Island Hopping

Feb 17 - 26 2024


Island Hopping

February 17 - 26 2024

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Book Your Spot

10 Days / 9 Night - 1 night in El Nido, 1 night in local luxury farm, 4 nights remote island hopping, 1 night in Coron and 1 night in Manila

$3,250.00 PER PERSON

DEPOSIT $812.50

Disconnect with technology and reconnect with nature

Adventure in Philippines
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Disconnect with technology and reconnect with nature

We're heading to Palawan Island, voted the most beautiful island in the world by Conde Nast in 2017. A rare adventure; we'll be spending the days lounging on a private boat and touring various exclusive islands. We'll get our endorphin kick with daily beach workouts. For all of the Insta addicts, we'll have a professional photographer on deck to capture candid photos of you living your best life. In between all of the excitement, you'll need a traditional massage - we've got it all covered. End each day watching the breathtaking sunset and having a drink with remarkable people who share your adventurous and positive spirit. Listen to the sound of the ocean as you doze off in your open beach cabanas, ready for another day of being active, getting your drink on, and adventuring in the Palawan archipelago. Space is limited to 22 guests because of island hut capacity.

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February 17, 2024

We'll all meet at the airport of El Nido and head through Palawan to our hotel for the first night! We'll ride a 'jeepney', check into our hotel, and most importantly jump into the water for a sunset ocean dip to get soak in the negative ions of the ocean and wash off the long flight. Tonight is our orientation, and our first family dinner and drinks together! Your first taste of paradise...



February 18, 2024

After our first morning beach workout, we'll head into El Nido for one last supply run. This town has everything you need that you might be missing; sarong, sunscreen, and smirnoff ice... joking but not joking... 

For lunch we'll take our private Jeepny (Filipino buses) to a very sexy luxury farm. Here we'll see the locals making everything from their farm. This includes soaps, shampoo, all the food, and even the local drink! We'll have some of the best meals in your life, including a 5-course farm to table experience with delicacies you've never even heard of -coconut water soup, coconut chocolate creme brulee! Enjoy the secluded beach, watch the sun go down and then it's a fire show before we retire to our first night in huts.



February 19, 2024

A good night sleep will lead to a strong morning workout followed by a fueled breakfast! After prepping for our 5 night island hopping journey we board the traditional Filipino boat that will be taking us from island to island. This is as close as it gets to that movie location with Leonardo DiCaprio, The Beach, which means you're about to set your eyes on true paradise.



February 20, 2024

Wake up with the sunrise, grab coffee (w/ coconut creamer) and crush a beach bootcamp followed by a delicious egg breakfast from the chickens next door. Here, we will take time to do nothing; soak in where we are and place our mind and bodies in-sync with the environment for nonstop play. After lunch, pack up and head to our next island: fresh coconut pińa coladas, snorkeling and massages (these are included) await us!



February 21, 2024

We'll snorkel some of the most secluded islands, shipwrecks, and learn about the local waters of Palawan. After enjoying the natural unreal beauty, our leaders have set up some fun scavenger hunting games, and for some reason this is always a favorite on every trip, it's gonna get wild and you're all alone on this island!



February 22, 2024

Another day in paradise! These islands are almost completely uninhabited so it's our private oasis. Remember; we are the party. From sunset yoga to epic dance parties to late night star gazing with deep conversations that you'll remember for years to come; this is a special place. 



February 23, 2024

One last day hopping around, and this one leads up to one of our favorite islands. This one has a residential staff living on the island learning to be professional masseuses, so it's time for a well deserved massage (oh it's included in your ticket)

This island also have a small jungle gym, volleyball court (SYB vs Boat Crew) and one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world while dressing up for our all-white themed party!



February 24, 2024

When we get to Coron, we will head to our hotel. After check in, we'll conquer the Mount Tapyas Hike with it's 700 stairs! We've got a big night that night, welcome to the party town!



