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Surf the Snow & Top it Off With Apres-Ski

Winter trip to Europe anyone? Uhhhh, yes please. The revered French Alps resort of Chamonix boasts the birthplace of SkiYogaSpritz, SurfYogaBeer’s winter escape answer to the summer retreat life on the waves. It’s as though we’ve entered a cheat code on the game of life when experiencing winter in the Alps. And if you’re a snow sports enthusiast, then you’ll know there are very few other things as enchanting in life than leaving some fresh tracks in the powder behind you as you shred down the mountainside.

From the very first glance, the snowy skyline of Chamonix is in a sense, spiritual. It is a place that nourishes your soul, a place where you you’ve no choice but to be thankful for your two feet and heartbeat, which you feel it all upon the very first inhale of crisp mountain air. It's also more than just a sight too. It's the vibe and culture, it’s centered around a historic, romantic little town…and it. Is. FUN. Sightseeing? Lodge life? Apres ski? All a big HELL YES from us. From French cuisine, fine wines, and more artisan cheese you can throw a pole toward, your European Ski Trip will figuratively and literally fill your cup.

The design of our trip in the French Alps best caters for novice, intermediate and advanced skiers. While beginners are welcome we advise our guests to have a minimum of 15-20 hours of skiing experience. Lessons are not provided but can be obtained in resort, which will likely have you joining the group down a run the very next day.

We could talk for literally hours about the mountain itinerary, and you can most definitely get a flavor for it through the content you see here and across our social media. However for anyone yet to glide across the snowcapped French Alps in person, you really have to experience it first hand…seeing is believing.

So jump on board this epic SkiYogaBeer adventure now! We’ve already conquered the U.S. (Utah, Colorado, Vermont, Upstate New York, etc.) in previous years, and still might return one day, but for now we’re continuing to plant roots across Europe and beyond. Who knows where we’ll go next - stay tuned!