What We Do

Adventures (not retreats)

Our outlook for 2024 is bright, we're hosting trips to recurring destinations, as well as some brand new spots, for some unforgettable adventures, workouts, and cultural experiences. Solo travel is on the rise with more people then ever taking on adventures by themselves with group travel. It is active wellness and human connection that we need the most. SYB is here serving it up!

Take a look at our different offerings, from trail running in Iceland to month-long 'slow travel' in Nicaragua, we've got a variety of offerings. Take a read:

Trail Running

Our Iceland Adventure is every runner’s dream. Expect running every day (for non-runners we have a hiking option), we'll be hittin' up the natural hot springs for recovery, and of course taking in those 23 hours of daylight with fun activities stretching into the midnight hour with our huge squad like-minded people!


Island Hopping

With the most 'off the radar' trip, we're exploring Palawan, the Philippine island voted most beautiful island in the world by Conde Nast in 2017. Exploring tiny islands, each with comfortable huts that have been pre-scouted and selected by our team. We'll be spending our days lounging and getting our drank on on a traditional Filipino boat and touring places only few people on earth know about. The food is incredible takes the word 'organic' to the next level.. trading local farmers and fisherman for our meals. This is something everyone should experience, a life so simple and beautiful detached from the outside world.


Tasting History

Join us for an unforgettable week of exploring one of Italy’s most gorgeous regions- the Amalfi Coast. We’ll be staying in a private villa in Nerano, neighbor to Marina Del Cantone- the region historically famous for its Limoncello (we’ll consider this a fruit if you do). And since our villa has its own pizza oven, we’ll dine like the locals and make our own pizza.


Desert Exploring

Our Morocco adventure aims to be your introduction to the diverse and expansive country known as ‘the gateway to Africa.’ On this trip, you'll go from the Sahara desert experience of camel rides, sand boarding, Berber parties (locals of the region), million star nights TO the surfer beaches of the Atlantic ocean TO the souks and vibrant cultural tours of Marrakech! 


Slow Travel

A new concept, 'slow travel' has really hit hard since COVID slowed our lives down. On our second annual REMOTE trip, we're doing 3 weeks of soaking in all that Playa Maderas, Nicaragua has to offer. Make true relationships with locals, embrace the environment on a deeper level and do it all while still maintaining, even excelling, with your career. We're offering an 'accelerator' environment for your career by gearing time in our days for deep work and accountability with work goals and more.


40+ Year Olds

With 84% of travelers being over the age of 40 and not everyone wanting a family vacation we've created an experience where you meet a bunch of other similar individuals with the same passion for travel and seeing the world in a fun way, just at a slightly slowed down pace and more emphasis on luxury. On our 40+ Group Trips it's all about balance. 


…And so much more!