Cure My Hangover | Kirsten Robinson


So, you got a little carried away with the tequila last night - we’ve been there, too, and feel your head-throbbing, water-desperate pain. Before you Google “Can you die from a hangover?” and order the greasiest thing you can find on Seamless, keep in mind after a night of partying, eating right is essential to saving your Saturday.

We teamed up with Eddie at SALUD and nutritionist Carolyn Brown, MS RD, to bring you our top tips for the morning after that will make you feel good, not gross.

Eggs Are Your Best Friend

Not only do they pack the extra protein-punch your body wants to be refueled with, eggs are also a good source of cysteine, an amino acid that helps counteract the effects of acetaldehyde toxicity (the fancy term for what’s causing your body to feel so terrible right now).   

“You have to eat the yolk to get the cysteine, so no egg-white omelets. On that note, no greasy bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches either—this can make your hangover even worse! A veggie omelet and some potatoes or a piece of whole grain toast is the ideal order,” advises Carolyn Brown, MS RD, a nutritionist at Foodtrainers.

Dairy-Free is the Way to Be

To all of you dairy lovers out there who can eat cheese and ice cream until the cows come home, we salute you—not all of us are so lucky (where’s the Lactaid at?). Whether lactose intolerant or not, people tend to overdo it on the dairy and frequently see great results from cutting back. Avoid an extra-upset hangover stomach altogether by skipping it.

SALUD offers dairy-free alternatives for both your coffee and your go-to bacon, egg and cheese sandwich—including hemp milk, almond milk and soy gouda cheese.

“If you do want to get some dairy in, the fermented kind is best—like Greek yogurt or kefir,” says Carolyn.

Get Juiced

Skip the sports drink and reach for the real thing—like coconut water, or the lesser-known (but equally awesome) watermelon juice.

“Gatorade may seem like the go-to for restoring electrolytes, but the bad news is it also has artificial colors, which equal ADHD and headaches—something you probably don’t need more of. Coconut water and watermelon water have all the great electrolytes without the crap. They are hydrating—dehydration is the main cause of your hangover—and replenish potassium, a little bit of sodium and some sugar, too,” says Carolyn.

Bring Your Amigos

Solidarity in numbers, #amiright? Food on its own is enjoyable, but nothing beats the bonding conversations and good vibes that occur while sitting around it. Bring your friends. They’re the best cure of all—especially if they’re making you laugh so hard you forget you were ever hungover to begin with.

A beach bum at heart, Kirsten is a writer and editor living, working and playing in NYC. You can find her on Instagram @kirstenjoan.

Carolyn Brown, MS RD is a nutritionist at Foodtrainers, a private practice in NYC where she specializes in weight loss, food intolerances and sports nutrition. Her philosophy is that you can live a healthy life without losing your social life. Get in touch @carolynbrownnutrition on Instagram.

Kirsten is the one in the middle with her new blonde friends on the SYB Dominical Adventure in January 2017.