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If you’ve ever been unsure whether to go on a Fitness Retreat, then let this post give you at least 8 reasons why you should 😍 . I never thought they would be my thing, until I was heavily encouraged to go on one last summer. Within 24 hours of landing back in the U.K I’d already booked my second. . Why do I love them? Because I get to meet amazing people with different perspectives on life. I get to do some really cool activities, like ride a hot air balloon at sunrise. And finally, it gives me the opportunity to focus on my own psychological health. This is something you can’t train in the gym, or gain through healthy food and is one of the most common causes of health decline. . In life, if you can find purpose and social connections then you are likely to live a long, healthy life. Fitness retreats give me that. . #fitnessretreat #syb #surfyogabeer
Nicaragya, 2024 @that_nutritionguydarryl


I don’t know if I will ever make my way back to Egypt but I do know with certainty that I will never forget this adventure or the friends that I made on it. @surfyogabeer will forever be a choice for me when adventure calls my name. Thank you for the amazing times and amazing memories. Here’s to many more trips with this crew SYB 🤙🏼
Egypt, 2023 @coachjames.eth


This is a brief chronicle of my week with @surfyogabeer in Nicaragua for NYE ‘23. I was going to wait until some of the more professional photos found their way to me, but I can’t & I won’t hold back any more. The word I selected in our New Years exercise was “unleash”, so here goes: I have a lot to say. This trip was a shock to the spiritual system; a much-needed defibrillator for the soul filled with joy & laughter, shared with some of the most beautiful people I’ve met in my entire life. And I still say that a few days out now that the initial glow has worn off. I wish I had taken more photos of you all, but I was too enraptured by the moment most times and I had faith that our collective photography would capture the moments worth savoring. I never dreamed I would’ve felt so at home in a foreign place with a group of strangers. The community that this trip fostered will truly never be duplicated — because it can’t be. These moments will never exist again, and for the moments they were: I’m glad we spent them with one another. Without getting into the whole “new year, new me” trope — this trip allowed me to turn a corner that I’d sought for quite some time. To stay on-brand: a wave that was forming under the surface that I could feel but never saw. It brought peace & love that I knew was possible but hadn’t felt in years. I’m not going to post the inside jokes or tag anyone in particular: you know who you are & if you were there I hope you’ll remember as I do. Because as beer-fueled and busy as the week was, it’s burned into my memory in a tender place where only I can reach it all; kept safe in the memory & only to be brought out at the right moments. If you’re still reading this — reach out to someone you love today. Then reach out to yourself: your shadow, the inner you, the piece of you that you may have forgotten or want to deny exists. And tell them that you love them too. They’re still there — I promise, and they’d love to hear from you. Until next time SYB (and there will be a next time): stay golden. I love you all for what we did together. #sybnicaragua #sybnye #surfyogabeer #spiritualjourney #loveyourself
Nicaragua, 2023 @dylontherocks


What is @surfyogabeer? Think of summer camp but for grownups… yes, there’s a lot of heavy workouts, sunset yoga sessions, lots of limoncello, prosecco, authentic Italian food, gorgeous and sexy locations… but what they really don’t tell you is that you’ll have the opportunity to meet, bond and click with 24 new souls, people that will enrich your perspective and grow your heart. This has been one of the most amazing vacations of my life, I came in with no expectations and a big list of questions… but it all felt good after the first workout sweat and the first pizza with wine. It all made sense at the end, it’s about the people and the impact that they will bring to your life. And btw, this whole package came in with the talented @keeganstarkey, shooting some amazing pictures for all of us! #SYBAmalfi 🇮🇹🍋🥂🤍 #Summer2023
Italy, 2023 @rahelavilaguzman


