Morocco Surf, Yoga and Fitness Retreats

learn to surf, ride an atv through the desert, shop in Marrakech, and watch the sunrise on camels

Desert Dopeness

June 1 - 8 2024

Desert Dopeness

Surf the coast and shred the sand


Distinguished by the blend of Arab, Berber, European and African influences, this North African country is as famous for its fragrant food as its diverse landscapes.


Heart of the City

Djemaa El Fna is the ancient square that lies at the heart of Marrakech and acts as a gathering point for locals and tourists alike. Immerse yourself amongst the snake charmers and dancers and sample street food vendors. Then, test your adventurous spirit with snail soup or maybe even a whole sheep head!

Wanderlust & Desert Dust

Spanning nearly a third of the African continent, the Sahara Desert reaches a total of 11 countries - but it's not even considered the largest desert in the world! Say what?! It actually comes in third behind the Arctic and Antarctica - both ice deserts.

Surf's Up

Morocco isn't all desert dunes; it's also 1,200 miles of coastline that runs along the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. We promise it's just as spectacular and diverse as the countries interior.

Well Seasoned Markets

Rabat is Morocco's capital, but many visitors flock to the country's largest city of Casablanca or the iconic Marrakech. The red walls of the medina, fragrant spices, colorful souks, and historic vistas have become symbolic of Morocco as a whole.


Sexy Sunrises

Surf Africa

My Humps

Daily Bootcamps

Marrakech Souks


Desert Nights

ATV Tours

Crazy Parties

New Friends


Sand Boarding


Hot Air Balloons

YSL Gardens

Beach Runs

Theme Nights

Travel with a Squad

Our Morocco adventure travel is geared toward a group size of 35-45 people. Big enough to be a blast and small enough to actually get to know everybody’s names. The perks of traveling in groups to Morocco with a group this size is the insane experience you get to bond over - from ATV tours around the beaches and desert dunes, to caravans of camels climbing the golden sands at sunrise, to epic desert parties under the most stars you’ve ever seen.

Hop on Party Bus SYB to travel between our two main destinations, the famous Taghazout surfing beach and the Agafay desert outside the cultural center of Marrakesh. 

Surf & Yoga: Our Specialty

Didn’t know Morocco could host wave shredders? We’re here to put you on this groundbreaking information. Taghazout is the surfing capital of Morocco. This fisherman seaside city has a low-key amazing beach that is perfect for beginner and intermediate surf. You can hit the sand running just outside of our hotel, where we'll have our morning surf lessons.

Our days of fitness, surfing, and exploring are long, so we round it off with sunset yoga sessions to bring it all together. From the beaches to the deserts, the cultural, historical, and beautiful backdrop of Morocco will inspire you to deeply connect with yourself. Our environments will change, but our minds will stay grounded.

We doing too much? Nah

We do A LOT. As per every trip, expect morning workouts by some of the best coaches in the industry; we're talking all levels. Simply moving your body is the best way to take on the day. 

After breakfast, we begin our excursions. There will be surf lessons, several ATV rides, camel trekking, cultural tours of Marrakesh, the Yves Saint Laurent gardens, various stops along the way, sunset yoga sessions, big group dinners, and of course, epic themed parties at night! Oh, and one of the most memorable moments of your life - a hot air balloon ride high above the desert with your new best friends you haven't met yet.

And yes, all that and more is included in our group tour adventures throughout the magical land of Morocco. Join us.


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