Best Time Of The Year To Surf In Morocco


This North African gem is the perfect spot to catch some epic waves, whether you're looking for massive swells and gnarly barrels, or a more laid-back surf lesson. 

You'll find those massive swells in the winter months, from November to March. The Atlantic coast of Morocco is known for its consistent and powerful surf, and the cooler temperatures make it the perfect spot for hardcore surfers. Just make sure to pack your wetsuit and some extra wax, because it's going to be chilly out there!

If you prefer that more laid-back surf session, with low stakes, then the summer months are the way to go. The water is warm, the beaches are packed, and the waves are more suitable for beginners. Plus, you'll get to enjoy all the delicious Moroccan cuisine and maybe even catch a sunset camel ride. We know we will on our trips to Morocco in early June.

If you're from the states, heading to a place like Morocco may seem far- but the duality of this beautiful country makes that trip extra worth it. Not only can you surf the Atlantic coast, you can head straight to the Agafay Desert in less than 30 minutes from Marrakesh to sand surf the dunes, and treat yourself to some true African glamping at the Agafay Luxury Camp.

Find yourself with a multitude of activities here in Morocco that pair with a great day of surfing - shopping the souks of Marrakech, followed by a wine and dine at your local restaurant with as much Pastilla and couscous as you could ever want or maybe an ATV ride post brunch. Visiting this beautiful country is always a good idea.

Surfssss Up Morocco!