The Best Time to Travel to Greece


Ah, Greece. Home of the ancient gods and goddesses, unreal beaches, historical rock things like the Parthenon, and all of the feta cheese in the world. Okay, maybe not the world, but it sure does find its way into every single dish. Greece is the perfect place for a holiday. If it's good enough for Zeus, it's good enough for us. So the question lies: when is the best time to go? Well, we've done the research (aka Googled it for a few minutes) and have come up with some tips to help you decide.

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The best time to go is between April and October for warm weather and clear skies. These months give you the most sunshine, making it the perfect time to explore the ancient sites and knock back a few Ouzos on the beach. If you're really looking to soak up the rays, the specific summer months of June to September are ideal; just be prepared for crowds and higher prices.

If you prefer a bit of cooler temperatures and fewer crowds, the shoulder months of April, May, and October are good options. However, the weather is still pleasant (it can even be downright steamy in May), and you might just avoid some of the consistent Insta thirst traps being taken on every corner. 

Festivals & Events

For those looking for a winter holiday, December and January are the best months for a festive vibe since Greeks love to celebrate the holidays with food, music, and dancing. The only way to do it if you ask us. You can't say you haven't always wanted to smash plates and yell, "Opa!!!" It's a bucket list must-do. Greece is also home to various festivals and events throughout the year. For a sprinkling of local arts and culture, the Athens and Epidaurus Festival from June to August features live music, dance, and theater performances. Or film buffs can check out the Thessaloniki International Film Festival in November for a chance to see some of the latest flicks from around the globe.

Prices & Crowds

As with any popular tourist destination, prices and crowds in Greece can vary depending on the time of year. The summer months tend to be the busiest and most expensive, while the spring and fall are generally quieter and more affordable. If you're looking to save some money and avoid other humans, consider traveling during the shoulder season (April, May, October, and November). The temperatures will still be warm, the waters still sparkling, and the ruins have been looking the same for quite some time, so we're sure the month won't make much of a difference.

SurfYogaBeer Greece

We like to hit up the islands at the end of the summer months for the strong sunshine and good vibes, but the best time for you depends on what you're looking for in a trip. Just remember to pack your sunscreen, your appetite for gyros, and your sense of adventure, and you'll have a great time no matter when you go.