3 Reasons You Might Not Do A Fitness Retreat - And Why You Should Anyway | Catrina Reeder


1. Travel is expensive

The scariest things about travel are all of the details that you have to think about: accommodations, sight-seeing, excursions, food & drink, and all of the planning involved before you get there. All of these things always seem to involve one major thing: money, dinero, pesos, whatever you want to call it. A fitness adventure and yoga retreat is the perfect way to take the worrying out and get the biggest bang for your buck! First of all, going on a group retreat gives you the benefit of a luxury vacation with the benefit of a group rate. This whole retreat is priced just a little higher than a week hotel stay in Vegas (and that’s just the room by the way), but even better because we’re in paradise and have the whole place to ourselves! Secondly, all of the planning is done for you AND with room to change it up as you go. Wanna relax? You can do that. Wanna workout & sweat? Check, check. Lastly, we take some of the brain work out of food planning with breakfast and smoothies every morning, plus 3 nights of dinner and cocktails, care of owner and restauranteur, Eddie from Salud. All you have to do is plan snacks along the way.  

2. I have to take time off work or away from family

We’re planning this trip MONTHS in advance, giving you plenty of time to plan out your work and/or family schedule. Plus, we’re gone for just 5 days and traveling back on a weekend, so you have extra time to regroup (and detox?!) right before your work week. When you take time to unplug, reset, and enjoy some well-deserved time off, you’re able to come back with an even better mindset when you return and definitely with more energy!

3. I’ve never traveled outside of the US or with strangers before

Consider this one of the best things you’re checking off your bucket list. We’re traveling with one of the pros in fitness adventures, Mantas! Sayulita is one of the best locations for a first-time traveler because your plane ride is only a few hours to Puerto Vallarta, so no jet lag! Our accommodation is about a 5 minute walk from the town center in North Sayulita, so we’ll have the best of both worlds: a tranquil beach with town close by to explore the local sights. We have planned yoga classes that will be both energizing and relaxing, bootcamps if you want to burn off the extra margaritas, and surf lessons if you want to try it out – we’re beginners, too! The best part: the first few hours we start as strangers, then it turns into a trip to remember for a lifetime with some of the best people you will ever meet!

Catrina Reeder is a mega yoga teacher in Dallas. She's lived it, learned it, and is ready to teach it on the SYB Adventure to Sayulita, Mexico May 1- 6, 2017.