. While deposits are non-transferable or refundable, your payment might be depending on time of cancellation! We will work with you to try to push the payment (minus deposit) to another trip or we can issue a refund, again depending on time of cancellation. What we can’t help you out with? The FOMO that’ll come from watching the adventure on Instagram stories from home. Check out the Terms and Conditions and About pages for more info.
Be safe and you won’t be sorry. We usually choose destinations with low crime rates but it is always wise to stay vigilant. General rule of thumb: if losing X valuable is going to ruin your trip, don’t bring it! (So keep your Yeezys and nice jewelry at home.) Petty theft is the most common type of crime that exists, so be wary of pickpockets looking for cash and always watch your bags. As a precautionary measure we typically provide safes in each room. We’ve yet to experience any considerable theft on our trips (let’s keep it that way).
Do I need to be a fitness babe or muscle man to come on these trips? No way! Not every human being walks around looking like Gigi Hadid- we feel that. All different levels are welcome- even if the only time you’ve ever broken a sweat is hustling to the fridge during commercial breaks. Coming to all workouts are highly encouraged but not mandatory and we make adjustments for various fitness levels and injuries. The point is to try something new and make memories that you’ll never forget. Check out some BLOG POSTS to hear from other non-Schwarzeneggers about their experience.
We won’t leave you hanging after you drop dat coin. We’ll email several times along the way: first after you book, second about a month and a half before the trip, and third two weeks before. Then we’ll make sure you know where to be and when. Unlike that dude from last night, we’ll be hitting you up.
Our adventures could go up to 8 days, which means you should bring at least $400 USD, unless maybe you’re feeling extra generous at the bar. Most meals are covered, but sometimes we’ll dine out and it’s a good idea to have some cha-ching. Credit cards are usually accepted but if not, we’ll let you know beforehand. But for now, get on bringin home that bread.
Take your digital detox to the next level and join us in the Philippines, get ready to step outside of your comfort zone.
This will probably be the Amalfi Coast. Nothing rejuvenates the soul like washing down plates of fresh pasta with local limoncello and floating in the clear waters of Capri.
For sure Sayulita. Between squats we’ll hydrate with shots. Workout, tan, workout, tequila, workout, pass out. You’ll come home stronger and get compliments on your sexy tan and super toned arms.
Hands down this has to be our OG trip - Nicaragua! IT IS Surf Yoga Beer!.
We're all about letting loose and not taking life too seriously, we respect choice and there's no pressure to drink if you don't want to.

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Think like an Italian. Drink like a Stallion!

Think like an Italian. Drink like a Stallion!

5 Amalfi-Inspired Limoncello Cocktails You Have To Try

5 Amalfi-Inspired Limoncello Cocktails You Have To Try

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