Pick Your Trip, Pick Your Photographer


Who here is sick of their boyfriend or girlfriend taking terrible pics of them on vacation? Or even worse, having to ask a stranger who has ZERO idea what they're doing. No more, people! We have the solution for you. SYB has the best of the best to capture memories and content that your iPhone could never. Why wait for a "special occasion"? You booked a fire trip, and you deserve fire pics. It's a great excuse for a besties shoot or to throw the tripod to the side for the day. We have at least one kickass photographer with us on every trip, and the memories they capture are cherished long after the adventure ends. So, who are these camera gods (and goddess)? Check 'em out, do a little insta stalk, and pick a trip to get the best content of your life. 

Ken Francis -- New York, NY @kenfrancisphotos

I shoot with an editorial background, but going on these trips, everything is steeped in a street/landscape style and process. I’m relying on genuine moments to happen and then capturing them in the right light. I always tell everyone to put your phones away, be present, have fun. I promise I’ll capture your moment. I’m constantly looking for everyone’s. 

Ryan Green -- Los Angeles, CA @ryangreenfilms

I love watching the trip unfold and being there to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments. You can expect me to be in the mix of everything. I’ll be there to lend a hand, snap a photo and possibly send it off the side of a pirate ship with your SYB family. 

Mark Harrison -- check out his Instagram for up-to-date location @markharrison4

I love colourful photography with lots of movement—surreal-like imagery… frozen fragments of time that the eye never really gets to appreciate fully in real-time. 

And beautiful landscapes, of course. 

Greg Travers & Grace Steel -- New York, NY @gregtravers @grace_steel

This photo is one of my favorites from Nicaragua because it shows everyone moving together as a unified force and sharing in ecstasies. No matter how you’re feeling, whether hungover, tired, or fatigued, you were inspired by the person to your left and your right, and you get a sense that you are not in that feeling alone.

My style as a photographer is clean and crisp. My goal is to capture authentic moments that put people right back into that second in time when the photo was taken. My photos should live as a vehicle to remember all the feelings, the happiness, the excitement, and the belief that you are right where you belong. - GREG

My photo & video style is authentic and ethereal. My goal is to capture a moment in time that may look romanticized on the outside, and yet the experience was genuine and raw. I love to bring people right back to that moment so they can see it -- feel it, from a beautiful and new perspective. A camera has the incredible capability to capture memories and moments in time, so that we can hold their beauty in our minds forever. I hope to share that with you. -GRACE

Martin Straschnoy -- Miami, FL @martin.straschnoy

My style is people-centric. I’m all about capturing those unique moments which will make us laugh, cry out of joy or remember great times once the trip is over. On a trip, I am someone who cares more about people than pictures (even if that’s my main role). If you are happy, I’m happy. If we are all happy and smiling, pictures will look even better =). And your experience will be that much better as well. 

Aaron Colussi -- Denver, CO @aaroncolussi

I'm a former athlete who will attempt to do anything that a guest or guide does while wearing a 20lb backpack!

Pick your trip, get a baller photographer. Come, and let us capture your memories for you.