Month Long Solo Travel Tours

Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) and live a little

Let's Start a Convo

We've expanded on 'slow travel' with daily workouts, surf sessions, yoga, skill sharing, shared meals, deep work environments, and of course, some beers to cheers the sunsets. 

Take a month away from a status quo, shake up routines, and find euphoria, creativity, and the accountability to do what you always talked about doing. Bring ambitious goals and open up to the group about them. Take advantage of the roundtable dinners, whiteboard sessions, and accountability coaches waking you up with a boombox if you choose -- and you better choose because there is no better way to wake up than a dance party.

We Believe in Balance:

Work, but don't forget to live.

Play, but respect your calling and duty in life.

Indulge, but nurture your health.

Meditate, but turn up the dance music.

Learn stories, but also make your own.

Surf the sunrise, but cheers the sunset.

Reset & Recharge

Playa Maderas , Nicaragua

January 2 - 21 2025 · 19 nights

Reset & Recharge

A Month for Your Mind, Body, and Career


Pay with a first installment of $0.00/pp or with a deposit of $862.50/pp.


The wave