Surf, Yoga, and Beer in Nicaragua

A beach hidden from crowds, consistently warm, and filled with untamed nature... this is Playa Maderas

Surf Yoga Beer

November 22 - 27 2022

Surf Yoga Beer

Find your balance on our most popular trip offering!

Surf Yoga Beer NYE

December 27 2022 - January 2 2023

Surf Yoga Beer NYE

New Years Eve 2023

Remote Nicaragua

January 2 - 21 2023

Remote Nicaragua

Live, play, and work in perfect balance.


Nicaragua, located between the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, is a Central American nation known for its volcanic landscapes, wave-battered beaches and colonial architecture.


'The Land of Lakes and Volcanos'

Nicaragua boasts as many as 50 volcanoes running along its Pacific coast, but fortunately only 7 are considered to be active. The country is also home to Central America's largest lake, Lago de Nicaragua.

What's in a Name?

Nicaragua comes from the combination of two words, “Nicarao” and “agua.” The Nicarao were the Indian tribe who occupied the shores of Lake Nicaragua when the Spaniards arrived in the 1500s. “Agua” is the Spanish word for water, so Nicaragua translates as “the land of the Nicarao by water".

The Path Less Traveled

Abandon the beaten path with this hidden gem, often overlooked in favor of neighboring Costa Rica. You'll find open areas, stunning beaches, volcanic landscape, and some of the best surfing in the world.

Stay Stoked

Learning to surf in Nicaragua is the stuff of dreams. Think open waves, consistent surf, and incredible scenery.


Beach Bootcamps


Ridin' Waves

Boat Days

Salut Sunsets

SYB Squad

cool stuff people said



Thank you, SurfYogaBeer, for affording me the opportunity to experience the most memorable and re-energizing adventure of my life. Although only spending 1 week together, I feel like I've known this group of amazing people forever, and the bonds we made will last for years to come. 


Forever a child of the tide


Sunsets by San Juan del Sur


There are so many things to be grateful for this year. Learning how to ride the waves, celebrate the wins, and learn from the loses. I'm immensely thankful for everything that surrounds me today and excited for what's on the horizon for tomorrow.


An amazing trip with amazing friends


Sky above. Earth below. Peace within.

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We are firmly committed to providing quality product. We detox to retox because we know that a balanced life is the best life. Your workouts will be led by some of the best fitness instructors around the country, so you’ll be living your best life in paradise while doing 100 pushups and situps a day (we make it fun, we promise). Seriously though, when was the last time you came back from vacation with a more defined six-pack? The friendships and memories that you make on our adventures so are important to us! We pride ourselves in creating experiences that will change your life.
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Take your digital detox to the next level and join us in the Philippines, get ready to step outside of your comfort zone.
This will probably be the Amalfi Coast. Nothing rejuvenates the soul like washing down plates of fresh pasta with local limoncello and floating in the clear waters of Capri.
For sure Sayulita. Between squats we’ll hydrate with shots. Workout, tan, workout, tequila, workout, pass out. You’ll come home stronger and get compliments on your sexy tan and super toned arms.
Hands down this has to be our OG trip - Nicaragua! IT IS Surf Yoga Beer!.
We're all about letting loose and not taking life too seriously, we respect choice and there's no pressure to drink if you don't want to.

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