It is scary for anyone to travel to a foreign country with a group of people you have never met before. But, after that first introduction at the airport, thanks to SYB, it wasn’t long until we all felt embraced, cared for, challenged, and appreciated. Before this experience, I had never run two miles, but I accomplished a 20-mile trail run with SYB. When I hurt both my knees, no one left me behind. The positive encouragement I received was unexpected from a bunch of strangers. From that point onwards, I knew we were more than just traveling companions… we were a family and a team. When I think about saying thank you to SYB, I don’t know where to start. It’s hard to put into words how much this company has had a positive impact on my life. SYB is a place to get fit, have fun, be vulnerable, find your limits (then surpass them), discover yourself, ditch your toxic relationships back home, and establish a new healthy mindset. SYB is an attitude and a lifestyle. If you haven’t signed up and experienced it yet, you are truly missing out. SYB Iceland, thank you from the bottom of my heart; you have given me much more than a unique traveling experience. The positive outlook, influence, empathy, and courage of the leaders - @liamjaris, @aubreylauryn, @danidellarco, @tinadaq, and @aaroncolussi - are the linchpin of this experience. It quite simply can’t be replicated elsewhere. #takemeback #sybiceland
Iceland, 2022 @zh.chai


The highlight of the trip was riding out into the Sahara desert and spending time with the Berbers. They brought us in and treated us like their own. They dressed us, introduced us to their cuisine, music, and traditions. They taught me about their strong Jewish lineage. They even offered me a spot on their drum-line. 🥁 - We get so caught up in our daily grind that we forget there’s a whole world out there. Learn and experience how other people live. I promise it will teach you more about yourself than you realize. 🇲🇦
Morocco, 2022 @kaxman


I think of a great travel experience in two parts -- to put it in the universal language of sandwich, the bread and the filling. And the SYB Kenya trip was a hell of a sando. You can't have a sandwich without the bread (lettuce wrapped is no longer a sandwich). In travel, I see the bread as the destination, the sights, the experiences. Kenya was incredible. We saw lions and cheetahs and zebras up close in the wild in a way to which no zoo can ever compare. We flew over the Masai Mara in a calming and beautiful air balloon ride at sunrise. And we got our sweat on together any time we could by the poolside or in the courtyard while confused onlookers were wondering what the hell we were doing. The filling of the sandwich, however, is the people with whom you share these experiences. It's the little moments in between all of the adventuring and sightseeing created purely by the people you're with, like vibing out to the Lion King soundtrack while 4x4ing between leopard sightings. It's spending time with people reveling in the moment and thrilled by the memories yet to be made. It's the realization of the idea that no matter where in the world you are or where you're from, we're all just human beings who are meant to enjoy things together. That's where the sandwich really gets its flavor, and that's a big part of what makes SYB so special. A group united from a combination of extended community and shared interests that starts as mostly strangers and ends as a team.
Kenya, Nicaragua & Croatia, 2022 @cezary_wojcik


Awesome trip to Morocco! Exploring the markets and nightlife of Marrakech while making close friendships. Learning how to surf in the Atlantic Ocean to camel rides in the Sahara desert within a few days. Some amazing parties and amazing people come on these trips, and it is a great way to explore a country while meeting new people. Also great not having to do any of the planning and getting some great workouts in along the way. Made some great friends and can't wait to go on another trip!
Morocco, 2022 @brucrane


Reminiscing one of the best trips of my life. Last night @kenfrancisphotos dropped a collection of amazing pictures that made me relive happier times. With no social media or connection to the real world, I got to connect with 26 strangers for a whole week while doing island hopping in the middle of the Philippines. I miss these people who became family, waking up right next to the ocean, the bucket showers ( or no showers), jungle juice, not wearing clothes ever, braiding everyone’s hair, handstand and twerking workshops, sandy workouts, speedos, pirates suits, crying in the middle of the day, sunset yoga, swimming to night camp....and The list goes on and on. Instagram only allows 10 pics per post, it was really tough to choose (so you can definitely expect a PartII). #SYBpalawan #SurfYogaBeer 📸: @kenfrancisphotos ✈️: @surfyogabeer
Philippines, 2020 @anelaispuro


SYB Almafi was incredible and one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been! The memories and experiences I’ll treasure for life. Epic boat day, incredible tour thru Pompeii, exploring Positano, cliff jumps and spritz o’clock at every stop were just a few of the highlights. Got some great workouts in too! Made lifetime memories and friends on the trip. Thank you!
Italy, 2022 @gwrmike


