Our Newest Swag Store


Last month as I was ordering some really sexy swag for the Kenya lux & chill trip, I thought maybe we should bring back the SYB gear website, so ya'll can continue to turn heads with those bold branded cross out statements. So, we'd love to present our newest swag site:


The shop includes everything from our most classic tanks and crewneck sweatshirts to sports bras and other activewear, as well as a bunch of other gear and accessories on the way (such as training shorts, towels, water bottles, etc.). A lot of the apparel is available in multiple color options as well, so definitely click through each item to see what’s possible. New offerings will pop up throughout the year, especially seasonal wear, but wanted to start with a more focused collection of items for the launch. Let’s detail a bit more of what’s currently available in the Swag Shop:

  • Crop-Top Sweatshirts - $73 - The sexy/bold logo and soft fabric feels extra soft to the touch, and the trendy cut with a ribbed neckline and raw hem comes right out of fashion magazines while still keeping it casual.

  • Sports Bras - $48 - Get the perfect bra for your workouts! This comfy bra has a soft moisture-wicking fabric, extra materials in shoulder straps, and removable padding for maximum support.

  • Tanks - $32 - A classic, staple tank top for making statements and starting conversations.

  • T-shirts - $32 - Anyone and everyone could be stylin' this one. Simple, elegant, and a good brand to rep.
    It feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. It's comfortable and flattering for all.

  • Yoga Shorts - $48 - BOLD, but SEXY! These shorts have a body-flattering fit that will make you feel super comfortable even during the most intense workouts. They come with a high waistband and are made from soft microfiber yarn.

So yeah, the SYB Swag Shop is open and ready to outfit your next adventure.

Wait, question: Mantas, does this mean we’ll still get some of the special location-based swag we get on our trips? Answer: Yes! In fact, I’d say think about the swag you get on SYB adventures as pretty exclusive items, above and beyond what you’d get in the SYB Swag Shop. Each trip varies of course, ESPECIALLY when we’re talking about our Lux & Chill trips, which includes an extra package of goodies, but that’s a whole other story for another day… and most definitely will be another blog post coming up soon.

And as a wise sage once said, and I quote: “Don’t think, just do…snag some fresh new swag!”