Top Mexico City Recommendations


'Buendi' Amigos (my friends and I say that instead of 'buenos dias'), my name is Steph Currie, and I've been working and living in Mexico City for over a year now. I work at a boutique fitness studio called Commando, and I'm the head coach of the indoor cycling concept called BICI. I arrived in February 2023 with no friends and no clue of how to navigate this city; and I’m proud to say I’ve come a long way! Right now, I’m teaching 12 classes a week, have a growing community of locals, ex-pats and visitors, and I’ve been to some of the coolest places this massive city has to offer. Here’s my list of recommendations in Mexico City - let me know which ones I should try next.


This is a beautiful and prestigious neighborhood in CDMX. You'll find a lot of cool bars, designer shops, and gorgeous restaurants. I recommend you to walk on Masaryk and in Parque Lincoln. There is an area called "Polanquito" where you can find all the restaurants/bars. 


  • Pujolworld famous, the owner is one of the most important chefs in Mexico: Enrique Olvera. 
  • Blanco Castilar: lunch or dinner; fancy hacienda with amazing ambiance.
  • Campomarseafood restaurant great for lunch or dinner, always full with a crowd.
  • Beluga: beautiful restaurant, amazing seafood + oysters 
  • Animal: exotic restaurant with incredible sushi 
  • Senora Tanaka: big and vibey sushi restaurant that is always full, beautiful interior 
  • Quintonila close second to Pujol; famous Mexican restaurant on the Masaryk
  • Comedor Jacinta: home style Mexican food great for lunch or dinner
  • Mandolina: delicious breakfast and lunch; looks like the Amalfi Coast 
  • Cuerno: steak, international, really good vibes right on street level
  • Nobu: in Polanquito; it’s just like all the rest 
  • Diego y yo: great for dinner and lunch 
  • Brassi: great international food, cool vibe
  • Maison Belendelicious breakfast and lunch 
  • Ojo de Aguabreakfast on the go and a quick smoothie/coffee

-Animal Restaurant in Polanco

-Dog Walker in Condesa

-Beluga, in Polanco

Condesa & Roma Norte

These are different neighborhoods separated by Insurgentes Avenue, but the vibe is pretty much the same. This is considered as the trendy and maybe hipster area and it is characterized by small bars/restaurants with unique environments. Reminds us of the West Village a bit! 

I recommend walking on Amsterdam Street, Alvaro Obregon Avenue, Parque México, Parque Espana and Parque Río de Janeiro. But basically, walking around these neighborhoods is the best way to experience the Condesa/Roma experience as you will find art galleries, small cafes and interesting stores. 

Restaurants / Bars

-Freims, in Condesa

-La Docena in Roma Norte

Coyoacán and San Angel

These are two colonial neighborhoods. If you'll be there on Saturday, I recommend arriving around 12-1pm to Bazar del Sábado in San Angel. You'll see beautiful art in the San Jacinto park. There's also a market where you'll find beautiful Mexican crafts. 

Then, you can go to Coyoacán to visit: Casa Frida Kahlo, Mercado de Coyoacán, Centro de Coyoacán (catedral y la plaza), walk on Francisco Soza street. 

Restaurants / Bars

  • San Angel Inna classic Mexican restaurant where you can bring your family if they are visiting Mexico 
  • Bistro 83located near Parque San Jacinto. You can have a great lunch after shopping for beautiful Mexican crafts. 
  • Danzantesthis restaurant is located in Coyoacan. Great Mexican food and they own their own brand of mezcal
  • Corazón de Mezcalthis restaurant belongs to the same owner of Danzantes. Amazing food of Oaxaca and delicious mezcal
  • El Hijo del Cuervo: a classic bar of Coyoacan. Live music, good beers  

-Hotel Condesa DF, in Condesa

Mexico City's Best Tacos 

Mexico City is full of taquerias. This city is known for "tacos al pastor". Pastor is a kind of spicy pork that is cooked in something called "trompo". Tacos al pastor are very similar to shawarma, but its Mexican taste makes them much better : ) Mexico City has the best taquerias where you'll find the best tacos al pastor:  

  • Tacos Orinoco: this is our fave spot; the tacos are different and delicious and you definitely need to experience while you are here 
  • El Califaeasy, delicious tacos and really fast on Uber eats
  • FogoncitoVery similar to Farolito although there are not so many franchisees in the city, so if you find one, give it a try. 
  • Charco de las RanasA classic. Some people consider it as the best taqueria in Mexico City (Farolito is still my favorite one). 

-Beluge in Polanco

Rooftops / Outdoor Experiences 

-Supra, in Roma Norte

-Street in Condesa

Day Trips 

  • Hot air balloons in Teotihuacan - over the pyramids. You have to do this in the early morning at 6am so I only recommend it if you have a few spare days in CDMX. Book your excursion (including transportation) here. 
  • Canals in Xochimilco - boat day! 
  • Burrolandia -  if you're driving to Teotihuacan this is only a 20 minute drive further, so tag it along and visit the donkey! There were very few people here when we went so we got a personal full tour. My favorite part was riding the train and feeding the donkeys as they run next to you.
  • San Angel Inn for Lunch 

-Hot Air Balloons in Teotihuacan

-Burrolandia, in Otompan (15 min from Teotihuacan)

-Chapultepec Castle between Condesa and Polanco


-Museo Nacional de Antropologia

So there you have it, enjoy my recommendations of ciudad de Mexico. And if you ever join a SurfYogaBeer trip with us at Mexico, be sure to do a stop over in this amazing city for at least a few days!

- Steph Currie, SurfYogaBeer