Solo Surf Holiday Packages

For wave shredders and newbies alike, hit the surf with a group of likeminded adventurers

Let's Start a Convo
Tacos & Tides

Puerto Escondito , Mexico

October 24 - 29 2023· 5 nights

Tacos & Tides

Mexico's Secret

Surf Yoga Beer

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

November 21 - 26 2023· 5 nights

Surf Yoga Beer

New Friends and Nonstop Activities this American Thanksgiving!

Surf Yoga Beer NYE

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

December 27 2023 - January 2 2024· 6 nights

Surf Yoga Beer NYE

New Years Eve 2024

Reset & Recharge

Playa Maderas, Nicaragua

January 2 - 21 2024· 19 nights

Reset & Recharge

A Month for Your Mind, Body, and Career

Catch a wave with us

What does a surf trip include, you might ask? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re experts at locating some of the top surfing destinations around the world, and some are spots you may have never even considered before. We’re not all Bethany Hamilton, and that’s fine! You’ll get to learn a new skill, or if you are a seasoned pro, show the newbies how it’s done in some of the most beautiful locations around the world. Salt water cures everything. But a surf trip doesn’t have to be all boards and breaks 24/7 (though we definitely have our fair share of this, too). It can also be a life-changing experience that provides community, healthy routines, and a sense of belonging. It’s all about finding balance while surrounded by supportive people and professionals who will motivate you to be your best self and catch the best wave. With most of the hassle of travel taken care of for you, extensive daily fitness programming by leaders in the industry, and your new best friends waiting to hit the waters, it’s an experience you’ll be talking about for years to come. The question is, do you want to jump in with us?

Not only do we love to shred a wave or two, but the Surf in SYB also stands for any other adrenaline activity that gets your heart racing and pushes you to try something you may have never done before. We’re talking cliff jumping, tearing through desert sands on ATVs, and backflipping off boats, to name a few. A well-rounded surf trip will take your mind, body, and spirit out of your day-to-day and help you connect, think creatively, and move out of your comfort zone. This is what SYB is all about. Trust us, catching a wave with a squad of your new best friends watching on the shore of a secluded beach is a million times better than fighting off randos for breaks at tourist traps. You will go home with new muscles, memories, friends, and probably a new wave tumbling story. 

Where to?

While not every SYB destination has surfing (good luck finding waves in the Amalfi), we go to the best spots anyways because, duh. From our OG destination Nicaragua with some of the best-hidden gem surfing you’ll find, to Taghazout, the surfing capital of Morocco, with a low-key amazing beach perfect for beginner and intermediate surf, to Sayulita, Mexico, where the waves come with cervezas. Just kidding, or are we? And we’re always exploring more, so keep an eye out for future surf trip destination drops…  

We’ve Got What You Need

When you escape the grind of the 9-5 with a tribe of adventurous souls and mix together sweaty, heart-pounding workouts with grounding meditative yoga and a whole bunch of exploration, local culture, and of course, all the waves you can possibly catch -- you’ve got yourself one hell of a well-rounded surf trip. And in SYB style, a couple of beers or so. 

No more worrying about carrying your board on the plane (do people really even do this, though?) or finding the best teacher to help you catch your first wave. Just show up, and we’ll take it from here. Each surfing destination we choose has the option for lessons from some of the best local instructors, board rentals for that big board energy, and countless breaks for you and all your new best friends. Our mornings often start out with a bootcamp-style workout, followed by a big breakfast to regain our strength for a day of nonstop activities, and you guessed it, surfing. It wouldn’t be a fully rounded SYB trip without sunset (or sunrise) yoga to stretch our muscles and reflect back on the day before getting into the debauchery ahead. Any downtime? You’ll catch us slipping away to the beach to sip mojitos and paddle out to sea. 

As soon as the endorphins start pumping, conversation and sweaty high-fives flourish. Pair that with a beautiful new destination, and you’ve got yourself the optimal breeding ground for a tight-knit community.

All different levels are welcome -- even if the only time you’ve ever stood up on a board was on solid ground or you only break a sweat hustling to the fridge during commercial breaks. Coming to all workouts and attempting to catch a wave is highly encouraged but not mandatory, and we make adjustments for various fitness levels and injuries. The point is to try something new and make memories that you’ll never forget. 

We've got surf lessons, local instructors, and spots that are perfect for you to catch your first waves!

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