SurfYogaBeer is BACK!


Let’s be real, we’ve been MIA all year cause we (and you) have been stuck on the ground, at home, without much fun (travel) in the books. We miss our community, our friends, our adventures. That’s why we are finally breaking the silence, finding closure in the past year and focusing on what’s ahead...THE NEW WAVE OF TRAVEL.

Think of how many beers we've saved.
Okay, we were overly optimistic a year ago believing our summer 2020 trips would happen, then our Thanksgiving trip, early 2021 trips… in reality, everything has been postponed. On that note, we thank you for your patience and for being a team player (baller) during all these uncertainties. What we CAN say is, that we have a few trips lined up for summer 2021 and a HELL OF A LINE UP for 2022. Including the launch of a brand new, super sexy SYB concept.

Real quick, can we get a trip line up? 

2021: Croatia, Greece + a cheeky NYE trip to Nica.

2022: *SYB REMOTE* + all SYB destinations, more trips than ever before.

Post-pandemic SYB trips: healthy travel

We’ve always been about healthy travel; we workout, we eat local, and take care of one another. However, health dynamics are changing and improving in a new way this year. We have some snazzy different and improved health procedures that emphasize cleanliness and the wellbeing of our people. Our trips are well known for the opportunity to form close friendships and tight knit communities. We can ensure you that all SYB traditions and feel good moments will prevail in the safest way possible.


We already hosted a very small, intimate SYB trip to test what our post-pandemic group travel would look like. It could not have been a BIGGER SUCCESS. 

36 guests stayed positive & COVID negative.

The new requirements for this low key trip included a negative covid test (taken within 3 days of departure) before entering our SYB bubble. We also asked everyone to bring a supply of reusable masks (sustainability check) to wear outside the property. Everyone was super respectful of the local community that hosted us as well as our friends we travelled with. It was one week of almost normalcy; an amazing escape that did wonders for mental, emotional, and physical health.






One trip with incredible people is all it takes to revitalize your soul.

What's next from Team SYB?

We are hangin’ out in various corners of the world, staying up to date with global travel news and planning for future trips. We’re stoked to be sharing more regular updates about all things SYB: adventures, our newest concept: SYB REMOTE, domestic summer events, our very own travel tips and hacks, and more....

..which can be found on our newly relaunched, super sexy website that you're currently on.

Let's re-connect and catch-up.

If you have any questions about future trips, deposits, events, or travel inquiries, shoot us a DM or email. We also have a private FB group for Alumni or anyone who has a future trip booked. Check it out, introduce yourself, and connect with cool people from our global SYB crew.

All in all, we are beyond excited to say hey, to break the silence, and to bring our incredible SYB community that is full of adventure, wild experiences and beautiful people back to LIFE!

Looking forward to chatting with you or seeing you on the beach in an SYB tank, in a group full of sexy people, with a beer in your hand, laughing as the sun sets into the horizon, soon.