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Love the things we're about? Then come on in and join the family.

What we're doing is creating trips where people meet friends they'll have for a lifetime - this is not as easy as it sounds. To do it, we’ll need diverse, purpose driven talent from all over the world. 

Typically, we work with people that have been on trips before because we it is hard to explain how much we actually do. Once we get to know you and how you behave at 1am with a few beers in you, then we're more comfortable having you represent SYB... because yes sometimes you do drink on the job.

NEW JOB*  Due to the COVID pandemic, we've had to pivot and so we're starting to host 'REMOTE' - these are month long adventures and we're looking for people who have a low down of the places we are interested in going. This is a leader position, someone in charge of the local experience.  Please inquire below with your destination(s) you know very well and your contact info.