Solo & Group Adventure Holidays In Greece

Explore the birthplace of civilization as we tour the Greek islands by sea, by foot, and by wine.

Boat & Bougie

August 17 - 24 2024

Boat & Bougie

Sail the Greek Islands


With 227 islands, amazing food, and insane historical ruins that go back thousands and thousands of years (hello, Parthenon), Greece has a little bit of something for everyone.


Follow the Leader

Ancient Greece is said to have laid the foundation for Western civilization, having a significant influence on the Roman Empire and modern European culture.

Feeling Nauti

Sailing is the best way to explore all that Greece has to offer. With more than 8,000 miles of coastline and over 2,000 islands to discover, your boat is your new best friend.

No Coral, No Problem!

Snorkeling in the Mediterranean is a must! 40% of the rich and varied underwater marine life is native to the region and can't be found anywhere else in the world.

Clean & Delicious

The food in Greece is amazing - fact. But if great abs mean eating clean, won't being surrounded by delicious eats be a constant struggle? Not even close. Greece, unlike the US, doesn't allow GMOs, questionable chemicals, genetically engineered crops, or additives in food. Which means food is both delicious and nutritious.


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Island Yoga

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Aquatic Life

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I’m the captain now

Who here is sick of the usual Mykonos thirst traps? What about the basic AF blue and white buildings in Santorini? Good news for you, we are too. That’s why we’re breaking out of the rut and setting sail around the STUNNING Saronic islands, It’s like no other Greek islands, with rugged mountains, a coastline of crystal blue water, and architecture that looks like you're in Homer's Odyssey.

Our Greece sailing tours means no shortage of white sand beaches, rocky coves, crystal clear waters, and seaside restaurants for us to fully indulge in the pleasures of Greek food. And it only gets better from here. We’ll hit places we bet you haven’t heard of before, which most likely means Karen and her kids haven’t either. Talk about discovering undiscovered gems. 

Go With The Flow

There’s no better place to combine uplifting yoga with the opportunity to experience and connect deeply with yourself than around the stunning seas of Greece. With the sun shining on your face and the wind at your back, you feel like you can conquer the world. Greece is arguably the birthplace of spirituality. We all know the famous Greek myths and oracles, and the country is filled with ancient temples dedicated to their gods and goddesses. Talk about spirituality being engrained in a culture. Corfu combines grounding natural landscapes from mountains, lush green trees, and crystal clear sea water, making the perfect backdrop for settling into your zen after nonstop days of adventure. Salt water cures all.

Imagine climbing out of sparkling blue waters back onto your boat, rolling out your mat, and deeply breathing in the clear ocean air while you revel in gratitude for this beautiful life. As you reconnect with your center while watching an incredible summer sunset over the ocean, you’ll realize this is one of those magical moments that will stay with you forever. 

We doing too much? Nah.

You know what they say, it’s not just about the size, it’s what you do with it. And the Greek islands do it all. While they may be tiny, there’s a whole sh*t ton of them to explore. So we've narrowed it down to some of the top spots (still off the main tourist route, don’t worry) for your exploration pleasure. Pair this with yogic serenity, sweaty workouts, climbing every mountain top, and some serious party vibes, and you have yourself one true SYB adventure holiday in Greece. If you’re not ready to hit the sack from our nonstop days of fun, the waves will be sure to rock you sound asleep every night. 

We’ve Got What You Need

With gorgeous oceans and idyllic Greek lands waiting for us to explore, our own ship home, all the feta in the world, fitness programming by some of the best coaches in the industry, and much more included in our Greece sailing travel experience, there is no need for you to look further for your once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Sailing around Greece offers you the opportunity to take a step back, check an item off that never-ending bucket list, and create moments you’ll share around the dinner table for years to come. It’s a place that reminds you that there really can be more to life than the 9-to-5. And who doesn’t need a little break from reality once in a while? Join us. The seas are calling; will you answer?


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