Pharaoh's Fiesta

Apr 27 - May 5 2024



Pharaoh's Fiesta

April 27 - May 5 2024

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Pharaohs, Temples and Beaches: An Egyptian Odyssey

Adventure in Egypt
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Pharaohs, Temples and Beaches: An Egyptian Odyssey

Welcome to Pyramids and Paradise, SYB’s 9-Day Egyptian Adventure! Starting from the bustling metropolis of Cairo, to the ancient city of Aswan, to the outdoor living museum of Luxor and finally to the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea on our deluxe sailing yacht. You'll start your trip in Cairo, the heart of Egypt, where you'll explore some of the most iconic ancient historical sites in the world, including the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx. Don't worry, our photographer will absolutely snap that pic of you on a camel with the pyramids in the background. The next day you're on a domestic flight to Aswan for a true historical tour away from tourist crowds. Here we'll stay in a traditional Nubian village (lux accommodations) along the Nile, enjoy water activities and visit unreal sites like the Philae Temple. But the true moment to geek out happens when we get to Luxor, where we'll visit the epic Valley of the Kings…and oh yeah, we’ll also fly over everything too during your hot air balloon day! And if you thought it can't get better, the next few days are spent adventuring and sleeping onboard a deluxe boat, playing water sports, banana boating, swimming with wild dolphins (we're not kidding) and setting up bonfires & BBQs on secluded islands throughout the Red Sea.

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Welcome to Cairo

Welcome to Cairo

Good Morning and Welcome to Cairo, Egypt! A City so rich in Ancient History, it’ll leave you mind blown! 

We’ll head right away to the Pyramids of Giza, where we’ll choose between a Camel Ride or ATV. Adding stop to Saqqara Necropolis

At Night, have Dinner at one of the best restaurants/bars in Cairo overlooking the Nile.

Overnight stay in Cairo at Novotel Borg Hotel.

Cairo to Aswan

Cairo to Aswan

We'll start with a workout, not too early, then breakfast at the hotel. We'll have an optional day for all the history buffs to visit the museum and spend some time really diving deep into those thousands of years of history. Then we check out and depart for Aswan in an included flight thats only an hour. We check into our hotel, and visit the Philae Temple. Later, we'll visit the Nubian Village for a show, dinner and, of course cocktails.

Swimming the Nile

Swimming the Nile

Big team workout, breakfast by the Nile, then take a day to soak it all in. We'll start by kayaking in the Nile, then enjoy a Feluka Ride with a stop for swimming in the Nile (one of the very few places in Egypt where the water is clean and safe for swimming). Hit up some more historical sites with our guides and then head back for our 'tropical theme' night. 

Welcome to Luxor

Welcome to Luxor

Wake up, workout and nutritious breakfast by the Nile and then we hit the road to Luxor (3 hours on the bus). Luxor is characterized as the "world's greatest open-air museum". We're visiting the tomb of Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings, enjoying sunset at the majestic temple of complexes of Karnak and of course enjoying a sexy dinner telling tales of all that we've learned with our squad! 

Our hotel is Jolie Villie right by the Nile... yep very sexy...

Balloon Day

Balloon Day

We wake up before the crack of dawn and take to our MF Balloon Day excursion! This is included, no need to pay extra for it. Later in the day, we'll go explore the West Bank, Temple of Hatshepsut and Colossi of Memnon. By the end of the day your old history teacher wouldn't believe how much you got to experience. Drinks and dinner back at our sexy hotel, and oh we've just gotten started because tonight is full of SYB scavenger games for many good laughs! 

Boat Day

Boat Day

We'll be up very early today because we're heading to Hurghada! It's gonna be our longest bus ride, but we're prepared with some bus games! Hurghada is a beach resort town where our deluxe boat will be waiting for us! Once onboard our first stop is a secluded island in the Red Sea (4 hours away), and that is where we spend the rest of the day with floaties, SUPs, kayaks, banana boat rides, ice box full of drinks, music and best part - it's just us! At night we'll get to do squid fishing, no worries if you don't catch anything we're eating fresh seafood either way! 

Island Adventure

Island Adventure

We'll enjoy breakfast onboard while we set sail for the most beautiful island in all of Egypt! This island has no shade, so we've brought our own tents to set up - we've also brought snorkeling gear, and for anyone wants to add this to their trip we'll have time set for optional scuba diving. Make sure you sign up beforehand so we can bring the equipment for you. Dinner is going to be a BBQ on the island, with a huge bon fire overlooking the millions of stars just as the ancient Egyptians used to do it.

Swimming with Dolphins

Swimming with Dolphins

Wake up by jumping into the gatorade blue colored sea, do a little workout on shore, take on a big breakfast then set sail to Erq Dolphin Reef (2 hours away). This place is one of the best places in the Red Sea to swim with wild dolphins.... you excited yet?

We'll sail around the reef, find more spots to snorkel and swim with our dolphin friends, then have dinner onboard for our last night together and the theme is all white! We have our closing ceremonies, shed some tears, put the music back on and enjoy our last night with a little boat party! 