I've joined two of these trips - Croatia '21 and Kenya '22. Both were fantastic! Each trip has a consistent theme of being active and adventurous, yet is inclusive to the point where if you don't want to participate in some activities or workouts, there's no pressure to do so. Mantas, Steph, and the other leaders are absolutely lovely and have made what can be an initimidating week-long trip with a group of strangers very welcoming and comfortable. I have met some incredible people on these trips who I am now able to call friends and this is why I keep coming back!
Croatia, 2021 & Kenya, 2022 @jcmmchan


✨STORY TIME ✨ Over a year ago, I decided that I wanted to start my year off fresh and do a yoga retreat for New Years Eve. The one I came across was going to be in Nicaragua, but my timing was wayyy off. It was around the time of the Covid surge, I was going to a country I’ve never been to before and I was going to go by myself…my parents, rightfully so, begged me not to go so I canceled. 1 year later, I remembered that a friend (@alanac11 ) had mentioned the company @surfyogabeer and I decided to check them out. Funny enough, I came across the New Years Eve trip in…Nicaragua! My financials weren’t great and my parents were still uncomfortable so what did I do? I paused my plans once again and considered not to go. Then one day I woke up and decided that sometimes you need to not think and just do and I’m so glad that I did. Almost a week from today, I traveled alone to a country I’ve never been, with people I’ve never met, and went on a week long yoga retreat which is something I’ve never done. Each day was filled with workouts, yoga, surfing, and best of all, friendship. In just one week I met some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, dove deeper into who I am and who I want to be, got clarity on the things I want to see change and the things I want to accomplish in my life, and it allowed me to reflect on the continuation of one of the hardest years I’ve had internally. Sometimes it might not make sense, but if it feels right, take that chance. I am so grateful for this experience and I’m so excited to see more, live more, love more, and to risk more. Thank you SYB for this amazing experience, truly.
Nicaragua, 2021 @brittneyprather


Crazy hikes, waterfalls, volcanoes, geysers, epic views, 2am crew, and a couple games of Medusa in between. Shoutout to @surfyogabeer @danidellarco @tinadaq @aubreylauryn @liamjaris for putting together this incredible experience, couldn’t have asked for a better squad to explore Iceland with! #iceland #icegang #sybiceland
Iceland, 2022 @chobixical


✨ These people 💗💗💗 I’ve thought about going on a fitness or yoga retreat for maybe 5 years now 👉🏻I never signed up because I was always nervous to go alone not knowing anyone. . I finally signed up for my first @surfyogabeer trip this summer thanks to @whatleahloves 😘 Without her I probably never would’ve said yes to going to Portugal with a group of strangers. . For this recent trip to Nicaragua I signed up kind of on a whim knowing no one 🤷‍♀️ i knew I wanted to go somewhere warm. I knew I needed something to look forward after a shitty few months. . I told myself if I didn’t make friends I’d still get to sit on the beach all week reading — which isn’t half bad 😂 . Instead I ended up bonding with this incredible group of diverse, loving, ridiculous and insanely loud humans. . If you’re thinking of signing up for a fitness or yoga retreat alone DO. IT. Trust me 😜 You’ll meet some truly amazing people. . Photo credit 📷: @martin.straschnoy. . (Also 💗 @_meeegzz @iam_kevincruz @ctretola @fitzlespritz but Instagram only lets you tag 20 people 🙄) #sybnicaragua #surfyogabeer
Nicaragua, 2020 @kaylakleinman


I had always wanted to go on a surf retreat and I finally signed up for Ibiza with SYB and boy it did not disappoint!! 12/10 This was the most incredible trip of my entire life! Not just because of the amazing adventure travel, fitness activities and epic partying we did, but because of the connections we all made with a group of strangers from around the world who are now like family to me. The leaders were great and made sure everyone had an amazing time, stayed safe and experienced everything the island had to offer. This was absolutely legendary and I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. Don't think, just do!
Ibiza, 2022 @thefitlifelawyer


