Mexico's Top Undiscovered Beach Town: Puerto Escondido


On the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico, you can find that picturesque surf town you've just been dreaaaaming of - Puerto Escondido. This sexy hidden treasure on the Pacific Coast seamlessly marries the thrill of world-class surfing with the rejuvenating embrace of yoga, rendering it an absolute must-visit for surf and yoga aficionados alike. But - the pest part of Puerto Escondido, is that you don't have to already be apart of the surf and yoga community - and this is a great place to jump right into your new lifestyle. Here's why Puerto Escondido is a must-see, must-do:

Surfing Nirvana:

Puerto Escondido has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the globe's premier surfing havens.You can find waves here tailored to any skill level - from beginner to world renowned. The crown jewel of Puerto Escondido's surf scene is none other than Zicatela Beach, renowned as the "Mexican Pipeline." Here, seasoned surfers can pit their mettle against colossal barrels and enthralling waves.

Surf Lessons and Gear Rentals and Retreat Galore:

For those new to the world of surfing or looking to level up, Puerto Escondido has an array of surf academies and equipment rental outlets. It's also a hopping place to host surf retreats. Seasoned instructors provide invaluable insights and safety counsel, ensuring your time in the water is both secure and unforgettable. Affordable board and wetsuit rentals cater to travelers of all budgets. 

Yoga with a View:

After a day filled in the water and under the sun, nothing rivals the restorative embrace of a yoga session - and your body will need it. Puerto Escondido is blessed with awe-inspiring natural landscapes and unreal sunsets. Numerous local studios and retreat centers offer daily sessions and workshops facilitated by adept instructors, guiding you through asanas, meditation, and pranayama, all within the backdrop of the Pacific coastline. Sounds like a dream come true to me.

Mind-Body Connection:

In Puerto Escondido, surfing and yoga coalesce seamlessly. Both of these prioritize equilibrium, strength, and mindfulness. Yoga is an incredible bolster for your surf game by enhancing flexibility and core strength. It also provides that nurturing mental clarity and relaxation. Looking to really dig your heels in? Attend a retreat that encompass daily surf, meditation and zen, connecting with new people with best cervezas and tacos of your life. 

A Thriving Community:

The charismatic culture of Puerto Escondido extends to its hospitable community of surfers and yogis. Locals and travelers alike share a fervor for these activities, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and inclusivity. Establishing new bonds, exchanging stories, and learning from each other's experiences is a breeze. Whether you're looking for a solo trip or joining a group trip, this town will welcome you with arms wide open.

Adventures Beyond the Breakers:

While surfing and yoga hold the limelight in Puerto Escondido, this region offers a cornucopia of other attractions and activities. Explore the verdant Manialtepec Lagoon, embark on a beachside horseback ride, or venture on day trips to nearby wonders like Hierve el Agua, a captivating natural rock formation featuring mineral-rich springs. 

This trip, you won't need much free time. There's always something to do and the endorphins you get from surf, yoga, and that natural sun will fuel you to head out into town and celebrate the day with even better nights.