Trail Running & Hiking Adventures

Strap on your running shoes, and bring a sense of adventure because we're going off your local trail and into the real deal

Let's Start a Convo

Cortina d'Ampezzo BL , Italy

June 28 - July 4 2024 · 6 nights


Hike the Dolomites and Cruise through Venice

Lucky Trails and Charms

Galway , Ireland

August 4 - 10 2024 · 6 nights

Lucky Trails and Charms

Chase the Rainbow, Explore the Pubs, and Find Your Gold


Pay with a deposit of $687.50/pp.

Fire & Ice

Hvolsvöllur , Iceland

August 31 - September 5 2024 · 5 nights

Fire & Ice

Hike to explore waterfalls, volcanos, glaciers, and hot springs


Pay with a deposit of $512.50/pp.

Embark on a Trail

With us, trail running and hiking are more than just activities; they are adventures waiting to be lived. Venture into the heart of nature on some of the world’s most scenic trails, guided by our SYB leaders who ensure a safe yet exhilarating experience. Discover hidden waterfalls, panoramic vistas, and trails that are far far away from anything you do on a daily basis, all at your pace, be it the high-speed thrill of trail running or the meditative rhythm of hiking. Our meticulously planned trips take the hassle out of logistics, letting you focus on the adventure, the new friendships, and the joy of discovery.

Where to?

There won't be any the waves at these destinations - it's all about the dirt under our feet and the climb to the top that makes us feel the rush. Picture this: traversing through Iceland’s surreal landscapes where each trail unfolds a wild, untouched narrative. Or pacing the majestic trails of Italy’s Dolomites, where every ascent is a ticket to a panoramic spectacle. From Iceland’s rugged isolation to the scenic embrace of the Dolomites, each stride is a chapter in your adventure tale. 

Your Trekking Squad

Our days begin with energizing workouts to prep you for the trail ahead, followed by hearty meals to keep you fueled. With each trail, experience a different facet of nature, accompanied by like-minded adventurers. As evenings fall, immerse in tranquil yoga sessions amidst nature's calm, and explore local cultures, forging memories and bonds along the way. It's not merely about covering miles; it's about the stories, the camaraderie, and the shared love for the outdoors.