June 28 - July 4 2024




June 28 - July 4 2024

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7 Days / 6 Nights - 4 nights in Merano at the 4-Star Prinz Rudolf, 2 nights in Venice at the Generator. Select from shared rooming, private in Merano + shared in Venice or a private room for the entire trip.



Hike the Dolomites and Cruise through Venice

Adventure in Italy
Fitness and Adventure Holidays

Hike the Dolomites and Cruise through Venice

Strap on your boots, it's time to trek Europe’s most beautiful hiking destination - the Italian Dolomites. We are setting up basecamp in the famous mountain spa town of Merano: medieval castles, biergartens, one of Italy’s premier spas, and oh yes, world class hiking at your doorstep. Every great explorer in history has taken on the Alps, and this is your turn! Better yet, each hike has a number of Rifugios (Italian huts) along the trails, each with their own bar and local cuisine. Imagine hiking five beautiful miles and then stopping for a half liter of lager and a homemade risotto! The last three days of our adventure we'll make our way to Venice and even partake in SYB's famous MF BOAT DAY 'Venice Edition'. Channel your inner Italian Job, and once museum fatigue hits us, we're headed straight into town - we've scoped out the trendiest bars and clubs to keep the nights alive. So pack your best hiking gear and your sexiest outfit, we're doing all good things in balance, welcome to #SYBDolomites. *And yes, these pics are all taken by our photographer who's coming to take pics of you in the same places...

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Arrive at Venice, Italy airport by 1pm to make the SYB shuttle to our hotel in Merano for the next four nights. We’ll get to know each other, break out a quick stretch and work out to shake off the travel fatigue, take in the incredible views of the stunning Dolomites with a refreshing Venetian Spritz in one of the hip bars in town... yea our tiny town is known for it's nightlife too! 



Today we head right out our front door to get familiar with the dolomites we hike to the famous Rifugio Merano, there we can enjoy a local beer or wine and sample some of northern Italy’s famous mountain cuisine. Then we can either hike down or take a nearby lift back to the hotel. Spend the afternoon exploring the town and castle of Merano, brush elbows with the locals and then head back to our hotel to hit the spa while watching the sun go down over the majestic mountains we just conquered.



You wanted Dolomites, you’ll get them. We will wake up early to beat the crowds and hike the world famous Seceda trails. Iconic, yes. Breathtakingly beautiful, oh yes. Along the trail we will stop at some the more famous Italian Rifugios for food and refreshments. Don’t forget a camera on this one! Tired legs need one thing, an infinity pool overlooking the mountains. We’ll head back to the hotel to decompress and relax. 



Today we take the mountain pass to the high alpine fields of Alpe di Siusi, rifugios and malgas (farms) dot the unbelievable skyline, we can either do a summit hike, or take it easy and stroll from hut to hut sampling the beer and strudel. Upon returning we will head down and enjoy the afternoon in style at the famous Merano Thermal Spa (optional) and dinner out on the town. 



After 3 days of incredible hiking. We’ll take the scenic drive to Venice, get checked in to our hotel and take in the sites. A food tour option awaits those looking to sample some Italy’s finest cuisine. And get ready for some serious clubs. 



Tired legs need one thing, MF Boat day. You’ve seen the Italian Job, you’ve seen Mission Impossible, now it’s time for SYB to take over the Venice Canals the only way we know how. Is there anything more scenic than Venice by boat, you tell me. 



Our SYB shuttle will depart at 6:30am in the morning to get you on your international flight. If you are sticking around; you can stay at the hotel until our 10am checkout. 

Until next time... or until we throw our next party because this SYB friendship just started!

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  • Accommodations
  • All Transportation
  • Full Fitness Programming
  • 6 Breakfasts
  • 4 Dinners
  • Guided Hikes
  • Historic Tour of Venice
  • Venice Boat Day
  • Theme Parties
  • SYB Welcome Package
  • Photographer + Videographer
  • Services of SYB Adventure Leaders


  • International Flights
  • Lunches in Town
  • 2 Dinners in Town
  • Optional Thermal Spa
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Tips for Guides
  • Travel Insurance
  • Medical Insurance

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Food & Drink

Fitness Programming

Photography & Videography

Travel & Medical Insurance

What's Good in Merano, Italy

What's Good in Venice, Italy

Money in Italy

Safety in Italy

See the full detailed guide the guests get once they book HERE


Arrive to Venice International airport (VCE) by 12pm to catch the SYB shuttle, no worries if you can't make that we can alway set you up with some trusted transport services if needed.


We'll have our early transport service take everyone back to Venice Airport (VCE) by 8am. Either way our check out is at 10am from out hotel. If you choose to stay in the area for longer, we can recommend some private drivers.

In Merano we're staying at the 4-star hotel Prinz Rudolf Smart Hotel. It's just 300 meters from the Meran cable-way, located amongst rich forest and apple orchards, and offers a peaceful setting, with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Prinz Rudolf Smart Hotel is set in a perfect position to enjoy trekking in the summer. The hotel has a beautiful outdoor pool and wellness facilities with two saunas.

