Italy Summer Travel Packages

Fall in love with Positano, shop in Capri, tour Pompeii, hike the Dolomites, and cruise in the canals of Venice... with a lot of spritzes

Mambo Italiano

June 16 - 22 2024

Mambo Italiano

Eat, Love, and Spritz through the Amalfi Coast


June 28 - July 4 2024


Hike the Dolomites and Cruise through Venice


Italy's Allure: From the enchanting Amalfi Coast with its crystal-clear waters, to the dramatic Dolomite Mountains, there is a reason Italy is one of the worlds most popular vacation destinations.


Clifftops and Grottos

The houses on the Amalfi Coast are hanging off cliff-tops, which means epic views from every corner. The SYB Villa is no different; expect breathtaking vistas from our jacuzzi and infinity pool over the Marina del Cantone -- a secret beach spot where Italian locals bask in the Italian sunshine.

Dolomite Mountains

Nature's masterpiece of jagged limestone peaks, they beckon thrill-seekers and wanderers alike. Explore charming alpine villages, savor jaw-dropping vistas, and discover your inner explorer in this UNESCO World Heritage wonderland. The Dolomites are where adventure meets awe-inspiring beauty.

Hangover-Free Wine

Italians produce low-sulfate, high-quality wine in quantity. This means you're more apt to avoid post-wine headaches, even when drinking at lunchtime. Cheers to that.

Capri Cliffs

If you haven't jumped off a cliff into crystalline water after lunch on a private island in Capri, you pretty much haven't lived. It's time to get that checked off your bucket list ASAP.


Cliff Jumping

Daily Gelato

Pompeii Tour

Pizza Making

Luxury Boat Tour

Pool Parties


Lunch Wine

Sexy Selfies

Morning Sweat

Sunset Yoga


Ravello Tour

Epic Hikes

Italian Sun

Capri Tour

Venice Canals


Go With The Flow

Namaste from cloud 9. Our rooftop yoga & meditation retreats in Italy involve majestic views of colorful hilltop homes, crystal clear blue waters, and maybe an Aperol Spritz right next to you on your mat. Talk about relaxation.

The small beach town of Marina del Cantone awaits our group every year. Everyone from the local gelato salesman named Alessandro to the ten cats who look for your scraps helps create an environment that makes it easy to slow down the mind and practice a powerful yoga class. Reconnect with yourself (and your love of carbs).

Amalfi Coast Tours

The Amalfi Coast is a special place rich in history and traditions. There is simply too much beauty to experience to sit on the beach and sunbathe all day, though we definitely do our fair share of this too. Our days begin with body-invigorating morning workout sessions and big breakfasts, and then we go straight into explore mode. You’ve gotta be choosy with your itinerary because trips to Italy can be overwhelming with the number of attractions to see. Over the years, we've narrowed it down to the best of the best stops WITH the best of the best guides.

Our stops include Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius, Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Capri, a hike to the super exclusive hidden restaurant of Conca del Sogno, a pool party at Gocce di Capri, a trail run to the mountaintop church of San Constanzo and of course cliff jumping on some hidden coves on our luxury boat day... you could say we've got it all down. 

The Alps & Venice Tours

The Dolomite Mountains and Venice: A journey that blends the awe-inspiring beauty of the Dolomites with the mesmerizing allure of Venice. It's not just about leisurely gazing at the scenery; it's about embracing adventure and culture. Our days commence with invigorating hikes and hearty breakfasts, setting the tone for exploration. In the Dolomites, we conquer mountain trails, take in panoramic vistas, and dine at hidden gems like Rifugio Lagazuoi. In Venice, we stroll through enchanting canals, visit iconic landmarks like St. Mark's Basilica, and savor the finest Italian cuisine. With the Dolomites and Venice, we've crafted the ultimate Italian experience, balancing thrill and tranquility for an unforgettable journey.

We’ve Got What You Need

Choose your bucket list backdrop - the Amalfi Coast or the Dolomites - you truly cannot go wrong with these sexy views. You'll have a few more spritzes than you technically probably need to drink, explore nature and culture, (because moderation), enjoy extensive fitness programming by some of the best coaches in the industry, and much more, all included in our adventure travel to Italy. There is no need for you to look further for your once-in-a-lifetime trip. Why haven't you clicked that "Book a Trip" button yet?

This idyllic country offers you the opportunity to take a step back, connect with the beauty of a simple life filled with pasta and wine, and create moments you’ll share around the dinner table for years to come. It’s a place that reminds you that there really can be more to life than the 9-to-5. And who doesn’t need a little break from reality once in a while? Join us. Paradise is calling; will you answer?


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