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From Tokyo, the biggest city in the world, to the far north of Hokkaido where the snow falls more than anywhere else on earth, we are exploring it all.

Samurai Summits

February 1 - 9 2025

Samurai Summits

Japanese Slopes and Apres Sake

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From the bustling streets of Tokyo, where ancient traditions intertwine with modern marvels, to the snow-capped peaks of Hokkaido, offering world-class skiing experiences, Japan captivates visitors with its diverse allure.


Tokyo Nightlife

Amidst Tokyo's pulsating nightlife, Roppongi's sleek rooftop lounges offer breathtaking views and craft cocktails, while Shibuya's hidden izakayas beckon with laid-back charm. Dive into the electric energy of Shinjuku's Kabukicho district, where karaoke bars and izakayas invite revelers to join in the celebration until dawn.

SurfYogaBeer Japan Adventure Tokyo Nightlife


In Hokkaido's stunning landscapes, with snow-capped peaks and pristine wilderness, immerse yourself in outdoor adventure. From skiing in Niseko to exploring Shiretoko National Park, discover endless opportunities for unforgettable experiences in Japan's northern paradise.

SurfYogaBeer Japan Adventure Hokkaido Skiing
SurfYogaBeer Japan Adventure Niseko Distillery

Distillery Tasting and Tour

In the heart of Niseko, the Niseko Distillery stands as a beacon of craftsmanship, offering visitors a taste of Hokkaido's finest spirits amidst stunning mountain vistas. Savour artisanal whiskies and gins crafted with local ingredients. At Niseko Distillery, every sip is a journey through Hokkaido's rich traditions and natural wonders.

SurfYogaBeer Japan Adventure Yugokorotei Onsen Hot Springs

Sexy Hot Springs

At Yugokorotei hot springs, nestled amidst picturesque mountains, surrender to serene relaxation in Japan's tranquil retreat. Whether soaking in therapeutic waters or unwinding amidst natural beauty, Yugokorotei offers an oasis of rejuvenation amidst Hokkaido's stunning vistas.


Mind-blowing Art

Ultimate Karaoke

SurfYogaBeer Yugokorotei Onsen Japan Adventure

Hot & Sexy Springs

SurfYogaBeer Japan Adventure Niseko Distillery Tour

Whiskey Wanders

Dope Slopes

SurfYogaBeer The Knot  Hotel Tokyo Japan Adventure

Sexy Hotels

SurfYogaBeer Japan Adventure Sushi

SUSHI on sushi!

SurfYogaBeer Hokkaido Japan Skiing Adventure

Insane views

Surf Yoga Beer Japan Adventure Sunrise Yoga

Sunrise Yoga

SurfYogaBeer Tokyo, Japan 2024

Crazy Tokyo Nights

SurfYogaBeer Japan Adventure Epic Photos

Epic Photo Ops

Snow Parties

SurfYogaBeer Japan Adventure Sake Apres-Ski

Sake Apres-Ski

Sushi & Sake with the rising sun

Embark on a journey through Japan's culinary wonders, where our days will be filled with the delicate art of sushi in Tokyo and the soothing warmth of sake after exhilarating ski adventures in Hokkaido. As diverse as the slopes themselves, Japan offers a tapestry of dining experiences. Yearning for refinement? Discover the elegance of Michelin-starred establishments. Craving authenticity? Delight in local izakayas serving up traditional dishes bursting with flavor.

And when the sun sets and it's time to unwind après-ski, Japan unveils its vibrant nightlife scene. Imagine cozy sake bars aglow with lantern light, where conversations flow as freely as the sake itself. Tables may become impromptu stages for karaoke, and the night air echoes with laughter and camaraderie. In Japan, sake isn't just a drink; it's an invitation to revel in the beauty of the moment.

Go With The Flow

Greetings from the Land of the Rising Sun! Picture yourself on cloud 9 as you join our rooftop yoga & meditation retreats in Tokyo, where the city's skyline meets the horizon in a breathtaking blend of modernity and tranquility. Begin your day with serene sun salutations amidst the urban oasis, finding inner peace amidst the bustling energy of Japan's capital city.

And when it's time to escape to nature's embrace, journey to the snowy slopes of Niseko for an unforgettable yoga experience amidst majestic mountains and pristine powder. Let the crisp mountain air invigorate your senses as you flow through asanas, finding harmony between body, mind, and soul in the heart of Japan's winter wonderland.

From the vibrant streets of Tokyo to the serene slopes of Niseko, our retreats offer the perfect balance of urban excitement and natural tranquility, inviting you to reconnect with yourself and find bliss in every moment.

ain't no mountain high enough

For the ultimate winter adventure vibes, look no further than Hokkaido, Japan's powder paradise. Experience the thrill of skiing down majestic peaks in Niseko, where legendary powder awaits atop Asia's tallest mountains. With multiple ski areas in the Niseko region, from Grand Hirafu to Hanazono, there's something for every level of powder enthusiast, making it a hotspot for adrenaline junkies and après-ski enthusiasts alike.

For the daredevils seeking a challenge, Niseko boasts some of the most exhilarating off-piste skiing in the world, with steep chutes and deep powder bowls beckoning the bold. And for beginners, gentle slopes and magic carpets provide the perfect opportunity to hone your skills amidst the stunning Hokkaido scenery.

With over 105 miles of pristine terrain to explore, each run promises an unforgettable journey through Japan's winter wonderland. So grab your skis or snowboard and get ready for an epic ride down Hokkaido's powdery slopes, where every turn is a thrill and every run is a memory to cherish.

We’ve Got What You Need

With Japan's myriad attractions, from skiing in Niseko to Tokyo's vibrant nightlife, immerse yourself in a journey of unforgettable experiences. Indulge in the thrill of tearing up slopes across the country, complemented by extensive fitness programming led by top coaches. After exhilarating days on the slopes, unwind with beers in hot springs, creating cherished memories on your once-in-a-lifetime adventure holiday in Japan. 

This diverse country allows you to immerse yourself in the serenity of traditional countryside living, where simplicity reigns supreme. Embrace the beauty of a tranquil life enriched by the harmony of ancient traditions and modern comforts, from savoring exquisite sushi to indulging in the finest sake. It’s a place that reminds you that there really can be more to life than the 9-to-5. And who doesn’t need a little break from reality once in a while? Join us. Paradise is calling; will you answer?

STEP out of your comfort zone

Japan beckons solo travelers and group adventurers alike to immerse themselves in its rich culture and stunning landscapes. While solo exploration is encouraged, joining our group trip adds an extra layer of excitement and security. 

With our experienced team by your side, mid-day excursions transform into lively escapades filled with laughter and shared experiences. And when the sun sets, our group dynamic amplifies the nighttime festivities, whether it's sampling street food in downtown Tokyo in the Tsukiji Fish Market  or joining a traditional sake tasting in Niseko. In Japan, every moment is an opportunity for adventure, and our group trip ensures you won't miss a single unforgettable moment.