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Who We Are

We are a New York City-based travel company focusing on global, local, and private fitness retreats. Our curated adventures push you out of your comfort zone, give you lifelong friendships and bucket list experiences you’ll be sharing around the dinner table for years to come.

Travel the world with sublime people who live for adventure but appreciate moments of zen. Step out of your routine at home, and escape the world of emails and computer screens. Our guests sign up for our trips to experience community, healthy routines, and a sense of belonging. From the moment you arrive, you are a part of movement that will be with you for a very long time.

Our trip leaders guide you through meditative yoga flows, big workouts, epic surf lessons, and even the hottest Salsa moves on the dance floor. Whether you sign up alone or with friends, everyone quickly agrees that it’s not the destination that matters, it’s how you experience that world and who is by your side.

Traveling to a new place with friends you haven’t met will inspire you to tap into your sense of adventure and ignite your enthusiasm for life, which isn't always easy to find in the daily grind. We design and curate all of this to bring out your best, healthiest, and most authentic self.

Ultimately, we inspire action and instill adventure. We don’t retreat. We revive. So come catch a wave with us. The water is nice.


How It All Started...

As someone who is equally as passionate about fitness and adventure, Mantas built SYB on the philosophy that both travel and fitness force growth and bring people together. When you mix in a beer, you’ve got yourself one hell of a party.

Though officially launched in NYC in 2014, SurfYogaBeer (SYB) was initially created years earlier in Southern California where founder Mantas Zvinas would host adrenaline-filled excursions with friends & family around the region. To Mantas and those around him, this was a way of life, a means to connect on a personal level, to deepen existing relationships and foster new friendships.

Fast forward a few years, upon moving to NYC to pursue fitness full-time as a SoulCycle instructor, Mantas quickly noticed the same adventurous spirit existed within those he met, yet there was simply a need for someone to pull everything and everyone together...and then hit the road.

From experience, he knew that one of the greatest ways to build connections and friendships fast in NYC, is to hop into a group fitness class or gym setting. As soon as the endorphins start pumping, conversation and sweaty high fives flourish. Pair that with a beautiful, new destination, and you’ve got yourself the optimal breeding ground for a tight-knit community.

After forging multiple relationships with key fitness leaders in NYC and beyond, including an organic food/nutrition partnership to fuel its trips (with Soho-based restaurant, Salud), SYB was born and ready to take NYC – and the globe – by storm.


Our Way Of Giving Back

Our current project is bringing healthcare workers on every trip free of charge in 2023. After giving so much of themselves to the community over the last few years, we are now giving back to them. We specialize in creating these adventures and want to open the opportunity to those that we believe would need it most.

In our previous endeavors, we have raised money for relief in Nicaragua, held SoulCycle Charity rides with our founder Mantas Zvinas, and hosted trips for survivors of breast cancer. 

(Healthcare Workers, Marney & Stephen - Nicaragua, 2022)

SYBeInspired Foundation