February 25, 2024

We've included a domestic flight (check the FAQ), we'll all board together and head towards Manila. Once you fly into Manila, we check-in at the hotel and go straight to our historical tour of Manila in the old district! Sooo much to explore here!

Our night ends at a rooftop restaurant and bar with classy view!



February 26, 2024

It's time to say goodbye, time time to look at our photos, and think back at how we lived for a week going from island to island, eating all the local sea food, and drinking an unearthly amount of ginger tea.

Now it's time for another SYB trip ASAP before the reality hits.

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  • Private Chef
  • 8 Dinners
  • 10 Lunches
  • 10 Breakfasts
  • All Transportation
  • Full Fitness Programming
  • Yoga Sessions
  • Beach Games
  • Daily Hut Preparation
  • SYB Welcome Package
  • Unlimited Booze With Our Bartender!
  • Unlimited Freshly Made Ginger Tea
  • Private Bartender
  • 60 Minute Massage
  • Night in Manila
  • Historical Tour Manila
  • Themed Parties
  • Photographer + Videographer
  • Services of SYB Adventure Leaders


  • International Flights
  • Domestic Flights
  • Gratuities to Guides + Drivers
  • Drinks at Outside Bars
  • Dinner in Manila
  • Medical Insurance
  • Travel Insurance



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My tiger lily 🌸 and tropic thunder ⚡️ I don’t even know where to begin or how to explain the experiences and connections I recently made 💛 To live truly off the grid with genuine souls, nourish my body with fresh local food, feel the salt and sand in every crevice of my body 🫶🏼 Words can never explain the freedom felt hopping from island to island and making deeper connections with nature and these amazing humans 🕊️ Thank you for the lifetime memories 🫶🏼 @surfyogabeer #SYBPalawan



🏝️ 🛖 ☀️ What a whirlwind adventure! Sailing the Philippine islands, sleeping in huts on the beach, and fully disconnecting from the outside world was exactly what I needed to recharge. This trip really pushed me out of my everyday comfort zone and forced me to be present and experience life to the fullest! Always leveling up the travel experience with @surfyogabeer These trips and these people give me life. It’s a different kind of people who love to travel and meet new people and I can’t wait to see where our next adventure takes us!



Reminiscing one of the best trips of my life. Last night @kenfrancisphotos dropped a collection of amazing pictures that made me relive happier times. With no social media or connection to the real world, I got to connect with 26 strangers for a whole week while doing island hopping in the middle of the Philippines. I miss these people who became family, waking up right next to the ocean, the bucket showers ( or no showers), jungle juice, not wearing clothes ever, braiding everyone’s hair, handstand and twerking workshops, sandy workouts, speedos, pirates suits, crying in the middle of the day, sunset yoga, swimming to night camp....and The list goes on and on. Instagram only allows 10 pics per post, it was really tough to choose (so you can definitely expect a PartII). #SYBpalawan #SurfYogaBeer 📸: @kenfrancisphotos ✈️: @surfyogabeer



Spent a week island hopping with (what started as) a group of 25 strangers while largely disconnected from the modern world & it was more incredible than I ever imagined it could be. Beyond thankful for every part of the experience, esp the crew that made it all a reality @mantaszvinas @nikkibeatrice @adam_frater @shriner505 @kenfrancisphotos @saxbycsharp @surfyogabeer #SYBPalawan



This is paradise #sybpalawan 8 days, 26 strangers on a boat island hopping through Palawan Philippines Sleeping in beach huts with no to limited cell service/ electricity & NO running water & YET... eating the freshest food, swimming in the most picturesque water, having daily workouts & evening yoga on the beach, enjoying beautiful sunsets, connecting with fellow adventurers, having nightly dance parties, admiring the stars & truly living in the moment & best of all not feeling the need to be on my phone & having the chance to reconnect with my culture 🇵🇭 Pictures truly don’t give the experience justice but will definitely be posting plenty ❤️M Special S/O to SYB leaders @mantasvintas @shriner505 @nikkibeatrice @adam_frater & to @kenfrancisphotos for making us all feel beautiful while living like lord of the flies



Somebody pinch me!



