3 Trail Runs in Iceland That Will Take Your Breath Away


Iceland has really started to make a name for itself in the fitness travel world with incredible sights and exciting trails. It's a runner's paradise. We're gonna dive into three of the BEST running spots in the country, all of which happen to be included on SurfYogaBeer's Iceland trip. We'll tell you what you want to know about these trails, along with commentary from Iceland-pro and SYB's Caveman Founder, Mantas Zvinas. Whether you're a running aficionado or just like to see some pretty cool nature, these spots prove why Iceland should be number one on the list for your next running trip.

Reykjadalur Hot Spring

Get ready to bathe in warm "pools" (potential alternative to the Blue Lagoon) and see some crazy geothermal water holes. WARNING these blowholes are boiling, and we've seen some nasty injuries from people accidentally falling in. It takes about an hour on the trail to get to the hot spring, and then you start an off-trail run that takes you to see things you can only imagine. There are no markers, so you better find a guide who knows this area very well, or *ehemm* join a group trail-running trip. The off-trail loops around, and then you're back at the hot spring to take one last soak for your sore running muscles before the hour journey back to the parking area.

Mantas Commentary - Don't F with the moss; although it looks like a cloud that would be heaven to jump and roll around on, it is actually considered sacred to the people of Iceland, so respect it, or the elves get you.

Skógafoss Waterfall

We've dubbed this trail "waterfall alley," - but locals call it "Waterfall Way" because of the 26 waterfalls on the most picturesque 5 miles of your life from the main waterfall to a footbridge. It takes about 1-1.5 hours running mainly cuz of the sites you stop and see. If you wanna make sure you aren't dreaming, don't worry because you turn around at the bridge and get to do the same 5 miles back to Skógafoss, where you started.

Mantas Commentary - Slow and steady because it's usually wet, mixed terrain, and the sights grab your eyes. Also, there is an amazing geothermal pool nearby that you can visit after this run, but it's hard to find, so you'd better just join us…

Vik/Reynisfjara Beach

Ahh, Vik -- land of lush greens, dark black sand (Reynisfjara Beach), and edgy rock cliffs that you swore you saw on GOT. There are quaint village vibes, caves, mad views, and puffins galore.

While there aren't many spots to run at Reynisfjara Beach, there is an amazing clifftop! This trail run starts on the west side of Vik, goes through town, and ends at a cliff overlooking the beach. Pick up a free map in the town of Vik of this trail. 

Mantas Commentary - The fog never leaves, so stick together and have your iPhone maps ready because reading a map when you can't see landmarks is extremely difficult. When you get to the cliff edge, there are no guard rails or signs; it's just a steep drop for your life - we suggest you save the booze until after.

If you're already packing your sneakers and checking flights to Iceland, we get you. Join SurfYogaBeer every year on a once-in-a-lifetime fitness trip to hit these three trails and experience Iceland as nobody else will show you.