Fashion Essentials When Traveling to Morocco


One of the most frequently asked questions we get when it comes to our Morocco group travel excursion is, “WTF do I need to pack?”. With a strong Muslim religious influence throughout the country, dressing appropriately (especially for us ladies) will go a long way in not only showing respect for the local culture but also enjoying your trip. We’re all about the sexy at SYB, but Morocco is one destination that we tone it down while still looking fire, of course. 

Around the country, you’ll see a wide range of outfits. Some women still dress in traditional head-to-toe jeballas, and others wear jeans, long dresses, tops, the uzhe. While there may be the occasional shorts or skirts here and there, as a traveler, it’s better to aim on the more conservative side when you’re out in public to avoid questionable looks from the locals. This usually means nothing above the knees, shoulders pretty much covered, no tight leggings or lowcut shirts, and no midriffs (save the crop tops for Ibiza, ladies). Think lightweight and fuller coverage. The local souks are great for a quick party pants grab or a handmade silk scarf to use as a coverup when you arrive. At your hotel or rental place, the dress code is usually a little more lenient, and this is where you can break out your bikinis and shorts (double-check with where you’re staying, though). Men, you have it a little bit easier and can wear most of your normal clothing as T-shirts and shorts are widely acceptable. So ladies here’s your wardrobe packing guide. 

SYB Morocco


◉ Linen button-down: It’s the light and breezy vibes

◉ Lightweight T-shirts: Will be part of your daily uniform

◉ Tunic tops and blouses: If you’re feeling a little fancier than a simple T

◉ Tanks: Probably hotel moves only unless you’re in a more modern area or you cover your shoulders 

◉ Light jacket, sweater, and long sleeve top: For those cool stargazing desert evenings or to tie around your waist in leggings

◉ Maxi dresses or jumpsuits: You can never have too many of these -- perfect for rooftop drinks or souk shopping; just make sure to have something to cover the shoulders if it’s spaghetti straps


◉ Jeans: It’s always smart to bring one pair anywhere you go

◉ Flowy or linen pants: A perfect combo with a lightweight T-shirt for your day-to-day wear

◉ Maxi skirt: For when you’re getting sick of flowy pants

◉ Shorts: Again, most likely hotel moves only unless you’re whipping out the 6th grade, knee-length Bermudas 


◉ Comfortable walking shoes/sneakers: Your feet will thank you

◉ Sandals: Cute slides for going out, flip flops for pool parties

◉ Heels: Really not necessary, but throw in one pair if you feel so inclined

SYB Morocco


◉ Sunglasses: Can’t see the haters

◉ Lightweight scarf: Will come in handy as a shawl, sun protection, or headwrap 

◉ Sun hat: It’s bright AF there

◉ Crossbody or closed bag: Something to keep your belongings safe while you’re strolling around

◉ Jewelry: Some small pieces are fine but try to keep them to a minimum 


◉ Workout clothing: Desert heat doesn’t stop the fitness grind

◉ Workout sneakers: See above 

◉ Bathing suits: A bikini for tanning and a one-piece for wave shredding 

◉ Underwear and socks: We think this goes without saying but just in case

SYB Morocco

Now that you know what to bring, there’s really no excuse to get your butts out to explore the beautiful country of Morocco. And what better way to do it than with the group morocco adventure travel experts themselves. We’re ready for some desert dopeness, are you?