Introducing Remote


Just Imagine: it's January 2nd

Christmas trees in the streets, parties are long over and work emails have piled up. For all of you remote workers, it's time to throw on your sweater and cozy up on that couch you're about to spend 8 hours sitting on. Looking out the frost-covered kitchen window you see the gloomy winter months ahead without end and wonder WHY you gave up the opportunity to work from the beach, with SurfYogaBeer.

Don't Repeat Last Year. We all had a few lucky friends that turned the beach, the jungle, or a mountain cabin into their WFH set up. When it comes to working from home, especially in the winter, we don't need to throw around statistics; many of us can feel it first hand. The burn out, the stagnation, the seasonal depression, and general dullness of life. We DON'T want you to experience this again, so we came up with the perfect solution.

We're Hosting A Month Long SYB Trip, Where You BYOC (bring your own computer) and work during designated work hours (as you would at home), and enjoy the SYB healthy lifestyle in the morning/evening/lunch break/weekends.

It's time to level up the quality of your life, and start the new year in a healthy and satisfying way.

Growth: Mental, Physical and Career

Take a month away from a status quo, and shake up routines and find euphoria, creativity, and the accountability to do what you always talked about doing. Bring ambitious goals and open up to the group about it. Take advantage of the roundtable dinners, white board sessions, and accountability coaches waking you up everyday with a boombox if you choose, and you better choose because there is no better way to wake up then a dance party.

We Believe in Balance:

  • Work, but don't forget to live.
  • Play, but respect your calling and duty in life.
  • Indulge, but nurture your health.
  • Meditate, but turn up the dance music.
  • Learn Stories, but also make your own.
  • Surf the Sunrise, but cheers the sunset.

Destination: Playa Maderas, Nicaragua
Since 2015 we've been calling this our main destination. Our partner property has set up a work environment with fast reliable internet speeds of 500mbps, white boards for idea session and even a meditation overlook. We'll mix work with surf lessons, jungle gym workouts and ya why not a horseback lunch break?

Safety: 24/7 Security
The gated property has 24/7 security and is on cliff overlooking the ocean. Crime in Nicaragua is relatively low and consists mainly of petty theft.

COVID: Testing Available
Nicaragua (and SYB) requires a negative COVID test 72-hours prior to entry. We will also provide free necessary testing required to enter the US.

Our Team: Accountability
Daily activities such as workouts, check-in sessions and roundtable brainstorming dinners are part of the accountability system. We are here to make sure you live a healthy, well balanced lifestyle around work.

Start Fresh The Right Way.
They say that a strong morning routine is the key to a successful life. This trip is the perfect opportunity to start the new year building a healthy routine that will impact you not only while you are away, but when you return home too. You can take the healthy lifestyle, the network, the inspiring people you work beside, the new skills, the memories, back home (and back to work) with you. Everyone needs to shake it up every once in a while, now it's your turn!