A Sad Goodbye

A Sad Goodbye

After breakfast and one last swim we set sail back to Hurghada Marina. We'll checkout by 10am and then transfer to the Hurghada airport. It's best to find flights anytime after 12pm to be safe we'll make it. 

It's gonna be hard to say goodbye, but luckily this is just the start of many friendships you'll make on this adventure!

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  • 4 or 5 Star Accommodations
  • All Transportation
  • Full Fitness Programming
  • All Meals Unless Mentioned
  • 1 Night Cairo
  • 2 Nights Aswan
  • 2 Nights Luxor
  • 3 Nights Deluxe Boat
  • Nile Dinner Experience
  • SYB Welcome Package
  • Pyramids Tour
  • Aswan Tour
  • Luxor Tour
  • Camel Ride
  • Cairo Museum
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride in Luxor
  • Domestic Flight to Aswan
  • Kayaking the Nile
  • Swimming with Dolphins
  • Banana Boat Rides
  • Squid Fishing
  • Beach Bon Fire & BBQ
  • Nubian Dinner Show
  • Feluka Ride on the Nile
  • All Historical Site Entrances
  • Photographer + Videographer
  • Services of SYB Adventure Leaders


  • International Flights
  • 2 Lunches
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Optional Massages
  • Travel Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Optional Scuba Diving



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I don’t know if I will ever make my way back to Egypt but I do know with certainty that I will never forget this adventure or the friends that I made on it. @surfyogabeer will forever be a choice for me when adventure calls my name. Thank you for the amazing times and amazing memories. Here’s to many more trips with this crew SYB 🤙🏼



Somehow, all my life I was pretty sure that one day, I would get here & see this wonder. The pyramids, these giant history book that never ends. Thank You @surfyogabeer fam, I’m beyond greatful to be my friend when my friends are too married, too afraid or too disinterested. 🤍 (The video is from the inside of the pyramid & the blurry, totally wet ghost upstairs is also me.) #humpday #sybegypt #sevenwondersoftheworld #pyramidsofgiza #egypt



Trip photo drop just in time to start the countdown for the next one 💃🏼✈️🇪🇬🐪 #sybegypt



Life’s pretty fckn cool rn✨ #SYBegypt #surfyogabeer



Yalla yalla binaa 🫡 We had hard time exploring each & every attractions but finally did a great job. #sybegypt #queenofegypt #yallayalla #habibis



✌️out @surfyogabeer Egypt. Thanks @shriner505 @duncan_it @juliana.jpg @adam_frater @markharrison4 for leading such an amazing trip #sybegypt. .



An absolute dream ✨ #sybegypt

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We will explore the ancient wonders of Egypt and the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea.

First stop, Cairo! We'll be visiting the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Valley Temple. But we're not just going to be gawking at giant rocks, we've got an Egyptologist throwing us some deep history bombs. All you influencers will also get a chance to ride a camel and grab a picture with the pyramids in the background... not just any picture but a professional one from our group photographer. 

After all that taste of culture and history, we'll be heading to Aswan, away from the tourists and into ancient Egyptian sites. This is the only place where the Nile is clean enough to swim in, so jump in! We'll also be kayaking and taking a Feluka ride on the Nile for the true experience! But don't think we'll be slacking off the whole time, we'll also be fitting in some fitness activities with morning workouts and yoga.

Next up we head to Luxor where we explore famous ancient temples like the Valley of the Kings. This is known as the "world's greatest open-air museum". And the next day we even have a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the very same temple. Ya.. it's included in the trip ticket price.

After all this historical touring it's time for 3-nights sailing the Red Sea from secluded island to secluded island, playing water sports, banana boats, snorkeling, and even optional scuba diving if you'd like. We're going to set up BBQ's and bon fires on the beaches, bring coolers full of drinks to the beaches, and play some funky music till we die. Best part, we're going to the Erq Dolphin Reef where we'll swim with wild dolphins... 

And of course this is an SYB trip, so expect epic private themed parties, mother f@#kin' boat days, crazy desert experiences, and a batch of new best friends for life... we say it, you read it, but its' god damn true! 

Arrive in Cairo on April 27th, before 10am. We will greet you at the airport and take you to the hotel. But fair warning, today is going to be a full day of exploring!

Depart on May 5th from Hurghada to wherever you are going next. We will have a morning checkout from the boat in the marina at 10am, feel free to travel at anytime after 12pm this day. 

We'll ask you 4-weeks prior to the trip to 'check-in' within the booking account where we collect your flight info, passport info, etc.

We are going 4-5 stars, baby! If you book a private room, you will have your own space and private bathroom throughout the trip. For a shared room, you will have one roomie for the entire trip, with two separate beds in the room. This trip is luxurious, and you will feel it no matter the room you book!

In Cairo we will stay at the Novotel Borg Hotel.

In Aswan we will stay at the Anakato Nubian House.

In Luxor we will stay at the Jolie Ville Hotel.

In Hurghada we will stay on our deluxe boat.

We pick you up from the airport and travel as the pack throughout the trip; no one is alone! 