Do you know who you are ? Have you ever been forced to just be you ? A body with a soul and heart. Take away your job and what that means to you. Take away your clothes and your style , take away your makeup and be able to smile confidently. Take away your followers/social media- are you lonely? Take away your apartment and comfy bedding. Take away your friends who know your habits. Are you happy with who are ? There are so many things that we identify ourselves to that make us feel better about ourselves , but take them away and you are left with your core. Are you able to just be you when you have nothing ? What happens when you lose everything ? Just thoughts after my @surfyogabeer #sybphilippines trip ✌🏼#travel #worldtraveler #islandgirl #adventure #philippines #elnido #palawan



Just taking a nap. #sybpalawan #surfyogabeer



A short story about what happens when you strip on the beach in front of a family eating lunch on vacation 🏝🥥🥥 @surfyogabeer #SYBPalawan #throwback 📸: @kenfrancisphotos



3 surprises from Palawan: The kindness and curiosity of the local kiddos, Palawan yoga puppies, and how underrated sarongs are... #surfyogabeer #sybpalawan



Wishing we were back on island time • An unforgettable 8 days spent island hopping by boat through the Philippines, sleeping in beach huts on different islands with no showers, electricity, or phone service ~ but had lots of mosquitos, lost boys, jellyfish, stonefish, workouts, dance parties, and even a 🎷 (thanks @saxbycsharp) • Thankful for this experience with an amazing group of people #SYBPalawan

trip faqs


Can you handle it?

Philippines Travel Requirments

Registration + Payment

Self Care

Going Alone


Malaria, Mosquitos and Sandflies

Safety and Security in the Region

Seasickness and Travel Times

Sleeping Arrangements

Bathroom Situation

Photography & Videography

The Location

Money in the Philippines

Let's Talk Water

Safety in the Philippines

Most of our guests come from NYC, so we have these recommended flight. Try to use them as reference for arrival times. And you can always give us a call if you need help with flights as it might seem complicated.

Recommended flight from NYC:

Philippines Airlines (PR 127) Nonstop from JFK to Manila departing February 16 (Friday) at 1:35 am and arriving the next day (February 17) at 7:50 am at Manila International Airport. This is a 15hour flight.

Recommended flight from Manila:

 Philippines Airlines (PR 126) Nonstop from Manila to JFK departing February 26 (Monday) at 8:30 pm and arriving the same day at 11:15pm at JFK in New York City. 

Recommended flights from Manila to El Nido:

Air-Swift nonstop flight from Manila to El Nido departing February 17 (Saturday) at 11 am. This is a 1hr 25min flight.

*You can always catch the later flights to El Nido; there are several throughout the day. We will stay in contact with you and arrange your transportation.

Recommended flight back to Manila from Coron:

Look for a flight that will leave anytime on February 25 (Sunday) anytime after 11 am from Coron Airport back to Manila. Several airlines provide. We will send specific recommendations via email.


You'll need to arrive in Manila on the morning of the start date to make any of the connecting flights. Please check the Air-Swift website for flights. We will have transportation waiting for us at El Nido airport, and our hotel is only a quick 10-minute trip from the airport in El Nido.

Before applying to this adventure, you must understand that this is not a yoga retreat, tour, hotel or luxury experience. Instead, this is a journey to the most remote islands in Palawan.

  • If you cannot survive without Instagram, this is not for you.
  • If you have trouble waking up early af to roosters, this is not for you.
  • If you are afraid of basic toilets, this is not for you.
  • If mosquitos love you and can't handle it, this is not for you.
  • If getting stung by a jellyfish makes you hyperventilate, this is not for you.
  • If you need to be connected to work, this is not for you.

But believe us, if you can take these challenges with us, then welcome to one of the greatest experiences of your life!

