8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Hike | Goat Yoga | Lunch | Brewery

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GOGA (Sunday, May 19, 2019)

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GOGA (Saturday, July 27, 2019)

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Welcome to your new fitness obsession: goat yoga. GOGA is like yoga... but with baby goats climbing on you while you chaturanga. Goats are affectionate and social and are guaranteed to make you smile and laugh during your sweat session. Get ready to ditch the city and namaste with some new furry friends.

We will depart from Union Square at 8:00AM. SYB will provide transportation. GOGA will take place with enough time for all of your insta-worthy pics. We will then go on an afternoon hike, then head to the brewery for lunch and end the day with craft brews before our drive back to the city.

You know this is going down as one of the most memorable moments of 2019. This is also your chance to see what the SYB community all about.



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8am Depart

We meet at Union Square (North West of the park by Paragon Sports). Look for the SYB van and a bunch of sexy people with Surf Yoga Beer gear drinking coffee.

We check you in and depart.

10am Goat Yoga

We meet our baby goats in their diapers and have our photo ops. We then continue with the actual yoga while goats run around. Then we feed them, play with them some more and say our goodbyes.

12pm Hike

Head off for the hike with a beautiful view point. Lot's of fresh air, good conversations, and some appetite buildimg.

2pm Lunch at Brewery

Beers and lunch, is there a better way to do this? We'll take a tour of the brewery, have some samples, and eat the provided lunch! We'll spend sometime chatting with our new friends before heading back to NYC.

4:30pm Head Back

Let the beer and lunch put you to sleep for the hour or so drive back home. Your day trip is over but your community just started, we'll see you on your next adventure.


about the goats

The goats are provided by our incredible partner, Tote’s Goats.

All of the goats are Nigerian dwarf. The 8 regulars are named Mini Mocha, Baby Bells, Joeybagadonuts, Mica, Shay, and Coconut, Rasha and Namaste. Tyler says "All of these goats have a forever home! There is no milking or eating of any of our animals. They have a happy and comfortable life with us, and we do not believe in our goats "aging out". Their personalities will not change much, just their size. Every year we will have new babies (males are fixed and females remain intact but are not bred), and the babies will come to the yoga classes when they are ready. But the goats that have been doing this from the start will always be involved as long as they are up to it!"


Can you handle it?

If you're afraid of goats please don't come to this event.

There will also be about a two hour hike, very mild, medium pace. Almost all levels, bring hiking shoes for this.

If you have an open mind and a sense of adventure we believe you can easily handle this advenure!

Going Alone

Yes, in fact that is recomended. We'd love you to be whoever you want on this adventure and bringing a friend could also bring old habits.

But we understand it is intimidating and hard because you feel like you don't know anyone... trust us, this is the way to go!