All I can say is WOW Kenya. I’m still day-dreaming about this trip and what a wild and incredible adventure that it truly was. For their first trip to Kenya all of my expectations were blown out of the water. The trip started off on a high note for me, by having the opportunity to get up close and personal with giraffes and lions while feeding them out of my hands! The experiences only elevated from there! From riding bicycles through Hell’s Gate, taking our land rovers off-roading to chase down cheetahs and leopards, to an epic sunrise Hot air balloon safari over the Maasai Mara. Just to name a few. But one of my favorite things about an SYB trip are the people you meet along the way. This trip took 19 strangers, dropped then off in Africa, and turned them into friends that will last a lifetime. I cannot wait for the next SYB adventure!
Kenya, 2022 @nick_ansara


What a trip… my smile says it all 💛 Not only did I get to go away to do what I love, but I got to be a part of this incredible adventure, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, danced the night away I met some of the most amazing people all with different journeys and perspectives and came away with some friends for life! This week has truly opened my eyes changed my outlook on life, I will carry this energy, love and joy wherever I go! My face hurts from smiling so much, my belly hurts from laughing (well it could be that or the 1000 abs challenge) and my heart is so full with memories I will treasure for a lifetime! If you want to solo travel, you’re into fitness & adventure and love to dance the night away with people from all over the world… I cannot speak any more highly of @surfyogabeer for this incredible community they have created🙌🏼❤️
Croatia, 2022 @yogawithheather_


Coming off a week of nonstop adventure on the enchanted island of Iceland - the land of Vikings, volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers...and hot dogs. Feeling very inspired and thankful for friendships strengthened and new friends made. Let’s keep it going squad!
Iceland, 2019 @stefan415


I've solo traveled for a while, but never went on a fitness retreat or group trip. At first I didn't know what to expect with SYB, but as the trip got closer I was confident that it was going to be a great time. I just got done the Ibiza retreat two days ago and I can safely say it's the best traveling experience I've ever had! The SYB team and their partners do a great job of ensuring a memorable experience for everyone and making sure we all felt included. If you're looking to make new friends while traveling or just want to try something fitness-related in a new country, don't hesitate to book a trip! Best travel company ever!!!
Ibiza, 2022 @colin.mcgrail


Do you have pictures that transport you back to a specific moment or memory and just bring a smile to your face? Here’s one of mine. I went to Croatia with a fitness travel group called @surfyogabeer. 🇭🇷 It was a blast and the perfect combo of fun, fitness, and sightseeing. We kicked off the trip with a workout and beat any potential jet lag right off the bat. I really liked the accountability of the trip and how it incorporated movement every single day (sometimes even twice). One of our last days was “boat day.” And if you take one thing from this instagram let it be this - spending a day on a boat cruising around Croatia should be high on your bucket list! The day ended with a gorgeous sunset, which I still think about to this day. 🌅 I usually travel solo or with friends, but I really liked my experience with SYB. I hope to do another tour with them in 2021. Have you ever traveled or considered traveling with a group tour? I started this post off with a question about pictures that transport you back to a memory or destination. I take thousands of photos with my iPhone, but not all photos are created equal. I have specific photos that bring the absolute biggest smile to my face. Instead of focusing on one destination in a few posts I’m going to be posting some of my absolute favorite photos.
Croatia, 2019 @postcardsandbucketlists


Last week I embarked on a bday trip to Nicaragua thanks to my brotha @iam_kevincruz and I thought it was just going to be another crazy and insane trip and man was I wrong! Of course it was insanely fun, but it was also soo much more than that! It was by far the most amazing trip I’ve ever been on and it was all due to the group we had the fortune of being on this trip with! I want to thank @surfyogabeer @danidellarco @lisa_ryan @radlopz @martin.straschnoy for leading this trip and making it what it was. I also want to give a gigantic shout-out to the most amazing group of people I’ve ever met! I didn’t think that in just 6 days I could become so close and get to know so many people on a personal basis and be so comfortable around them! There’s so much more I can write but I’ll leave it at that and just an overall thankful for the last week 🙏🙌🎉🤙!!
Nicaragua, 2020 @aarcentales


