Dear Amalfi Coast, 

You sure had me fooled when you posed yourself as the land of honeymoons and romance, rose petals, and relaxation. I should have guessed again! My experience of your incredibly picturesque homeland was a little different than most would imagine. When I booked my trip to see you, I thought to myself, who visits the Amalfi Coast alone?! What you failed to mention is that I would be entering a space where I would gain 12 new lifelong friends (13 if you include Julio, the cat), a fresh take on life, a new appreciation for lemons, and enough Negronis to last me until 2027 #negronichallenge, all within seven days. 

You were certainly an unexpected place for me to find myself on a solo trip with an organization called Surf Yoga Beer. Although surf is hard to come by in Italy, the yoga, boot camps, cocktails, and adventures were plentiful. Mornings started with sunrise yoga overlooking the crystal clear Amalfi waters and Salud breakfasts, including an abundance of fresh, local coffee and eats. Every day offered a brand new way to explore: cruising along the Amalfi drive, making wishes on questionable shapes in Pompeii, shopping in Positano, volcanic wine tasting, boat trips to Capri, Prosecco in Ravello, hikes complete with cappuccinos in Marina del Cantone, pizza making at the SYB villa, beach lounging and dance parties #despacito.  

I know it’s the people that you introduced me to that will make the biggest impression well beyond my time in your part of the world. We all showed up with similar intentions, including open and adventurous minds, which led to us being able to learn so much from each other in a short period of time. The biggest lessons being that it’s always 4pm somewhere #restingdanaface and that you must always look someone in the eyes when you “saluti” #eyeballs.  

So, I suppose this is more of a thank you note/love letter. Thank you, Amalfi Coast. Thank you for introducing me to SurfYogaBeer and their unparalleled outlook on life and the way it can be experienced. Thank you for the #bakersdozen; for friendships that will be cherished forever. Thank you for days on days of yoga and enlightenment with Ms. Eva Estalander #oof. Thank you for endless pasta, cheese, wine, limoncello, gelato, pizza, mini bagels, and the incredible meals prepared by the one-and-only Eddie. Thank you for meditation, boot camps, goal coaching, and the light of joy that is #littlebreads Kingsley. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a single thing, and I would encourage anyone and everyone to take the same leap of faith and book this trip…now. 

Grazie Costa de Amalfitna. 

Until next time,