AS OF SEPTEMBER 13, 2022: Unvaccinated foreign nationals will not be allowed admission into the Philippines

  • Deposit: 25% deposit is used to secure your spot and goes toward your full payment. The deposit is non-refundable or transferable.
  • The remaining balance is divided into three additional payments, with the full payment due 6-weeks before the adventure's start date.
  • Trip credit (less deposit) may be transferred towards a future trip (within 12 months) up to 30 days before the start of the trip.
  • Please note that there are absolutely no refunds or deposit transfers for cancellations within 30 days of the trip. We strongly encourage all participants to purchase trip insurance to be safe.

Now, typically we take care of you on our adventures, but this trip is a little different as it requires you to be aware of your surroundings. We require everyone to take out their own travel insurance. It is ok if you are not a strong swimmer; just let us know. Everyone will get a safety orientation on the trip.

A rash guard to help protect against small critters stinging you in these tropical waters will help. So will rash shoes for the reefs we'll be exploring.

Dehydration is a common cause of accidents and feeling unwell. You will be required to bring your own refillable water bottle and drink lots of water.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol. Of course, you will want to enjoy a few beers and try some of the local rum around the first night. However, don't make yourself a liability. Nobody wants to have to look after a drunk person. Tropical hangovers are a nightmare, and you don't want to miss out on daily activities if you are trying to recover from the night before!

Your skin will burn easily in the tropics, especially ya'll winter hibernating New Yorkers. So get the proper gear and protection!

Yes, in fact, that is recommended. We'd love you to be whoever you want on this adventure, and bringing a friend could also bring old habits.

But we understand it is intimidating and challenging because you feel like you don't know anyone... trust us, this is the way to go!

This is going to be a huge highlight for most of us. The menu will be based on traditional Filipino cooking using fresh seafood, vegetables, fruit and rice. We eat our fish direct from the fisherman as we travel through the islands. So don't expect too much red meat. You can also fish from the boat to catch your own supper! 

Our chefs will always serve fruit and vegetable-based dishes, so vegans and vegetarians are welcome!

Up-to-date and accurate information about all aspects of Malaria, including risks and prevention, is readily available via the web. Because it is a complex and rapidly changing issue, we do not want to recommend whether or not to take malaria medication. Many of us will take it, though, and we'll share which medication once you book.

Northern Palawan is generally a low-risk area. However, occasionally it comes in small outbreaks, and consequently, local health officials will have a warning. We will be advised and pass on the warning to our travellers. It is not very common for an outbreak during our season from November to the end of May. Be more cautious about Dengue fever which is more common and can be contracted anywhere in southeast Asia, especially in towns and cities. There is no medicine to prevent catching Dengue, so be always cautious. Dengue and Malaria normally appears mid the monsoon season which is July-September.

It is advised to minimize the risk of Malaria and Dengue through bit avoidance. Please bring lots of mosquito repellent and long sleeve clothing. It is also advisable when with children. In town, it is better to get air-conditioned rooms because mosquitoes are most active early in the morning/ late afternoon. Towns and larger populations have more disease-carrying mosquitoes than those small islands and villages.

Our sleeping arrangements on the islands are set up near the beach, where we get a breeze, thus reducing mosquitoes, and we'll have nets set up for sleeping. Unfortunately, sandflies are very common on beaches. Although some people react badly to sand-fly bites, long sleeves during sunset are advised for those special folks who attract mosquitoes and sand-flies.

Kwan Loong oil is the best ointment or repellent for mosquitoes and sandflies, a Singaporean mentholated oil. It has been tried and tested by the locals there for years. Of course, you have to re-apply every 30min, but it is effective and much safer than any DEET products. Try to get it before coming to Palawan from Asian pharmacies. We'll also bring some, just in case!

You might have researched this beforehand. Yes, some areas of the Philippines have a red mark for many Government Travel Foreign Offices' advice because of the separatist problem of the extreme south. But Palawan and the rest of the northern islands are far away from the southern Mindanao region. Unfortunately, unlike other Asian tourist destinations, the Philippines government has no say or control over these red warnings. The story of the islands with 'pirates' is as old as the Ming dynasty merchant sailing this part of the world. Also, the Coastguard or Navy are always present in the area (securing the Shell/Chevron gas/oil platform rigs). We may ask, 'How safe is your hometown/city?' which often puts the perceived risks of exploring less familiar parts of the world into perspective.