This trip includes a domestic flight in it's price. We're taking EgyptAir flight MS084, departing Cairo at 16:35 and arriving to Aswan at 17:55. You'll get to bring one piece of luggage at 23kgs and a carry on.

We also have two days on a bus. One is from Aswan to Luxor which is about 3 hours. The other is Luxor to Harghada which is about 4 hours.

Lastly, we have a few days sailing. These are on a deluxe large boat and they don't rock as much as smaller boats and also our waters are calm, but just to be safe it could be a good idea to bring any medicine you might need.

FYI: You'll need to find your departure flight from Hurghada anytime after 12pm on our last day.

Every day we'll clean up after you...so feel free to enjoy yourself while on vacation! 

All food is included; lunches or food outside the hotels are not included as you are often out enjoying excursions and eating in smaller groups. 

Also, alcohol is not included but we'll give you plenty of chances to pick some up!

Part of the SYB lifestyle is enjoying fresh and local cuisines. Egyptian cuisine relies heavily on vegetables and legumes but also incorporates beef, lamb and chicken into the culture, primarily in grilling. 

Koshary is Egypt's national dish and is an Egyptian staple, mixing pasta, rice and brown lentils, topped with a zesty tomato sauce and garlic vinegar and garnished with chickpeas and crispy fried onions.

We get to have a few dinners at local restaurants, so get excited to explore local areas & indulge in the cuisines and culture!

The best days are days spent on a boat. We will take a private deluxe boat sailing around the Red Sea, get ready to see stunning white sand beaches, snorkel, and enjoy fresh foods!

After a late night, you may not want to wake up and join us for a workout, but we highly suggest it! Included in your trip, the boot camps and yoga sessions keep us energized - there is nothing better than waking up and sweating with your new friends! Our world-class trip leaders know how to start your day the best way, with a good workout to prime us for a day of adventuring. 

This experience is included in trip fees. 

No need to whip out your phone or camera at any point throughout this trip because we have got you covered. We will have a professional photographer and videographer joining us on this trip to capture every moment. These will be the best travel photos and videos you will ever get - you're friends better be ready for a photo dump out of their wildest dreams!!

This experience is included in trip fees. 

We highly recommend you get travel and/or medical insurance. This is just for emergencies or unforeseen circumstances. 

Please read out cancelation policy, but you have until 28 days before the trip starts to push the credit towards another trip.

We'll be doing some adventures throughout this trip that require a bit of self-awareness of the surrounding area. Remember, this is the Egypt and it's hot!

Dehydration is a common cause of feeling unwell, please drink lots of water.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol. Of course, you will want to enjoy a few beers the first night. However, don't make yourself a liability. Nobody wants to have to look after a drunk person. Tropical hangovers are a nightmare, and you don't want to miss out on daily activities if you are trying to recover from the night before!

Your skin will burn easily in the desert, and especially ya'll winter hibernating New Yorkers. So get the proper gear and protection!

There have been no incidents that we've heard of or come across that would have us concerned. You are safe in the area and very safe if you stay with us; our accommodations are very secure and many have several guards working 24/7.

Of course you can! The hardest part about our adventures is making the decision to join. It can be intimidating to sign up for a group adventure on your own, but we promise you, you are in good hands. 

Come alone and leave with an incredible group of friends. The connections you make are easy and strong... by the time you leave the airport you will have goosebumps by meeting everyone new!

As we begin this trip, we will meet in Cairo and fly into Cairo International Airport (CAI). 

Cairo is Egypt's capital city and is the second largest city in Africa. Set on the Nile River, the largest river in the world, the city is beyond rich in history and culture. With markets, bazaars, and a trove of antiquities and artifacts, Cairo has a ton to explore. Nearby, Giza is the sight of the famous pyramids and the Sphinx. 

Aside from Cairo, we will also be heading to Aswan, Luxor and Harghada in Red Sea. It is known for its sheltered, sandy beaches, clear water and coral reefs. 

The Egyptian Pound is the currency of Egypt. It is best practice to use Pounds in Egypt, but travellers will find the best rates once they arrive. 

USD, British Pounds and Euros are the most accessible currencies to convert once you arrive. Cairo International Airport has many 24-hour banks to complete these transactions. 

Most credit and debit cards are accepted at most restaurants, businesses and retailers. 

ATMs are widely available throughout Cairo and most tourist areas of Egypt, but we urge you to prepare and withdraw cash at the airport for ease & best conversion rates!

We suggest bringing E£300 to E£400 to use at bars, a few of our dinners, or for any shopping, but otherwise, we've got you covered! 

Drinking tap water in Egypt is not recommended due to the high chlorine levels. The water is considered safe in Cairo but bottled, and filtered water is readily available and recommended. 

Egypt is safe for travelers, but with any travel, risk is always associated. There are risks of petty crime and pickpockets - we suggest not carrying all your valuables with you. 

Our accommodations will have safes for us to leave our valuables in, and we suggest leaving all important items in the safe while we are out exploring - but maybe keep your Yeezys and nice jewelry at home!



Adventure with your best friends you haven't met yet!



Cancelled trips will hold as credit if notified up to 28 days prior.



We are inclusive. Fitness and adventure belongs to everyone.