Private Retreat Testimonial, September 2015 | Anthea Tang


Every year, each discipline group within our company has the opportunity to plan a fun team event.  Some teams go to the amusement park, mini golf, bar-hopping, etc. My goal for our event this year was not only to make it fun but also make it meaningful.  Meeting Mantas through SoulCycle, I found out about SYB and this began the planning of our great 2 night team getaway. 

It started Thursday evening as SYB picked us all up and took us to a great converted barn location near Woodstock, NY – we were full of energy and excitement! We got up bright and early to the smell of delicious breakfast, strong coffee, and smiles all around from the SYB team.

After breakfast, we woke up our minds and bodies with goal setting exercises and fitness games – from the human knot,  team planking, to push–up countdowns.

SYB also gave us the flexibility and time to have our own company specific 2016 planning meetings while they prepared a quick lunch before we headed to the Animal Sanctuary to hug goats, roosters, and adorable pigs!

From there, the fun continued with a picnic at an outdoor art exhibit before heading back to the barn for BBQ, campfire, s’mores, and beer! 

After a fun night of retoxing, we woke up to another hearty breakfast before doing some more goal setting.  The goal setting activities led by SYB truly brought insight to each and every one of us from both a personal and work perspective. 

After packing up, we were off for a hike and discovered some more zen on the way before heading back to the city  Saturday afternoon with our minds, hearts, and souls re-energized.

Overall, our experience with SYB was more than we could have ever asked for – they made the planning completely stress-free, were incredibly collaborative, and took care of every detail.  But beyond that, they continuously updated the itinerary throughout the getaway to ensure the weekend would be inclusive and had something for everyone as they got to know our team, the food was incredible (we still talk about the epic breakfast sandwiches), and were able to come back with stronger bonds and new friendships!

Thank-you SYB!