10 Ways to Savor Your Travel Memories


You’re gazing out the window as the ground beneath continues shrinking, and before your eyes, you’re floating through the sky and wondering, “How did my trip end so quickly?” Those vacation blues are real, but just because the holiday is over doesn’t mean the memories have to fade into the clouds. So, If you’re already mentally planning your next trip, here are ten ways to ensure you are ready to soak in your adventure of a lifetime, remedy that travel nostalgia, and savor the memories for years to come.

Pre-trip preparation

It might sound silly to plan how to document the memories, but if you’ve traveled before and felt bummed about not remembering that song you heard at that place or that thing that person said to you that time, you’ll appreciate these simple prep tips: 

1. Shazam: Ever hear a song from years ago and immediately feel transported back to a specific time, place, and memory? Yep, music has that power. Download Shazam quickly and for free to capture the songs that strike you so you can later turn them into a Spotify Playlist. 

2. Travel Journal: You don’t need to be a novelist to try journaling, and the best part is there is no right way to document all the good stuff. Grab a compact journal before your journey to be prepared to write the memories! Don’t want the extra weight in your carry-on? Use the notes section of your phone to jot down notes or facts about the location(s) you’re visiting. 

3. Google Maps: If you’re like me, you’d be lost without the assistance of Google Maps. Download the app for free and save the locations you visit along with notes about the experience. 

4. WhatsApp: Download the app for free to keep in touch with people you’ve met through your travels. Exchange memories and photos to transcend your adventure.

5. Social Media: You’ve probably already established your digital presence, but think of your social pages like Instagram as another way to document your memories. These platforms are great for tagging locations, jotting experiences, uploading photo and video memories, and creating highlight reels. You can set your privacy settings accordingly to share them with the external world or savor them just for yourself.

Post-trip reflections

Sadly, all trips inevitably end, but how sweet is it that we can relive those memories in lots of easy and creative ways?

6. Snapfish: Who doesn’t love physical documentation of their adventures? Upload your digital photos from Google, Facebook album, or directly from your phone, and build a beautiful book to flip back through the memories. Snapfish has regular sales on most products, and when you download the Snapfish app, you’ll get 100 FREE monthly prints for a year with only shipping costs! 

7. Instagram Print Book: If you’re an avid Insta poster adding creative captions to your posts, this might be perfect for you. Upload your social media profile through the site and turn it into a hard-copy book to forever revel in your digital memories!

8. World Map: Perfect for any office or bedroom, a scratch or pin map is an exciting way to document where you’ve been and where you want to go next! And, with those free Snapfish prints, consider framing some of your favorite photos to add extra special decorations around the map!

9. Mixtiles: Imagine reliving your incredible travel experiences daily. With Mixtiles, you can print beautiful wall art without the hassle of hammering and nails. With their easy-stick backs, you can easily move your photos when you relocate to that destination you once visited, claiming, “I could definitely live here.”

10. Memory Box: If your style is more geared towards collecting souvenirs, consider purchasing (or getting your DIY on) with the help of a memory box. Give your collection of coins, matchbooks, or other trinkets from your travels a sweet home to look back on when you’re feeling sentimental about your adventures.

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With so many wondrous, pinch-me moments we’re lucky to experience, let’s savor the moments we accumulate through our unbelievable travels and honor those experiences by helping them live on. The trips will end, but the memories can last forever. Whether we save and cherish them for ourselves or share them to inspire others or even generations to come, we can relive our travel memories to make them last a lifetime or perhaps even inspire another adventure.