Expect the boat journey to be 1-2 hours from stop to stop. We spend as much time exploring islands and the reef until we're ready to go. The only time we need to consider is the arrival at the base camp before dusk, 5-6 PM.

We are sailing in the Philippines on a traditional Paraw - historically used by locals for fishing and transporting goods. The first night we will stay in an air-conditioned hotel in El Nido - this way, we can all become acclimatized to the region. Then the rest of the trip will be spent in open bamboo beach huts called Tuka's. Everyone gets a mattress, pillow, mosquito net and fresh bedding set at all accommodations. We will not sleep on the boat but a different island every night as we sail on our private Paraw.There is no 24-hour electricity on the islands, solar chargers on the boats, and generators at some of our Tuka basecamp. So there will be chances to charge batteries on some nights, but don't worry, you won't want to use your phone anyways! 

While on the boats, there will be basic toilets with a bucket to flush. The base camps will have toilets but no plumbing. It will also be bucket flush. It is always kept clean. Yes, this is a third-world country. You put the paper in the trash, not the toilet.

No need to whip out your phone or camera at any point throughout this trip because we have got you covered. We will have a professional photographer and videographer joining us on this trip to capture every moment. These will be the best travel photos and videos you will ever get - you're friends better be ready for a photo dump out of their wildest dreams!!

This experience is included in trip fees. 

We arrive in the province of Palawan at El Nido Lio Aiport (ENI). Situated on the northern end of Palawan island, El Nido is a municipality known for its white sand beaches and coral reefs. It is at the entrance to the Bacuit archipelago, a group of islands in the Palawan province.  

The Palawan province is rich in natural beauty. As we explore the islands, we will see stunning lagoons, rocky inlets, glass-like water rich with marine life, limestone rock formations and karst cliffs. As we continue our adventure, we will continue to be exposed to the natural beauty of the Philippines. 

Island time ends when we arrive in Coron, the third largest island in northern Palawan. Fly from Francisco B. Reyes Airport (USU), a small domestic aiport to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL) in Manila. From there, either spend the night with SYB in the capital of the Philippines or fly home! 

The Philippine peso is the country's official currency. In major cities, you should be fine to use USD or another foreign currency. However, it is not advised. It is recommended to bring Philippine pesos outside of major cities. 

Debit and credit cards may work at ATMs in major cities, but there is a high chance that is not the case in smaller provinces. Also, it si recommended avoiding ATM use for fraud protection. 

We suggest bringing the equivalent of $300 to $400 USD to be safe (about 17644.50 pesos), but otherwise, we've got you covered! We suggest carrying pesos with you rather than your home currency!

Tap water is considered undrinkable and unsafe in Palawan province. So instead, we will have large containers of purified drinking water throughout the trip, along with hot ginger tea...a Filipino specialty to keep us healthy & strong!

You are required to bring your own refillable waterbottle as dehydration is a major risk in the heat. 

Palawan is one of the safest areas in the Philippines for tourists. Since we will be spending the majority of our time on the water or at the beach, we will have safes for us to leave our valuables in, and we suggest leaving all important items in the safe while we are out exploring - but maybe keep your Yeezys and nice jewelry at home!

Protect yourself by staying up to date on the presence of malaria, mosquitos and sandflies carrying diseases, as it is a rapidly changing issue. However, Palawan province does tend to have lower rates of these infections. Also, be wary of stray animals, as they can carry preventable diseases. 

Rash guards and reef shoes are a good idea to protect yourself from the risks of critters in the water.

Naturally, water safety is essential to the nature of this trip. So, we will review safety procedures and practices leading up to and while on this adventure. 



Adventure with your best friends you haven't met yet!



Cancelled trips will hold as credit if notified up to 28 days prior.



We are inclusive. Fitness and adventure belongs to everyone.