Iceland Group Trail Running Trips For Solo Travellers

From Volcanos to glaciers to hot springs, there is a reason they call it the 'land of fire and ice'

Experience endless waterfalls while trail running (or walking) through Iceland's golden circle 

Fire & Ice

August 31 - September 5 2024

Fire & Ice

Hike to explore waterfalls, volcanos, glaciers, and hot springs


Pay with a deposit of $512.50/pp.


Iceland is the magical land of fire, ice, mini horses, and black sand beaches.


Go Chasing Waterfalls

While there’s no official count, based on educated guesses, there are about 10,000 waterfalls in Iceland. Only 200 of them are named, so that leaves 9,800 possible falls to name after yourself. We're gonna have to ignore TLC's advice on this one.

Active Volcanos

Did you know Iceland has a high concentration of active volcanos? We even have a view of one from our rooftop hot tub! Eyjafjallajökull gained notoriety for disrupting air travel in 2010 after erupting.

Stream Sippin'

When the tap water is fresher than bottled water, you level up and head right to the qsource. In Iceland, you can often drink straight from the streams and rivers. If the water is coming from the country's mighty glaciers, who needs Evian?

Beyoncé Horses

The Icelandic horse is a unique breed. Literally! Since it has been bred in isolation for the past 1000 years, its manners, gait, and looks are different from all other horses. Becky could never.


Waterfall Showers

Waterfall Burpees

Blue Lagoon

Reynisfjara Black Beach

Moss Mountain

Reykjadalur (Steam Valley)

Wild Sheep

Endless Running


Party in Reykjavik

Geothermal Pools

Spin Class

Unreal Selfies

Local Beer


Ain't no mountain high enough

Being a fairly “'new island” (in geological terms), there is so much action to see. And the best way to really see the ins and outs of this hot spot is on foot and not through a window. From black sand beaches to hot water springs and unreal waterfalls, there is an abundant amount of 'wow' moments you will experience. Hiking in Iceland will take you from one dramatic landscape to the next within the span of one trail. 

It has become a fairly popular destination over the last few years for anyone looking for a seriously awesome outdoor adventure. Not only do you feel like you’ve been transported to another world, but the hiking is accessible to all levels, and the difficulty varies depending on the challenge you're searching for. We like to up the ante and encourage you to tear up the trails by running them. While this could sound daunting at first glance since we aren’t all Olympic gold marathoners, we always have a 'sexy pace' group for those looking to take it a little slower. There is no rush to get to the finish line; we're here for the journey! 

Go with the flow

The yoga craze has swept Iceland. Icelanders are known to rank amongst the healthiest people in the world due to their unpolluted air, one of the cleanest water sources on earth (Evian who?), and a healthy diet of fresh fish and veggies. In recent years, Iceland has become a center for the growing yoga community, where they’ve honed the wellness form by incorporating their unique culture and nature in their practices. Imagine how calming it is to sit in silence and fill your mind with peace when surrounded by open air, grand waterfalls with rushing water, and magnificent landscapes that take your breath away. 

Yoga is a vital piece of our Iceland adventure travel experience. When we trek through the trails all day, you know our yoga sessions will be about releasing and decompressing our muscles. For recovery, we mix in hot springs after our hikes, public pools (yes, this is a thing in Iceland), Icelandic beer, and fermented fish casserole. Just kidding about that last one.

We doing too much? Nah.

You know what they say, it’s not just about the size, it’s what you do with it. And Iceland does it all. While it may seem like a tiny island, it can take up to 2 days to drive around the whole of Iceland while stopping to see things (which you will be doing every five seconds). So we've narrowed down the top spots, including some local secret ones, and created the perfect itinerary. Now get ready to learn these Icelandic names:

Sólheimajökull: Ever walked on a real-life glacier before? Well, now you have at this constantly evolving massive ice mound we explore. 

Seljalandsfoss: your next Instagram photo will be with this sexy waterfall; it’s one of the most picturesque of them all.

Skógafoss: this is the last giant in what we at SYB call “waterfall alley,” a series of 20-30 waterfalls on an 8k trail.

Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach: Can you imagine a beach with pitch-black rocks shooting up from the ocean and sand that looks like the night sky? Chances are you've probably seen this unreal place in some fantasy tv show, and now you can experience it in real life.

Blue Lagoon: it wouldn't be an Iceland experience without visiting a natural geothermal pool and rubbing those good good minerals on our bodies. Your local spa could never.

Landmannalaugar Nature Reserve: We explore these hills of boiling water coming out of the ground and then chill in the warm water stream afterward. Just be careful where you step. 

Reykjavik Party Scene: For a small island, they really know how to get down. This place is always going off.

We’ve Got What You Need

With all of these bucket list stops, trails to be torn up around the country, extensive fitness programming by some of the best coaches in the industry, beers to drink in hot springs, and much more included in our Iceland adventure holiday experience, there is no need for you to look further for your once-in-a-lifetime trip.

This magical land of mini horses (and very possibly elves) offers you the opportunity to take a step back, connect with nature in a way you never have before, and create moments you’ll share around the dinner table for years to come. It’s a place that reminds you that there really can be more to life than the 9-to-5. And who doesn’t need a little break from reality once in a while? Join us. The trails are calling; will you answer?

Travel with a squad

Most people solo travel to Iceland on our group trip packages, and we even encourage it. Taking on this Iceland adventure with a group tour allows us to venture deeper with the safety of our team, makes mid-day hot springs way more fun, and of course, creates the most epic nighttime shenanigans.


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