SUMMER OF SURF by FitCollective NYC



(Summer of Surf event on July 22nd, 2016)

When I first came across "SurfYogaBeer," I immediately wanted to know more. It's that kind of trio of words that spoke balanced fun to me right away. From being highly involved in finding more ways to move my body, I find myself getting more and more eager each day to find out  what everyone else is doing for movement. Fitness makes me nosy and I am not ashamed to admit it. I stopped living in my bubble years ago. Once I broke free of what "all the cool kids were doing" , I found freedom.

But let's chat about SurfYogaBeer. It is definitely way more than just those three magical words. This is a fitness adventure company who's main focus is to bring people together for the sweat AND the fun.  They stress the importance of moving and fueling your body, but more importantly, it should ultimately feel like a celebration.

SYB hosts local events in NYC and even have a team based out in San Diego. You can check out their website here ( for there fitness vacations as well. I don't know about you, but combining fitness along with a vacation, is basically the ultimate sandwich that I would very much enjoy eating!


One early sunny Friday morning , I traveled to Union Square with my boyfriend, Phil, for one of SurfYogaBeer's local events in NYC.  We arrived in the park aimlessly walking around trying to find other SYB goer's . Ah-ha! Slowly they started rolling in. Each person was very warm and made it very clear that they never surfed before.  (Glad we got that out of the way!)

Mantas, SYB's Director+ Surf Instructor/SoulCycle Instructor, rolled up in a big white van with the biggest smile on his face and immediately made sure his crew for the day was geared up with apparel. We were gifted SYB tanks and awesome sunnies. Once we all were set, we hopped in. Something about jumping into a van with complete strangers actually felt so right. We spent the car ride chatting with each other, drinking watermelon water (which was also provided), laughing, and just getting completely pumped up to spend the day with a bunch of people who we may not have met otherwise. All I know is this-  getting yourself involved whether it's a painting class,  acro yoga, a book club, or what have you, 99.9% of the time you will meet someone you've never met before.  Connections make life feel much more sweeter.


We landed. We hit the sand.  As a team we completed a beach boot camp lead by Barry's Boot Camp instructor, Bradford Rahmlow and City row/Solace instructor/Nike Trainer, Alex Silver-Fagan.   They started us up with a warm-up to get the whole body heated and prepped. They both formulated a workout that was do-able and efficient while respecting all levels. They had us work in partners in order to get out of your comfort zone. These ice breakers ultimately made us all feel closer as the day went on.  I think my favorite was the "Indian Run."

An "Indian Run" begins when the last person in line sprints to the front.  When that person gets there, the next person at the end of the line then sprints to the front, and so on. The instructors made it clear to keep it slow and keep it smart. I love the idea of cheering each other on no matter what. It lit a fire under you once you knew people were waiting on you to get there.

"Did we just become best friends? YUP!"

We refueled with provided snacks and watermelon waters or known as, "WTRMLNWTR." These things are magical after any type of action.


Mantas started showing us the basics on the sand telling us all we needed to know to get out there, the techniques, and lift off. He kept it simple and not too overwhelming because the best way to learn is to DO- so that is what we did!  He took us out and spent quality time with each person (or AKA helped drag me out. Thank you). The cool thing about the whole surfing experience is that it was all in good fun. We got rocked, we fell, and we all expected it.  Not to mention all the crazy new muscles I felt that were targeted the next day.

We celebrated those who stood or even came close to riding it out all the way. Even though, I felt like I lost a few fights afterwards, I felt super happy to be able to feel anything. 


After the sweat and the ride, we got beers.  Refreshing!  Mantas took us to Rockaway Beach Surf Club.  Umm hello, did I just walk into an island? It truly was a funky yet authentic little hidden gem. HIGHLY RECOMMEND going to for an awesome cap off of a nice summer day. Don't walk out without getting a fresh coconut cracked open for yourself either. 

Mindful moderation is key. I truly believe achieving balance is not a thing. Throughout life it is a practice of having balance in my opinion and I love that SYB truly gave me a balanced day. Some days you have it and some days, you don't...and that is okay. 

I felt closer to myself, to my boyfriend, and to a ton of strangers. Just in one day, I did something new and I felt nothing but joy after. I don't want to go through life not trying , not doing, or not exploring. 

As years go by, I realize how important it is to get yourself out there and how many beautiful people are out there. Sounds cheesy, but all these connections are waiting to be made and you either take the opportunity or you don't. I crave being around those who make something much more out of what is just in front of them. Those creative people that are driven by good vibes and hard work. If that sounds like yourself, SurfYogaBeer is that crew for you.

Thank you SYB, for organizing the type of gathering that will constantly be pulling people out of their own heads and straight into their own bodies. Everything you're aiming for is unfolding. I am  thrilled to attend more SurfYogaBeer events in the future and seeing familiar faces, as well as new.

Thank you Mantas, for having the patience of a god. Teaching us new tricks and showing us that life is not meant to be taken too seriously. Next time we meet, I hope it is on a bike and in your class! ( check out his next ride here

Find your tribe, find your sweat, and find your fun.

Rockaway Beach, NY SYB CREW