Just wrapped up a bloody amazing trip with a group of beautiful people. I decided to go on this trip just days before it started. What a fantastic decision that ended up being. Thank you @surfyogabeer for creating such an amazing experience and big shout out to our fresh leaders: @danidellarco @lisa_ryan @radlopz @martin.straschnoy This was one for the books: The new friendships, the brekky beer club, workouts every morning on the beach, the yoga up in the sky at sunset, the dancing every night by the infinity pool/dinner table/the bar, the inside jokes, the cowboy hats, the clothes disappearing after skinny dips, not being able to find our own villas, the hikes, my pet tarantula Henry, the countless tequila shots, the deep conversations, the not so deep conversations about bleaching 🍑, the sexual hip thrust dancing, the many wenches I employed (beer, liqiour, etc), the angry yoga mama, the footage I should not have filmed but did anyways, boat day!, always being an 8 drunk, Tona virus vs. Hot Nuts, Orlando and his side hustles, tortuga frat house, SundayFunday, and making love to the beat. Love you all and can’t wait for our reunions. ❤️
Nicaragua, 2020 @annaseh1345


Wish I was here is a really loaded thought. Wish I was at the top of a mountain in Ibiza? Wish I was hanging out with my @surfyogabeer fam on one of the most epic adventures of my life? Wish I was having a mediation session with @katiebhappyy as the sea air blows on me? The answer to all of this is...yes. Making a wish is only the tip of the iceberg. Take that wish and start unpacking it to get to what you truly want. 📸: @rasikhsyed
Ibiza, 2019 @michaelaonthemove


Some ships are wooden ships, and those may sink. Some ships are friendships, and to those, we drink. 8 sweaty, hot, crazy, adventure-packed days spent with this awesome crew of driven, successful and passionate people was an incredible experience and felt like 5 years. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to say farewell to a year filled with some highs and some very bitter lows. You don’t really know what you have until it’s gone and it’s now that I fully appreciate how the trip impacted me and how amazing each person was. Thanks @mantaszvinas for telling me the black sweater I wanted to order was out of stock and got me started on this wild journey. Thanks @angelo_grinceri @dalemoss13 @nicolasdealejo @saludnyc @samirpoonawala For being awesome SYB leaders. Thanks @erikvphoto for being a badass photographer. The wise 21st century philosopher @brookelyn1982 once said...”may your joys be pure joys and your pain champagne”. Bring on 2019.
Costa Rica, 2018 @the_big_dang_theory


Iceland was more than just trail running and beautiful sites. It was about a group of people who came together and became good friends over the course of five days. We laughed a LOT, ran a hell of a lot of hills and then recovered in thermal pools, had dance parties every day and bonded over shared meals. Went in with no expectations and came out feeling so full and grateful!! Thank you @surfyogabeer for creating this magical experience! 🏃‍♀️💫✨🇮🇸
Iceland, 2019 @jeannineheal


I wish I could take the feelings of what I experienced on this trip and share those with all of you... not the photos, not the descriptive words, but the feelings of genuine love, laughter, adventure, fulfillment, peace, excitement, inspiration, health, joy, connection, and gratitude... overwhelming gratitude. 🙌🏼💜 . The people who made @surfyogabeer what it is- @mantaszvinas the leader🕺🏻, @signatureworkouts the heart💃🏻, @julianat.jpg the soul🧘🏻‍♀️, Mel & Eddie the way to the heart (feeding us deliciousness!)🧑🏽‍🍳👩🏼‍🍳, and Martin the world’s best memory-capturer 📸... you’re all so incredible for everything you do. Thank you for this. . And to the people who made this experience so much more than just getting up way earlier than has ever been comfortable for me (but oddly loving it? 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️😂), working out (okay or skipping the workouts 🙈🤣), practicing yoga in paradise, trying not to kill everyone on a surfboard, eating the world’s most delicious tacos that took 5 years to make but were totally worth the wait every time, and drinking local beer with zero hangovers because #GroundingAllDay🧘🏻‍♀️... our SYB fam will always have a special place in my heart. You all are such kind, genuine, authentically loving humans and simply knowing that people like you exist in the world inspires me SO much. But damn, getting to know and connect with you all personally? Ugh that fills my heart to the max! 🥰 . Here’s to the best year yet, starting off in the best way possible. Thank you Surf Yoga Beer fam!! 🥰
Nicaragua, 2019 @audreyjennifer


