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A secret pueblo magico spot, where the waves are consistent, yogis rule the town, and cervezas are abundant.

Tacos & Tides

October 24 - 29 2023

Tacos & Tides

Mexico's Secret


The perfect playground to learn to surf, savor the authentic taste of Mexican cuisine, from zesty tacos to the birthplace of tequila, born from the heart of agave plants nurtured in this vibrant land. Join us as we celebrate Mexico's rich history, surf its warm waters, and experience its lively culture, one delicious taco and cervesa at a time.


Undiscovered Gems

Cabo and Cancún might be places your grandma goes to see products made in china, we trail blaze and explore this lesser-known beaches and town where tequila is served by the man who makes it, and tacos are made with the chickens running around the street.

Surf's Up

Wave shredders and newbies alike, listen up. Mexico has some epic surf spots we frequent such as Sayulita, Puerto Escondido, Cabo, and others. The surfer culture here is radical, the breaks are consistent, and there are plenty of options for newbies to take lessons from locals who know how to catch a wave or two.

Fiesta Beach Towns

There are so many idyllic and vibey beach towns you’ve been in search of, with a splash of Mexican fiesta culture. You can go from the white sand and crashing waves to strolling to downtown sidewalks filled with local galleries, fresh cafes, and colorful Insta worthy murals.

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Feel like taking a day off from the beach? Lace up your sneakers and get to climbing some of the coolest jungle trails up to panoramic lookouts over the coast. One of our favorites if you’re looking for a bit of a challenge is Monkey Mountain, which is considered sacred to the Huichol Indians.


Boat Dayz

Beach Games



Jungle Hikes


Fresh Eats

Squad Hangs

Hotel Dreams

Ocean Sunsets

Surf & Yoga in Mexico

Discover Mexico's unexplored treasure as a premier surf and yoga retreat, setting the perfect balance between adrenaline and tranquility. Before it became an Instagram sensation, we were riding Mexico's exhilarating waves and basking in its peaceful serenity.

Envision this: You're on Mexico's sun-bathed beach, the wind gently tousling your hair. The rhythmic melody of waves crashing on the soft sand resonates around you. Looking towards the expansive Pacific, surfers dot the seascape, anticipating the next thrilling break. With the surfboard under your arm and a contented smile, you appreciate the blissful perfection of life amidst Mexico's vibrant surf scene.

Benefiting from consistently favorable winds, robust waves often reaching beyond shoulder height, and less crowded than other frequented surf hotspots (Costa Rica, we're looking at you), Mexico is the dream surf destination. The buzz about Mexico's exceptional surfing conditions has surged, leading to a boom in tailored surf tours and local surf competitions. 

After an exhilarating day of catching waves, it's time to embrace tranquility. In 2023, Mexico emerged as a go-to yoga retreat destination, offering a serene environment and awe-inspiring beach vistas to deepen your yoga practice. Embrace the calming rhythm of Mexico's yoga retreats, the ideal place to center yourself, and reap the holistic benefits yoga provides. Experience it, and you'll know why Mexico is the heart of surf and yoga retreats.

Get in My Belly

Embrace the cultural and culinary fusion of Mexico, the next hotspot for foodie explorers with an adventurous palate. From vibrant indigenous Mesoamerican flavors, a dash of Spanish zest, to a hint of Creole magic, Mexico is setting the global stage for gastronomic diversity. Imagine this: picture-perfect platters of fresh tropical fruits, a rainbow of crisp veggies, and Instagrammable giant avocados - it's not just a meal, it's an experience.

Whether you're a culinary explorer or a comfort food lover, Mexico has something to satisfy your food mood. From drool-worthy traditional dishes like enchiladas and chiles en nogada, to the comfort of tacos al pastor and a steamy bowl of pozole, you're in for a treat. And, let's not forget the must-try tropical fruit bowls, iconic fish tacos, and world-class Mexican coffee - your taste buds are in for an authentic fiesta!

So why not level up your Instagram game while enjoying the epic surf and zen yoga Mexico has to offer? After all, Mexico isn't just a destination, it's a lifestyle. Immerse yourself in its vibrant culinary scene and let Mexico be your next gastronomic adventure and surf and yoga retreat. Live the #MexicanFoodieLife.

We've Got What You Need

Experience luxury at its finest with Mexico's top beachfront accommodation, sexy SYB transportation, and an all-inclusive fitness program curated by the industry's leading trainers - all wrapped up in our Mexican adventure travel tours. Your dream trip doesn't get more perfect than this.

Traveling to Mexico offers you the chance to dive into one of the world's most visually stunning environments. It's a sanctuary that serves as a refreshing reminder that life extends beyond the 9-to-5 grind. And let's be honest, who doesn't crave a timeout from the everyday hustle every now and then? Join us. Paradise is beckoning; are you ready to embark on the adventure? Experience the allure of Mexico, where surf meets yoga, and gastronomy dances with culture. Embrace the #MexicanEscape.

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