Let our guests tell it like it is…


“It's a renewing and life-changing experience for your mind, body, and soul”

— Lisa, Ibiza, 2018

“They provide such an amazing outlet for self-discovery, new adventures, fitness, taking chances, and everything in between. My trip to Amalfi Coast was life-changing and I will never EVER forget the memories that our group shared.”

— Lauren, Amalfi, 2018

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“Everyone was incredibly smart and adventure-seeking while also being laid back and kind. I am so grateful to have found this community of people that I am excited to both sweat and drink with.”

— Anya, Costa Rica, 2019

“SYB will change your life, you'll meet some of the most wonderful people in the world, and come home feelin' fit as can be.”

— Juliana, Ibiza, 2018


“It was the best experience of my life...by far. I learned to surf for the first time, did group yoga during breathtaking sunsets, had fun and competitive workouts with the group on the beach, ate unbelievable food...But most importantly, I went with one friend, and we came back with 20 new best friends. It's the real deal and I can't wait for my next trip with SYB.”

— Zac, Nicaragua, 2018

“If you're looking to be surrounded by friendly, like-minded people both locally and internationally, I highly recommend you check these guys out.”

— Ashley, SYB Run Club, 2016


“Every detail of the trip was perfectly coordinated from airport pick up to workouts to meals and the location was beautiful. SYB brings together positive-thinking people for action-packed fun and adventure.”

— Catherine, Nicaragua, 2018

“It was the perfect balance of fitness and partying, all while making new friends...It was like summer camp for adults!”

— Lisa, Costa Rica, 2019


“The leaders of SYB were inspiring, thoughtful, and genuine. These essential qualities were contagious and spread through the whole group.”

— Nick, Hawaii, 2016

“Each leader was so positive and personable that it allowed all of the participants to connect with them immediately and often.”

— Hilary, Nicaragua, 2017

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“The entire trip had a jam-packed schedule full of fun and fitness. From the moment we woke up, we were working out, doing group activities, eating together, boating to a private island, to dinner, and clubbing at night.”

— Nader, Miami, 2018

“I have no regrets or anything negative to say about the trip or SYB. IT WAS AMAZING and I plan to do another one soon.”

— Michael, Mexico, 2018