How can I begin to describe what pure joy and freedom feels like? In just one week I caught a glimpse of what I want my life to be filled with, who I get to be when everything else is stripped away, and what I want to leave behind when all is said and done. If my life ends sooner than I hope, at least I ran with nothing but the sound of my shoes hitting rocks and the wind in my ears, I caught the giggles and cuddled friends to keep warm, and I danced with abandon under the open sky. And that would be enough. Forever grateful, forever changed by an adventure summed up in 3 words: Hinga. Dinga. Durgen. (Icelandic translation: Surf. Yoga. Beer.) #sybiceland #surfyogabeer
Iceland, 2019


On the surface, these pictures merely look like a good time. But what you don’t see is that what started out as a timid tiptoe around each other soon gave way to a sense of urgency to dive into one another with what little time we had left. To see each other, and to be seen. Do you know what it feels like to be seen? It feels like you’ve just fallen in love with 30 people at the same time. It feels like being spoken to with only their eyes and letting them pierce your soul. It feels like walking down an aisle of strangers with your eyes closed who are whispering the goodness they see in you in both ears so loudly that all you can do is receive it and know that this is what it feels like to be seen. To all the souls I met this week: who lifted me, filled me, inspired me, engaged me, challenged me, pushed me, made me laugh, brought me joy, held me when I cried. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Your truth, grace, beauty, grit, and raw power is a gift for which I will never have sufficient words. My hope for you is that you don’t act out of fear, scarcity, anxiety, or grasping. Just act because it’s all too precious, delicate, and important not to give our all and our everything. I hope that if you love someone, good fucking god, you say it and say it and say it again. If there is a place, person, dream, or a love calling to your soul – move mountains to get to where you need to be. If you’ve lost yourself along the way, claw your way back to your own beating heart with the last bit of strength in your body. If you have work you need to do in the world, a story you need to tell, or a truth that needs to be spoken. Do it or tell it or speak it like it matters more than anything else. Because right now, I can’t think of anything more holy than this: SHOW UP. Like you never have before. Fuck the protection and old wounds. To hell with saving energy for another day, or letting our doubts or scars win the round. There’s no time for that. To hell with it. Just go out and love, as hard as you can. Be brave. Reach out and hold on tightly to what matters. Do it like you might not ever get a chance again. Because you might not. You have changed me. Forever. ILY
Mexico, 2019 @summer_buns


Thank you, @surfyogabeer, for affording me the opportunity to experience the most memorable and re-energizing adventure of my life. Although only spending 1 week together, I felt like I’ve known this group of amazing people forever, and the bonds we made will last for years to come. While 2017 was my favorite year to date, I know that bringing these positive vibes into 2018 will make this year even better... in the words of @johnnyswim, “I don’t know what’s coming, but I know it’s gunna be good!” 🌊🤙🏽 🇳🇮
Nicaragua, 2018 @exzactprice


The Real World: Iceland Edition ~ One week with 29 amazing people on an incredible Nordic island. Thanks for the adventure of a lifetime filled with countless miles, burpees, and dance parties #SYBIceland
Iceland, 2019 @tinadaq


Grazie mile, @surfyogabeer, for allowing me to experience one of the most beautiful places in the world with 12 incredible new friends (and one little stray) who quickly became family. The past week left me with a full belly and an even fuller heart, truly living 'la dolce vita.' Until next time, Italia. Ti amo 🇮🇹❤️ #sybamalfi #bakersdozen #despacito
Italy, 2018 @movewith_mk


