Egypt Adventure Retreats for Solo Travelers

From Cairo and Luxor's ancient relics to Sharm El-Sheikh's stunning beaches, Egypt has so much to explore!



From exploring historical Cairo, to cruising the Nile, to unwinding at Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt has it all.


Hit the Shops

Wander through one of Cairo's many markets & bazaars. Like a maze, the markets are filled with hundreds of vendors. Treat yourself to local crafts & Egyptian cotton, or try some of the local produce.

Take a Dip

Egypt may be mostly desert, but Sharm El-Sheikh boasts some of the most beautiful beaches. Famous for its diving, this beautiful coastline is lined with palm trees and is the perfect place to unwind.

Explore the Ancient World

4,500 years ago the famous Gazi Pyramids were constructed for the Pharaohs expected to become Gods in the afterlife. Explore one of the only surviving relics of the ancient world just outside of Cairo.

Miles to Explore

About 95% of Egypt's total area is desert. The unique landscape is the best location for SYB to adventure!





Champagne Showers

Camel Rides

Vitamin Sea

Hang Out

Nile Cruise




Beach Games

Themed Parties

City Slicking

Cairo is one of the largest cities in Africa, and its rich culture is something we can't wait to experience. Visiting the New Egyptian Museum, we'll learn about the vast history of Egypt (many of the practices & traditions developed in Egypt were implemented into Western culture!) and maybe even pick up a few hieroglyphics to impress our friends back home.

While in the city, we'll hop on a dinner cruise on the Nile River, the world's longest river! We'll chow down on local cuisine and dance the night away as we take in the city views from the water. We'll also have dinner at Cairo Tower, where we'll see the city from the sky! Just watch out for the mummies, they're known to be a little stiff on the dance floor.

Before we let loose SYB style with the drinks, we'll also get to stop by local markets and bazaars to get some souvenirs to bring home. Don't be fooled; these markets have hundreds of alleys and streets, so we'll stick together to ensure no one gets lost in the maze and ends up in a tomb.

Talk to the Sand

No fear, we won't just learn about Egypt's ancient history like a bunch of boring old mummies but will see it firsthand as we head to the Giza Valley. Home to some of the world's most impressive monuments! 

You'll discover the history and ancient relics of the Giza Valley on our private journey. But why just look when we can experience? We'll hop on some camels and ride into the sunset as we live out our desert fantasies. Just don't get too close to the camels, they're known to spit when they're feeling sassy.

We’ve Got What You Need

With access to the Red Sea, Sharm El-Sheikh is the perfect place following our busy days exploring the city & dessert to unwind. We will snorkel, explore the coral reefs, do sunset yoga, and do beach boot camps. Welcome to the ultimate group travel to Egypt!