Chamonix: The Number One Ski Destination in Europe


The cool, crisp air is kissing your face as you glide down white-capped mountains. It’s all fresh powder by day, followed by cozy, warm chalet hanging by night. Insert a beverage or two with some fondue, and you’re ready to reset and do it all again tomorrow. No, this isn’t a weekend Airbnb rental in Aspen. This is Chamonix, France, one of Europe’s top ski destinations for skiers, snowboarders (of any level), and sight-seeing adventurers alike. Known as the mountain capital of the world, Chamonix is not only home to some of the sweetest slopes but also one of the oldest resorts with that sophisticated French alp charm you’ve been dreaming about. If you’ve been on the edge of the slope in your mind considering where to book an epic ski trip, get ready for peak happiness because Chamonix is the number one ski destination in Europe and your next trip.

Peak happiness on and off the slopes

Whether you’re searching for the highest peaks or starting slow on the bunny slopes, Chamonix is skier-friendly to people of all levels. Dustin, US, who experienced Chamonix with SurfYogaBeer, shares that “Chamonix was like skiing through a painting, but some of the most fun was finding après-ski places to go and having beers from around the region.” 

Known as more than a winter sports locale, if your idea of adventure is to tear up the slopes, indulge at the local shops, or explore its many wellness offerings, Chamonix is truly a choose-your-own-adventure destination, meaning you don’t have to be the ultimate adrenaline junkie to enjoy yourself here. Following hours of piste skiing or consuming your energy on layering your gear (we’ve all been there), how good does a spa treatment sound? Dustin, US, adds, “From the salt rubs to the eucalyptus steam rooms and whirlpools, it was all amazing!”

The après (after) ski scene

After a day of fresh powder and sunshine, you’ll be ready to throw on a cozy sweater and hit the town for a hearty meal and maybe a cold brew-ski or the ever-popular Aperol-Sprtiz. With tons of vibrant restaurants and pubs, you won’t be short of options when closing out your day of adventure. Après ski is a whole vibe, so whether you’re feeling fancy and desire a Michelin-star meal or crave something local and French like a Raclette (think melty, savory cheese over meat and potatoes), there’s something for everyone. Even better? Chamonix with SurfYogaBeer means not having to Google search “top restaurants near me” and leaning on your group leader to share tried and true recommendations. Merci!

As the day winds down, picture yourself peering out the frost-glazed window while the fireplace crackles and you’re clinking glasses with new friends as you recap the best shreds of the day. Or, if that spritz is giving you a second wind, check out the lively nightlife Chamonix has to offer. Live music and dancing, anyone?

A flurry of jaw-dropping views

With art-like views from all angles, whether you prefer to soak in the divine wonder of Mont Blanc from one of its world-renowned cable cars (Brevent or Aiguille du Midi) on your way down the slopes or by chilling at the lodge, you’re bound to be in awe of the magnificent French alp charm surrounding you. And the views don’t stop there! Ever wonder what it's like to experience a glacier up close and personal? Hop aboard the ice train to Mer de Glace, the largest glacier in France that will have you frozen in your tracks over its majestic blue hues. It’s truly a sight waiting to be seen.

Icy mountain air, fresh powder, energy on and off the slopes, and views to melt your heart. If those aren’t convincing enough, here are just a few more bucket list reasons why skiing in Chamonix, France, is Europe's number one ski destination and your next adventure with SurfYogaBeer. Are you ready to feel that snowy mountain air on your cheeks? Grab your gear and secure your spot with #SYBFrance. The mountains are waiting for you.