Sailing Adventures

It's boat day everyday. Beyond the sailing explore the local islands and bays, add to that some hiking and partying and you've got yourself and adventures of lifetime.

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Boat & Bougie

Athens , Greece

August 17 - 24 2024 · 7 nights

Boat & Bougie

Sail the Greek Islands


Pay with a deposit of $687.50/pp.

Blue Voyage

Marmaris , Türkiye

August 31 - September 7 2024 · 7 nights

Blue Voyage

Slow Sailing through the Turkish Riviera


Pay with a first installment of $0.00/pp or with a deposit of $762.50/pp.

Blue Voyage (lux & chill)

Bodrum , Türkiye

September 7 - 14 2024 · 7 nights

Blue Voyage (lux & chill)

A Slow Sailing through the Turkish Riviera


Pay with a first installment of $0.00/pp or with a deposit of $837.50/pp.

Embark on a Sailing Adventure

Our sailing retreats are narratives waiting to unfold. Picture yourself island hopping through the historic and picturesque realms of Greece and Turkey, with the wind guiding your journey, and the sea cradling your adventures. Or voyaging to uninhabited islands of the last great unchartered island of Palawan in the Philippines. Yea, we do that and it’s pretty dope.

Morning Tranquility to Evening Revelry

Begin each morning with a refreshing dip into the bluest of waters from your private chartered boat, each dive a salute to the day ahead. By evening, the deck transforms into a haven of camaraderie. Toast to the day’s discoveries with your newfound friends, chanting “şerefe” (cheers in Turkish) as the sun casts golden hues over the waters horizon.

Gastronomic Delights

Indulge in the local bounty, whether it’s the Mediterranean or the South China Sea, fresh fish is hauled aboard and cooked to perfection, accompanied by an array of fresh local dishes all native to our destinations. It wouldn’t be an SYB adventure without a glass or two of local wine or rum - rejuvenating the spirit.

Luxury Meets Adventure

SYB Sailing Weeks are synonymous with luxury, leisure, and unscripted adventures. Experience a lifestyle often dreamed of, now accessible without shattering the piggy bank. Revel in the luxury of the present, with clear minds, invigorated bodies, and new likeminded friends.

Active Exploration

Dive off the bow to swim ashore for a beach workout, or explore ancient Greek ruins with a band of like-minded adventurers. It’s a blend of serene exploration and heart-pumping action, all set against the backdrop of the Mediterranean's pristine beauty.

Community and Lifelong Bonds

Our Sail Weeks are more than a retreat; they're a gateway to a vibrant community. Forge lifelong friendships as you share laughs, stories, and the joy of discovery against the vast, serene backdrop of the sea.

Tailored for the Inquisitive Heart

If the allure of the sea, the promise of adventure, and the warmth of community resonate with you, the SYB Sail Weeks are your calling. Step aboard and let the horizons beckon!