I started this trip with @jillanamichelle two weeks ago. I gave @nikkibeatrice a huge hug in the Lisbon airport when we parted ways earlier today. In the middle of all that, I met these 40 humans that have forever changed my life. I’m headed home tomorrow with a couple of bike wounds, a few more laugh lines, so many stories and a lot less stress. So thankful to the whole @surfyogabeer team, particularly my friend @katiebhappyy...can’t wait to see what kind of adventure I’ll have with you next😘 #SYBPortugal #NeverNotLaughing #LeisurelyBikeRide #Ginja #DaleAfterDark
Portugal, 2019 @scervant


🏄🏽‍♀️🧘🏽‍♀️🍺my fitness adventure with @surfyogabeer was nothing like i’ve done before, i met some of the most amazing like minded people, and pushed my body beyond what i thought was possible. everyday we were challenged with 3-4 or more workouts. it was just what i needed coming out of finals. overall, my experience with SYB was truly amazing and inspires me to keep moving/fighting to keep pushing myself forward. 📸@skyfie.irias .
Mexico, 2018 @the_aloelife


Last week in Nicaragua was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! Thank you to Surf Yoga Beer, our fantastic leaders, @martin.straschnoy for capturing these moments, and all the new friends I was so lucky to share this adventure with! #surfyogabeer
Nicaragua, 2020 @rjones101


Crammed in several experiences of a lifetime in just the past 36 hrs 🐫🏄🏽‍♀️🏎 😵 .....
Morocco, 2019 @iamkimmycoz


I’m going to get a little personal, ok a lot... Making new friends as an adult is HARD. We have our circles and our routines, and even for an extrovert like me, it’s not easy to make connections the way it was when we were younger. I went on #sybportugal hoping to make at least one connection, what I got, was 42; 41 incredible, inspiring, hysterical, loving, genuine individuals, and the girl in my own head who I hadn’t made time for in a while. Here’s to my new tribe, I love you so hard. #castlelife 📸: @martin.straschnoy (Everyone not tagged, I tried but I got capped out 😔)
Porgual, 2019 @leahfrosenbaum


Sometimes life hands you a gift...sometimes it comes in the form of a person or group of people, it may be having someone truly listen and see you and let you see them, sometimes it’s being surrounded by natural beauty, sometimes it’s seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes. It might be a new experience or adventure that pushes you outside of your comfort zone. It could be a place that makes you realize what’s really important in life. It’s possible it comes in the form of a lot of noise in a club or complete silence amongst the sand dunes. But RARELY does life give you such an enormous gift that it comes in all of these forms at once. I feel blessed, honored, and full hearted. These 35 humans have touched my heart and soul and taught me so much about them and myself. So thank you habibis. ***This message is an expediated version of the optimum level of love and gratitude I can express. #sybmorocco #surfyogabeer #mantasisms
Morocco, 2018 @dontyuckmyum


✨ Muchas gracias, #SYBNicaragua 😘🌈🕷🌊💗 I am still processing all my feelz after my second @surfyogabeer trip — and lets be real I’m still delirious after a 12+ hour travel day 🤪 but I did want to say a few things. . I spent this past week barely on social media which is HUGE for me. . I spent the week not giving a crap about likes or the perfect hashtag or trying to beat the Instagram algorithm. . I spent the week not giving a fuck what I looked like which felt truly liberating... even when my hair started to feel like straw 😂 . And maybe most importantly I spent this past week focused on connecting and laughing and being with this amazing group of humans 💗 it’s something that honestly isn’t always easy for me as an introvert who doesn’t really drink 🙅‍♀️ I might’ve spent the first night of the trip having a minor meltdown and google searching nearby hotels to escape to if I’m being 100% honest. . I ended up staying. And I ended up having one of the best vacations and weeks of my life. I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard or cried that hard or danced that hard. . So thank you again #SYBNicaragua for being the most amazing, loving and fun group of humans 😘 Sorry I turned down all 106 shots you offered me throughout the last week 🥃🤷‍♀️ but some things will never change 😂
Nicaragua, 2019 @kaylakleinman