The Ultimate Health & Fitness Retreat

Beach bootcamps, jungle gym workouts, trail running, yoga, and nonstop activities

here are our top 2023 trips

Let's Start a Convo
Island Hopping

Puerto Princesa City, Philippines

February 19 - 26 2023· 7 nights

Island Hopping

Disconnect with technology and reconnect with nature

Ski Yoga Beer

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

March 14 - 19 2023· 5 nights

Ski Yoga Beer

French Alps and Apres Ski

Desert Dopeness

Agadir, Morocco

June 3 - 10 2023· 7 nights

Desert Dopeness

Surf, ATV, Dunes, and Culture

Mambo Italiano

Nerano, Italy

June 17 - 23 2023· 6 nights

Mambo Italiano

Eat, Love, and Spritz through the Amalfi Coast

Safari Stylin'

nairobi, Kenya

July 2 - 8 2023· 6 nights

Safari Stylin'

Go wild into the wild on our Great Migration Safari

Island Takeover

Lopud, Croatia

August 27 - September 2 2023· 6 nights

Island Takeover

Summer 2023 Checklist: Kayak, mountain bike, and cliff jump into the Adriatic Sea

Blue Voyage

Marmaris, Türkiye

September 2 - 9 2023· 7 nights

Blue Voyage

Sailing through Turkey

Fire & Ice

Hvolsvöllur, Iceland

September 3 - 8 2023· 5 nights

Fire & Ice

Hike to explore waterfalls, volcanos, glaciers, and hot springs

Surf Yoga Beer

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

November 21 - 26 2023· 5 nights

Surf Yoga Beer

Find your balance on our most popular trip offering during American Thanksgiving!

Retreat to Revive

A fitness retreat -- sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, right? Well, we’re here to prove that they go hand in hand. Travel doesn’t always mean sitting lazily on the beach for a week straight (though we definitely do our fair share of this, too). It can also be a life-changing experience that provides community, healthy routines, and a sense of belonging. A fitness retreat can provide the kickstart you need to finally crush those daily workout goals or become a great way to push yourself to achieve new heights, all while surrounded by supportive people and professionals who will motivate you to be your best self. With most of the hassle of travel taken care of for you, extensive daily programming by leaders in the industry, and your new best friends waiting to break a sweat, it’s an experience you’ll be talking about for years to come. The question is, what do you want to get out of it?

From beach bootcamps to mountaintop hikes to rooftop yoga, you can expect a fitness retreat to take you out of your day-to-day and put a focus on a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Trust us, a workout on a gorgeous beach next to crystal blue water ends up being a lot more enjoyable than the YouTube video in your living room. You will go home with new inspiration, memories, friends, and probably a few baby abs. 

Challenge Me

If you’re looking for a true fitness challenge, we dare you to try our Iceland trail running adventure. You’ll clock more miles in a week than you probably did all last year. Between running all day, we’ll hydrate with shots (joking... or are we?). Workout, run, dried fish, run, geothermal pools, run. You’ll come home stronger, fishier, and with super-toned legs.

We’ve Got What You Need

SYB revolves around the philosophy that both travel and fitness force growth and bring people together. When you escape the grind of the 9-5 with a tribe of adventurous souls and mix together sweaty, heart-pounding workouts with a bit of grounding meditative yoga and a whole bunch of exploration, local culture, and adrenaline-pumping good times -- you’ve got yourself one hell of a fitness retreat. And in SYB style, a couple of beers or so. 

Our trip leaders are some of the top professionals in the fitness industry, from SoulCycle instructors to Barry’s coaches to shredded fit-fluencers; we only work with the best of the best. You can expect them to guide you through meditative yoga flows, big workouts, epic surf lessons, and even the hottest Salsa moves on the dance floor. Our mornings often start out with a bootcamp-style workout, followed by a big breakfast to regain our strength for a day of nonstop activities. Many nights include sunset yoga to stretch our muscles and reflect back on the day before getting into the debauchery ahead. 

As soon as the endorphins start pumping, conversation and sweaty high-fives flourish. Pair that with a beautiful new destination, and you’ve got yourself the optimal breeding ground for a tight-knit community.

All different levels are welcome- even if the only time you’ve ever broken a sweat is hustling to the fridge during commercial breaks. Coming to all workouts is highly encouraged but not mandatory, and we make adjustments for various fitness levels and injuries. The point is to try something new and make memories that you’ll never forget. 

Fitness retreats that give you a lot more than just a workout