Reflections: SurfYogaBeer Iceland 2022


Twenty-six people came together, many of them strangers to start, for an epic week of bonding, hot springing, and tearing up the trails of Iceland this past July. It was the adventure of a lifetime. These are their memories. This is SYB. 

SurfYogaBeer Iceland

Zhi Chai

It is scary for anyone to travel to a foreign country with a group of people you have never met before. But, after that first introduction at the airport, thanks to SYB, it wasn’t long until we all felt embraced, cared for, challenged, and appreciated.

Before this experience, I had never run two miles, but I accomplished a 20-mile trail run with SYB. When I hurt both my knees, no one left me behind. The positive encouragement I received was unexpected from a bunch of strangers. From that point onwards, I knew we were more than just traveling companions… we were a family and a team.

When I think about saying thank you to SYB, I don’t know where to start. It’s hard to put into words how much this company has had a positive impact on my life. SYB is a place to get fit, have fun, be vulnerable, find your limits (then surpass them), discover yourself, ditch your toxic relationships back home, and establish a new healthy mindset. SYB is an attitude and a lifestyle. If you haven’t signed up and experienced it yet, you are truly missing out.

SYB Iceland, thank you from the bottom of my heart; you have given me much more than a unique traveling experience. The positive outlook, influence, empathy, and courage of the leaders - @liamjaris, @aubreylauryn, @danidellarco, @tinadaq, and @aaroncolussi - are the linchpin of this experience. It quite simply can’t be replicated elsewhere. #takemeback #sybiceland

Harry Shaw

SYB Iceland was an incredible adventure that started and ended with the terrific (and driven) leaders and fellow travelers. With a thoughtful set of run/hikes amongst stark and wild (think Jurassic World backdrop) landscape. Challenging and encouraging, we enjoyed and endured our days. Starting with a bootcamp and breakfast, going immediately to that day's main event, recovering with yoga, and ending with a meal to celebrate the day and plan for the next. Did I mention how awesome the people are? Highly recommend!

SYB Iceland

Joe Sigona

This was a once-in-a-lifetime trip. I couldn't have imagined it to be this spectacular. The days got better and better each day, and I never wanted the trip to end. Iceland is an amazing place to visit, and the people we ended up with there made it even more of a memorable experience. Thanks to the leaders who kept the show going the entire trip and kept the energy high, it's truly amazing how well orchestrated the entire trip was from top to bottom. SYB is an incredible experience!! And if you're someone trying to see the world with fantastic people alongside you, this is the group to do it with!!

Kailey Gullett

I don't know where to begin. Thank you to Surf Yoga Beer for creating the best community, an experience of a lifetime, and pushing me to try new things. I went to Iceland and signed up solo not knowing anyone, and leaving with a whole new SYB family/Squad. The vibes were immaculate: all the daylight, exploring, dancing, laughter, and smiling never stopped. I truly am so grateful for SYB creating this trip and giving me the best trip of my life. More trips are to come in the future. It is just the beginning! Why say no when you can say yes?!

SYB Iceland

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