In Venice, we're staying the Generator, a very social waterfront granary-turned-hostel on Venice's Giudecca island. It is a 2-minute walk from a vaporetto stop (our water taxi stop) and 1.3 km from both the Piazza San Marco and Saint Mark's Basilica. The rustic-chic private rooms come with en suite bathrooms and multi-bed rooms have a shared larger bathroom. With a 24/7 staff, bar, a Giudecca Terrace right on the water in front of San Marco Square, a beautiful social centric restaurant with daily live music and cocktails, this is our perfect location to take on a lively city and nightlife.

We will provide all meals except two dinners; one in Merano and one in Venice and lunches in town. These are opportunities to try out some really amazing smaller restaurants that can't accommodate big groups like ours.

Alcohol will not be provided.

Bring cash to buy drinks for yourself, or even your new friends if you’re feeling sexy!

The Merano town and it's region especially are known for these dishes:

  1. Speck: Speck is a cured and smoked ham that is a specialty of South Tyrol, including the Merano region. It is a delicious and flavorful cold cut that can be enjoyed on its own or as part of various dishes.
  2. Schlutzkrapfen: Schlutzkrapfen are a type of filled pasta similar to ravioli. They are often stuffed with ingredients such as spinach and cheese, making them a popular and savory choice in the region.
  3. Apple Strudel (Apfelstrudel): Apple strudel is a classic dessert in the Merano region, made with thinly rolled pastry filled with apples, sugar, cinnamon, and sometimes nuts. It's a delightful and iconic sweet treat that you should definitely try when visiting the area.

And Venice, Italy is known for these:

  1. Cicchetti: Cicchetti are small, bite-sized snacks or appetizers that are a staple of Venetian cuisine. They are often served in bars and eateries throughout Venice. Common cicchetti include bruschetta, small sandwiches, marinated seafood, olives, and various spreads.
  2. Risotto al Nero di Seppia: Risotto al nero di seppia is a famous Venetian dish made with risotto rice cooked with squid ink. This dish has a distinctive black color and a rich, seafood flavor. It's a must-try for seafood lovers in Venice.
  3. Sarde in Saor: Sarde in saor is a traditional Venetian dish consisting of marinated sardines. The sardines are typically fried and then marinated in a sweet and sour sauce made from onions, vinegar, and raisins. It's a unique and flavorful dish that reflects the region's maritime heritage.

We're going to be very active on the trails, so our fitness programming is going to be mainly warm-up and recover based. We'll combine that with our hotel's saunas and spa to really get your body ready for any epic trails we throw your way!

No need to whip out your phone or camera at any point throughout this trip because we have got you covered. We will have a professional photographer and videographer joining us on this trip to capture every moment. These will be the best travel photos and videos you will ever get - you're friends better be ready for a photo dump out of their wildest dreams!!

This experience is included in trip fees. 

We highly recommend you get travel and/or medical insurance. This is just for emergencies or unforeseen circumstances. 

Merano is a sexy little town in northern Italy known for the unreal alpine mountains and natural thermal baths... a perfect combo for us!

Other cool known things about Merano include:

  1. Alpine Setting: Merano is situated in a picturesque Alpine landscape, surrounded by the stunning peaks of the Italian and Austrian Alps. Its natural beauty, with mountains, valleys, and a mild climate, makes it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and nature lovers.
  2. Thermal Baths and Wellness: Merano is famous for its thermal baths and spa facilities. The town has a long history of offering relaxation and wellness opportunities, with several thermal spas and wellness centers that make it a popular destination for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.
  3. Historical Charm: Merano boasts a charming and well-preserved old town with colorful buildings, narrow streets, and historic architecture. The town's history can be traced back to the Roman era, and it has a rich cultural heritage.
  4. Gardens and Parks: Merano is known for its beautiful gardens and parks, including the renowned Trauttmansdorff Castle Gardens (Giardini di Castel Trauttmansdorff). These gardens showcase a wide variety of plants and offer visitors a pleasant and educational experience.
  5. Apples and Agriculture: The region around Merano is known for its apple orchards and fruit cultivation. South Tyrol is a major apple-producing area in Italy, and visitors can explore apple-themed attractions and enjoy fresh, locally grown produce.
  6. Festivals: Merano hosts various cultural events and festivals throughout the year, celebrating its local traditions and heritage. These events often include music, food, and cultural exhibitions.

If you're really asking this question you need a history lesson ASAP. Otherwise you should know Venice, Italy, is an enchanting city where streets are replaced by canals and gondolas glide through historic waterways. It's a place of breathtaking architecture, like St. Mark's Basilica and the Doge's Palace, and a carnival that's straight out of a dream. You can watch glassblowers create art on Murano, savor seafood risotto, and dance with the tides in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. By the way, it's sinking, so unless you go now with us you might just never see it...

The local currency in Italy is Euros. Italy does not accept international currency outside banks or money exchange institutions. 

We suggest bringing about €300 to €400 to use at bars and a few of our dinners (bring more if you're worried about running out!), but otherwise, we've got you covered! For reference, the average price of an alcoholic drink is €12. 

There are ATMs in both Merano and Venice. If you are planning on using an ATM, inform your bank that you are traveling abroad, and beware of additional fees for withdrawing money. We suggest withdrawing money in your home country!

Northern Italy is incredibly safe for travelers! The only risks we may experience are pickpockets or scammers. 

Our accommodations will have safes for us to leave our valuables in, and we suggest leaving all important items in the safe while we are out exploring - but maybe keep your Yeezys and nice jewelry at home!



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